99 Chrysler Concorde, brand-new starter produced by Chrysler, Autozone tested the battery and said it had 73% health and also was completely charged. What is the factor why my car won"t start?



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If you can hear the starter turn - and you"re certain it"s the starter - but the engine isn"t turning over, then the starter solenoid isn"t functioning correctly.

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The solenoid pushes a tiny gadget the engages with the flywheel / flex plate, therefore that as soon as the starter spins, it turns the motor. If you just hear a whirring sound choose the starter motor is spinning without affecting the motor, climate the solenoid is either broken, or there"s a wiring issue on the starter itself.

Options are: have actually the starter rebuilt, change the totality thing, or watch if you can track under the wiring worry on the starter.

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I can compile those starter problems I have suffered along the method (and feasible solutions) as follows:

Starter spins but doesn"t engage: girlfriend hear it spinning like any kind of electric motor, free spinning sound, no clicks, no grind sound.

The mechanism to engage the flywheel is faulty, most likely the solenoid the activates it is one of two people faulty (it moves its inner parts to do contact and so the motor spins, however it is not pulling the engaging mechanism at all)

Starter spins however doesn"t engage. Click sound : you hear it spinning v a click sound before it start spinning. No grind sound. The mechanism to interact the flywheel is faulty, probably it is seized, or battery doesn"t have enough power to do the solenoid completely pull the mechanism (check battery charge). Struggle the solenoid "moderately" through a mechanic hammer, one or two dry blows, if following crank try works, then the device is acquiring seized and also needs maintenance.

Starter spins however doesn"t engage. Grinding sound: you hear it spinning like normally it should, but it comes through a grinding sound choose sprockets not engaging correctly: worn the end bendix ("sprocket" that engages the flywheel), and/or the flywheel (replace). In refurbished starters, it can happen the the engaging system is not properly adjusted/mounted make the bendix turn too early on or too late if trying to connect the flywheel.

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Battery should be sound and well charged. One of the most power hungry facets in a car is the starter. If the battery is weak, or together you speak under 90% charge it may make beginning by starter motor very challenging to impossible.