Star Wars: What taken place To jug Jar Binks ~ The Prequel movies Jar jar Binks to be last seen in Star Wars: Revenge that the Sith, yet he wasn"t left behind entirely, and his fate has actually been addressed before.

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Star battles Prequels seasoned Jar Binks
jar Jar Binks is among the many unpopular personalities in the Star Wars universe, but even though his appearances in the films lessened drastically, he no left behind entirely. The Gungan outcast was presented in Star battles Episode I: The Phantom Menace with the intention of being a personality that would appeal come younger audiences, yet sadly Binks quickly ended up being one of the many disliked characters in Star Wars.

He came back in Star battles Episode II: attack of the Clones in a smaller sized role, yet a very far-ranging one together viewers witnessed just how he, without really understanding it, took component in the climb of the realm by speak in favor of granting Chancellor Palpatine emergency executive, management powers, which he later used to fall the senate. His last appearance in the movie saga was in Star battles Episode III: Revenge the the Sith, where he have the right to be viewed in a couple of scenes, with no an extensive dialogue. So, where has actually Jar seasoned Binks to be since?

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After Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith was released, jar Jar Binks came ago in a supporting function in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, collection between Episode II and Episode III, yet it wasn’t till Chuck Wendig’s Star Wars: Aftermath: Empire’s End novel was published in 2017 the fans knew what Binks had actually been increase to. It transforms out that, in between the events in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and also Star Wars: The pressure Awakens, Binks became a street performer in Theed, beloved by children and loathed by adults.

Jar jug Binks in Star wars The Phantom Menace
also in the Star Wars novel, Binks befriended a refugee boy named Mapo, who lived in a surrounding orphanage and also who had actually been badly melted when the empire bombed his home. Binks and also Mapo external inspection over their “outcast” status, together most human being weren’t ready to speak nor adopt Mapo because of his burns, and also Binks to be rejected by the human being in Naboo who thought he assisted the Empire. Mapo asked him to teach the to it is in a clown and he accepted, therefore they can make the “galaxy smile again”.

Prior come the relax of Star Wars: The pressure Awakens, manager J.J Abrams common his arrangement of to express Binks’ fatality by putting his skeletal in the desert. The would"ve to be an interesting (and dark) Easter egg because that fans that have actually been waiting to know what happened to the character, yet in the end it no happen. However, this idea came prior to Empire’s End to be released, therefore the setup could have readjusted by now.

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Whether jug Jar Binks is still alive or not, or if he uncovered a new home in an additional place with his girlfriend Mapo, will stay unknown until either the following film in the saga fall some clues or a new novel sheds some light on the matter. After whatever Binks and those connected to him have gone through, it"s probably best come let the personality be, whatever that might mean for Star Wars" writers and creators.