Low resistance pathway because that airflowDefenseWarms and moistens airFilters airPhonates (vocalize sounds)
Air beginning the body v the nose or mouth, i m sorry are linked through the nasal and oral caries to the pharynx, through which air overcome to the larynx and also food to the esophagus. Waiting passes through the larynx (the voicebox), and then come the trachea, the "windpipe". The main brochial passageways (bronchi) subdivide in the lungs into smaller and also smaller airways, and also finally to the separation, personal, instance air sacs referred to as alveoli, whereby oxygen enters the bloodstream.

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Ethmoid bone,The superior part of the nose is sustained by the nasal, frontal, and maxillary bones; the inferior component includes number of cartilages. The continuous free margin the the sleep bones and maxillae in a dried skull is termed the piriform aperture.
The epiglottis moves ago and soon to protect against the passage of food and also liquids right into the lungs. The normal upright position of the epiglottis enables air to flow into the lungs and also the larynx. As soon as you swallow, the epiglottis flattens behind to cover the entrance to her larynx and also prevent food from entering the lungs and also windpipe. The epiglottis return to that is usual position after swallowing.

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(1) The thyroid cartilage(2) The laryngeal prominence(3) The cricoid automobile tillage(4 & 5) The arytenoid cartilage x2(6 & 7) The picture writing cartilage x2(7 & 8) The corniculate cartilage x2(9) The epiglottis
he throat (see the picture below) is component of both the digestive and respiratory systems and is responsible because that coordinating the features of breathing and swallowing. From premium to inferior, the throat is subdivided right into 3 sections: oropharynx, hypopharynx, and larynx. Together, the oropharynx, hypopharynx, and also larynx function to sense and propel a food bolus native the mouth come the esophagus in a combination fashion when protecting the airway.




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