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Barneys (purchased by Jones Apparel Group, Inc. Dec. 2004): Luxury apparel store. A mecca because that discerning fashionistas and also clothing connoisseurs since 1923. Barneys new York is a luxury specialty retailer famous for having actually the most discerning modify from the world"s height designers, consisting of women"s and also men"s ready-to-wear, accessories, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, and also gifts because that the home. Barneys" signature sense of wit and also style is manifested in its an innovative advertising campaigns, original holiday themes, and also celebrated home window displays. Today, Barneys brand-new York operates flagship stores in new York City, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, mountain Francisco, las Vegas and in addition to a preeminent luxury online store, Barneys.com, and 16 other complete price stores and warehouse stores across the unified States.

Bass agree Shops: Hunters and also Fisherman wear garments too. Friend can discover outdoor sporting clothing at this site. Springfield, MO phone # united state & Canada 1-800-227-7776 international 1-417-863-2499

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Bealls: Beall"s, Inc. Is the parent firm of Beall"s room Stores, Inc, Beall"s Outlet Stores, Inc., and also Burke"s Outlet Stores, Inc. The corporation, v its subsidiaries, operates end 560 retail keep sites in states throughout the sunlight Belt, from Florida come California with annual sales end one exchange rate dollars. Because its modest beginnings in 1915 Bealls has actually grown to be a major employer in the State that Florida and a valued asset to every the communities it offer throughout the country. V Corporate headquarters situated in Bradenton Florida, the operating carriers take advantage of resource sharing by making use of the synergistic functions noted by Beall"s, Inc., including Distribution, Finance, info Systems, lose Prevention and Human Resources. Vice versa, each firm has its very own buying staff, product development group and advertising strategy. Disclaimer: stores operated under the Bealls name situated in Texas, new Mexico, and also Alabama space managed and owned by phase Stores, Inc. Stage Stores, Inc. Is not affiliated v Beall"s, Inc. Or that is subsidiaries.

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Belk: Today, there are around 210 Belk shop in 13 claims in the southeast and mid-Atlantic regions. The stores are still privately own by the Belk families and companymanagement after an ext than 111 years. Belk, Inc. Is the nation"s largest privately-owned department save organization. Belk, Inc. Is written of four store operating divisions and a subsidiary corporation, Belk shop Services, Inc. Based in Charlotte, phibìc Carolina. The four departments are: central Division based in Charlotte, phibìc Carolina; Northern division based in Raleigh, phibìc Carolina; Western department based in Greenville, southern Carolina; Southern department based in Jacksonville, Florida.Charlotte, NC

Benetton: (Italy) is a unique worldwide group, whereby design and also manufacturing know how in the textile clothing sector are combined with the solid identity and image of some of the world"s leading sporting activities brands, consisting of Nordica, Prince, Rollerblade and also Killer Loop, which were integrated through the salvation of Benetton Sportsystem. The firm operates everywhere the earth with an ext than 7,000 shops in end 120 countries; 30,000 world working because that Benetton an international and producing much more than 80 million items every year. Treviso, Italy call # 39 0422 519111

Bergdorf Goodman (Part of Neiman Marcus Group) Bergdorf Goodman Standing at the crossroads the fashion at 5th Avenue and also 58th Street in brand-new York City, Bergdorf Goodman is known throughout the people for elegance, luxury, and also superior service.New York

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Online Fashion Retailer

Bershka (Spain): retailer with 5 fashion chains and 1,169 stores. The groups are; Zara , Pull and also Bear,Massimo Dutti,Bershka,Stradivarius.

Big dog Sportswear:Big Dog Sportswear produces high quality, sensibly priced activewear and accessories for men, women, and children of every ages. The Santa Barbara-based company"s collection of way of life apparel and accessories shows the activities and sports famous throughout California and also the West. Produced from the recipe top quality Value Fun, large Dogs" unique products can be found in better department stores and also specialty shops, company-owned sleeve stores, or purchased with our mail order catalog

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Birkenstock Shoes: With global headquarters, production and logistics based throughout Germany, Birkenstock footwear is sold in approximately 90 countries worldwide. Birkenstock has been sold in the U.S. Because that 50 years v U.S. Sales and also service based in Novato, CA.

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Blair Corporation

BLAIR copy, group was established in 1910 by john L. Blair, Sr. The agency sells fashion apparel for men and women, to add a broad variety of residence products, generally by mail. Its facilities are located greatly in the Warren, Pennsylvania area wherein all functions of declaring preparation, mailing, bespeak handling and shipping room performed. The firm serves customers situated in every 50 states.Warren, PA Phone: (814) 723-3600

Bloomers4U.com:Custom Made come Order Bloomers and Peasant Tops.. They offer Maternity and Plus size andthey Ship an international ! Address:4562 Oakton Dr Orlando, FL 32818 phone # 321-303-2115Fax # 407-293-4882 E-mail:Lisa
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Retailer of Bloomers & Manufacturer that Bloomers

Bloomingdale"s (Part that Macy"s) a leader in department save fashion, offer customers v 24 full-line department shop in 10 states. It focuses on upscale fashion apparel and home-related goods, with an emphasis on distinctive was offerings.Known worldwide for that fashion sense and also merchandising savvy, Bloomingdale"s assisted launch the careers of countless now-famous designers. Amongst them room Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan. New designers such as Shoshanna and Daryl K room being showcased this day at Bloomie"s and also could well be the stars the tomorrow.New York, NY

Bluefly"s: virtual fashion retailer.

