As Kiwi states the prize is no us can't since we don't have enough an are here. :) - ian-hill, might 1, 2013

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That"s every the verbs the exist in Spanish so it would be a pretty long list lol.

Here"s a list of the 100 most typical Spanish verbs and their conjugations, possibly that would be a great place come start.


Great list, Kiwi - my Spanish have to be obtaining better, since I knew every one of them there is no looking at the English answers! :) - Scribe-Lady, may 1, 2013
lol - happy to have actually helped, therefore if girlfriend look at any kind of verb in Spanish you'll notice that they will all either finish with -ar, -er, or -ir so together you have the right to imagine there space 1 or 3 of lock jeje - Kiwi-Girl, may 1, 2013

-AR VerbsAyudar- to help

Apagar- to rotate off

Bailar- come dance

Bajar- come lower

Buscar-to look for

Cazar- to hunt

Cocinar- come cook

Cantar- to sing

Contestar- to answer

Camina- to walk

Comprar- to buy

Celebrar- to celebrate

Dibujar- come draw

Entrar- to enter

Enseñar- come teach

Escuchar- to listen

Estudiar- come study

Esperar- come wait; hope

Explicar- come explain

Esquiar- to ski

Ganar- come win

Hablar- come talk

Invitar- come invite

Lavar- to wash

Limpiar- come clean

Llamar- to call

Llegar- come arrive

Llevar-to wear

Llorar- to cry

Mirar- to look; watch

Montar- come ride

Nadar- come swim

Necesitar- come need

Olvidar- to forget

Patinar- to skate

Pagar- to pay money

Pescar- to fish

Pasar- come pass

Practicar- to practice

Preguntar- to ask questions

Preparar- to prepare

Presentar- come present

Sacar- to take out

Terminar- come end/finish

Tocar- come touch or beat an instrument

Tomar- to drink or take

Trabajar- come work

Usar- to use

Viajar-to travel

Visitar- come visit

Most advantageous ar verbs

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That very same site has actually frequency lists because that each that the verb varieties too ar verbs, er verbs, ir verbs

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