Getting a traffic ticket in Texas can be a frustrating and also confusing experience. You might be wondering how much you’ll have to pay, if her ticket will affect your steering record, and also if your auto insurance rates will go up. Listed below you’ll uncover all the simple information on what come expect once you acquire a Texas website traffic ticket.

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How come Plead

If you gain a Texas traffic ticket, you have actually three choices: plead guilty, plead no contest, or plead not guilty. It’s an excellent to sweet your alternatives and know the implications of each an option before friend submit her plea.

Pleading Guilty

If friend plead guilty or no contest, you’ll be required to pay your ticket and fines. You could have an opportunity to negotiate lower fines or penalty and/or points off her driving document by taking a Texas defensive driving class. These factors will all rely on her violation and also it will be up to the court come decide.

Pleading no Guilty or No Contest

Pleading no guilty is much an ext difficult. Fighting web traffic tickets in Texas requires motorists to existing their instance in court in former of a judge. If you win your case, you may walk away through no or violations on your record. The court has actually the knowledge and also the advantage in this instance though, so uneven you space well-versed in Texas web traffic law, friend should take into consideration hiring an lawyer to existing your case. Even if you perform fight her ticket, you might still confront fines — and lawyer’s fees.

Texas Fines and also Penalties

In Texas, all tickets space assigned fines and penalties. In addition, the Texas Driver Responsibility program (DRP) permits the state to slap drivers with additional surcharges for specific violations, on top of the fines linked with the ticket. You’ll obtain a letter in the letter outlining any additional surcharges you may have to pay.

Surcharges are used based on two factors: points and also convictions. Keep in mind, if you have actually both points and a conviction added to your driving record, you might be charged separate fines for both!

Here’s what you have the right to expect for each:


Every website traffic violation has actually either 2 or 3 points connected with it. If you room convicted the a website traffic violation, the points connected with the ticket will certainly be included to your Texas driver document —and they’ll stay there because that 3 years from the date of your conviction.

2 points: any Texas or out-of-state web traffic conviction3 points: any Texas or out-of-state conviction including a crash

Even simply one 2-point assessment on your record could an outcome in greater insurance rates. If you continue to get traffic tickets and have 6 or more points added to your record, you will be required to salary a surcharge each year until those points room reduced. These fines are as follows:

$100 because that the first 6 points$25 for each additional point end 6


Certain violations lug surcharges that are immediately assessed to you once your conviction is added to your record. You will do it be forced to salary the fee for 3 years from the day of conviction, and also the surcharge deserve to be much an ext expensive than point-based charges. Below is a list of conviction-based surcharges and what you have the right to expect to salary annually:

$1000 – Driving if intoxicated (DWI), an initial offense$1,500 – DWI, 2 or much more offenses$2,000 – DWI v BAC the .16 or greater$250 – No insurance$250 – Driving with an invalid license$100 – Driving there is no a license

Dismissing a Ticket

The only method to avoid points indigenous damaging her driving record is to take a Texas-approved defensive driving course. Your course should be 6 hours in length and approved by the Texas TDLR. Virtual courses room the fastest and also easiest method to fulfill this requirement.

Once did you do it admitted guilt for your violation, you’ll must request permission indigenous the court to take it a defensive driving course. You deserve to do this one of two people in human or by mail. When approved, you’ll have 90 days come complete and pass your course, and also submit your certificate of perfect to your court.

If you to be doing the following, you will not have the ability to take protective driving:

Driving 25 MPH or higher over the rate limitCommitted one infraction in a construction zoneAlready taken protective driving within the critical 12 months

If you’re approved to take protective driving come dismiss a ticket, you’ll should submit both her certificate that completion as well as a copy of her Texas driving record to the court.

Check your Texas driving Record

You’re not done yet! even after you take it a TEA/TDLR-approved protective driving course in Texas, and you’ve submitted your completion certificate together with a copy of your driving record to her court, you’ll still have to follow up. Remember, too much points on her record can lead to added fines, boosted auto insurance rates, and ultimately a license suspension.

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Wait a couple weeks then call your court because that a new copy of her driving record. Make sure the ticket and also points were removed from her record, and if not call your court ideal away.