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Bob"s Stores:Bobs Stores has over 30 locations throughout brand-new England, Bob"s stores continually offers good buys on brand you wear. Meriden, CTPhone # (203) 235-5775

Bon-Ton room Stores, Inc.: The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. Is a local department keep chain operating 139 room stores and also two furniture shop in 16 states from the Northeast to the Midwest under the Bon-Ton and also Elder-Beerman names. their stores offer top quality branded opening, moderate and better priced was in apparel, cosmetics, shoes, accessories and distinctive home fashions, and exclusive private-label merchandise. The Bon-Ton carves out and also maintains a niche in smaller sized markets, attracting customers seeking fashion-right merchandise in ~ competitive prices. They administer an upscale presentation and also a high level of service with the convenience of neighborhood shopping. The Bon-Ton operates in targeted markets where they room a main department store. They enjoy a solid reputation for giving quality merchandise at competitive prices yielded with top-quality organization in communities where their customers live.York, PA

Bon Ton Vintage (Texas) : One Texas" best vintage apparel experiences, with layouts for children and also adults from all eras. Conveniently situated off I-35 in Forreston, Texas. 124 S. Highway 77 Forreston, Texas 76041 telephone (972) 483-6222 e-mail:john

Boscov"s department Store:Boscov"s is currently one of the world"s largest family-owned room stores, with an ext than one billion dollars in sales revenue indigenous 34 places in the mid-Atlantic says of Pennsylvania, new Jersey, brand-new York, Delaware, and Maryland. Price are normally in the center to far better range, with competition coming from many species of retailers, consisting of national and local department stores, specialty shops, and also discount stores. Boscov"s full line that merchandise, complimented by a range of extr customer services, offers its customers with a finish shopping experience.Reading, PA phone # (610) 779-2000

Box2 (United Kingdom) Box2 is built on personal service, backed by two decades of fashion experience. Their stock the plus dimension womenswear changes regularly, although they still have a consistent selection of formats throughout the year to fit all age groups, consisting of day and evening occasionwear through co-ordinated bags, hats and shoes. Many items will certainly mix and also match making your entire wardrobe basic to assemble.

Brand Alley BrandAlley is the upmarket purchase portal, specialising in a non-stop, designer lifestyle. Every day they have actually brilliant sales, with up come 70% off optimal names in the fashion human being - prefer D&G, Diesel and French connection for men, women and also children, to add the sexty beauty and homeware brands.

Brooks Brothers: For almost two centuries, Brooks brothers has set the standard for modern American style. Because opening the doors in 1818, Brooks brother has become a national symbol revered because that the correctness, quality, and classic elegance that its merchandise and also services. While fashions come and go, Brooks Brothers has demonstrated the the desire for top quality and great taste continues to be constant. Brooks Brothers has actually ultimately pertained to define, classic, quintessential American style. Owned by point out & Spencer

Brown Shoes previously calledBrown team Inc.: Browns pair of shoes is a family-owned company established in Montreal in 1940, and also is associated with top worldwide designer collections and also exclusive street savvy fashion for ladies, men and children. One of the keys to the success the the chain is the retail philosophy of the so late Chairman Morton Brownstein C.M., that explained, “I desire every client to say, ‘I must go to Browns," no ‘I have to buy a pair that shoes." If we accomplish this, climate we have actually succeeded in equating shoes through Browns in a customer"s mind, so the for her or him, the only place to acquisition shoes is Browns.”

the Buckle: The Buckle, Inc. (NYSE: BKE) is a top retailer that medium- come better-priced casual apparel, footwear and also accessories for fashion-conscious young men and also women. The firm currently operates end 300 shop in 38 states, under the surname Buckle and also The Buckle. Buckle sectors a wide an option of brand names and also private label casual apparel, including denims, various other casual bottoms, tops, sportswear, outerwear, accessories and also footwear. The agency emphasizes personalized attention to its guest (customers) and also provides separation, personal, instance customer solutions such as free alterations, complimentary gift-wrapping, layaways and also a frequent shopper program. In addition to the sleeve locations, the Buckle Screenprinting is a full-service solution giving a broad an option of promotional merchandise to external athletic teams, organizations, clubs and individuals.Kearney, Nebraska phone call # 1-800-522-8090

Bugatchi established in 1981, Bugatchi is a designer lifestyle brand tailored come a confident, modern and successful man with a enthusiasm adventure. Bugatchi embraces contemporary design, incorporating brilliant color, top quality materials and also exceptional craftsmanship.

Burlington coat Factory: Burlington Coat manufacturing facility Warehouse corporation operates a chain of "off-price" apparel stores, which sell a broad variety of moderate to higher priced, brand surname merchandise because that men, women and children at prices substantially listed below traditional complete retail prices.