M.I.A.’s 2007 hit record Planes is just one of the most recognisable songs of the 21st century, for this reason it’s no surprised that it’s currently been turned into a meme.

The track, which was a participation with the brother rapper’s then-boyfriend Diplo, was nominated because that a Grammy award and also featured on number of film soundtracks.

In the original, Mathangi Arulpragasam, who goes by the stage name M.I.A., sings: “All i wanna carry out is take her money”, punctuated by gunshots and also the sound the a cash register.

This sentiment has now to be updated for 2018, through people suggesting much an ext low-key desires, such together naps, living debt-free, and supporting their friends.

Here are a couple of of the an extremely best memes, that will provide you an impressive musical throwback to the Noughties.

1. The meme was kicked turn off by writer Alex Hirsch.

All ns wanna perform is

*gunshot**gunshot**cash register sound*

take a nap

— Alex Hirsch (

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_AlexHirsch) July 20, 2018

2. The one true millennial desire.

all i wanna execute is

*gunshots**gunshots**click**cash register noise*

not be in debt

— Robert (
TruthInsideLie) July 21, 2018


3. Students will recognize this one.

all ns wanna execute is

*bang**bang**bang**click**cash it is registered noise*

get over the typical on mine exams this semester

— Ethan smith (
SthanEmith) July 18, 2018

4. This One Direction fan obtained involved.

all i wanna perform is

*gunshots**gunshots**click**cash register noise*

see one direction back together prior to i die

— olivia (
sivansmiless) July 23, 2018


5. This wholesome sentiment.

all ns wanna carry out is

*gunshots**gunshots**click**cash it is registered noise*

my best

— alex (
uhhdamn) July 16, 2018

6. Sustaining your girlfriend is fashionable.

all i wanna carry out is

*gunshots**gunshots**click**cash it is registered noise*

support all my friends’ an imaginative projects and love castle forever

— potato princess 🥔 (
thesleepyspud) July 18, 2018


7. Climate readjust is a genuine fear.

all i desire to carry out is

*gunshots**gunshots**cash register noise*

reverse the centuries of injury we’ve done to the environment

— 𝚔𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚎 (
kressiek) July 26, 2018

8. Who made the meme right into an ambitious crossover.

all i wanna do is

*gunshots**gunshots**click**cash register noise*

dance through somebodyi wanna feel the ʰᵉᵃᵗ v somebody

— Bell Pupper (
BellPupper) July 19, 2018


9. We all simply want a good night’s sleep.

all i wanna do is

*gunshots**gunshots**click**cash register noise*

fall sleep at a reasonable hour and also wake up emotion replenished

— juice (
RexTrillerson) July 19, 2018

10. Lastly, this real talk.

all i wanna perform is

*gunshots**gunshots**click**cash it is registered noise*

The bare minimum

— N ns C O l E (
nicolevavs) July 18, 2018


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