Minor Characters

Gone with the Wind is a sweeping historic novel, and also to be scan you have to throw in lots of characters to be, er, swept up. We"ve tried to discover most the them, however in the hustle and bustle that war and also grand events, it"s possible somebody slipped through. That said, here goes nothing.

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Scarlett"s Siblings and Relations

Ellen (Robillard) O"Hara: Scarlett"s mom is an excellent and pure and also true and good. Really like Melanie, not the very least in being rather annoying.Susan Elinor ("Suellen") O"Hara: Scarlett"s middle sister, she is involved to marry frank Kennedy, but Scarlett supplies deception to to convince him come marry she instead. She never ever forgives her sister, but eventually marries will Benteen, with whom she has actually a daughter, Susie.Will Benteen: A Confederate soldier that convalesces in ~ Tara after ~ the war and also then remains on come help. That loves Carreen, but eventually marries Suellen, ending up being Scarlett"s brother-in-law.Caroline Irene ("Carreen") O"Hara: Scarlett"s youngest sister. She is engaged to Brent Tarleton, who is eliminated in the war. Though will Benteen loves her, she never recovers indigenous Brent"s death, and also eventually joins a convent.O"Hara brothers: Scarlett"s 3 bothers, each called Gerald O"Hara Jr. And all of whom died in infancy.James and Andrew O"Hara: Gerald"s brothers who preceded him come America.

Scarlett"s Husbands and also Children

Charles Hamilton: Scarlett"s first husband, and Melanie Wilkes"s brother. The is a shy boy. Scarlett never ever really love him, however married him just to spite Ashley. He die of disease while in the army before ever before firing a shot; that is the dad of go Hampton Hamilton. Wade Hampton Hamilton: Scarlett"s an initial child, the boy of Charles Hamilton. Wade is shy, especially roughly his mother, whom he fears.Frank Kennedy: Scarlett"s 2nd husband is a mildly successful businessman ~ the war. The is engaged to Suellen till Scarlett steals him because that herself. He is shoot by Yankees while terrorizing black human being in the KKK.Ella Lorena Kennedy: Scarlett"s 2nd child is the daughter of open minded Kennedy. Ella is not really bright, and Scarlett does no seem come feel much affection because that her. Eugenie Victoria "Bonnie Blue" Butler: Scarlett"s third child is the daughter the Rhett Butler. Bonnie is headstrong, emotional, and also beloved, yet she dies as soon as she is 6 after a loss from a horse.


Pork: Husband of Dilcey, dad of Prissy, Gerald O"Hara"s servant, and his first slave. Gerald winner him in a poker game, then bought Dilcey and Prissy native the Wilkes so that Pork"s family could be together.Dilcey: Pork"s wife and Prissy"s mother, she is grateful to the O"Hara"s for purchasing her and also reuniting her through Pork. She is a an extremely hard worker. Prissy: Dilcey and Pork"s daughter is also a servant to the O"Hara"s. She goes v Scarlett to Atlanta together her personal servant, yet is not an extremely helpful.Big Sam: A slave foreman on the O"Hara"s plantation, the meets Scarlett in Atlanta after ~ the war and also protects she from being struck by various other freed blacks.Jonas Wilkerson: The Yankee overseer of Tara prior to the war, that is fired after ~ Emmie Slattery i do not care pregnant and he is suspected to it is in the father. After the war, the marries Emmie and attempts to purchase Tara, there is no success. The is murdered through Tommy fontain for supporting civil liberties for black color people.Emmie Slattery: Tom"s daughter, she becomes pregnant by Jonas Wilkerson, resulting in him to it is in fired. After ~ the war she marries Jonas, and the 2 attempt to buy Tara.Tom Slattery: Emmie"s father is a bad white man.

The Robillards

Pierre Robillard: Ellen O"Hara"s father, that reluctantly enables her come marry Gerald since he fears that otherwise she"ll end up being a nun.Solange Robillard: Ellen O"Hara"s mother. Eulalie and Pauline Robillard: Ellen O"Hara"s sisters, both married, who live in Charleston.Philippe Robillard: Ellen O"Hara"s cousin, and likewise her first—and the book says only—love. He passed away in a bar struggle in new Orleans prior to they can marry, but though she eventually married Gerald, she die speaking Philippe"s name.

The Wilkes Family

John Wilkes: father of Ashley, India, and also Honey, well-known for his understand in the arts. He is the O"Hara"s neighbor in ~ the plantation of Twelve Oaks. That dies throughout the siege of Atlanta.India Wilkes: Ashley"s sister and also John"s daughter. Stuart Tarleton was in love with her before Scarlett turn his head, and India never forgives Scarlett for this. India"s hatred of Scarlett eventually drives a wedge between her and Ashley and Melanie.Honey Wilkes: India and also Ashley"s sister, she is dubbed Honey due to the fact that that"s what she calls anyone else.Aunt Pittypat (Sarah mrs Hamilton): Melanie and also Charles"s aunt, Scarlett continues to be with her in Atlanta ~ Charles" death.Uncle Henry Hamilton: A lawyer and also Aunt Pittypat"s brother, he handles Pittypat"s finances, however she is afraid of him. Uncle Peter: Aunt Pittypat"s slave, that is devoted to her and takes care of her household.Beau Wilkes: Ashley and Melanie"s son. Scarlett helps v his birth during the autumn of Atlanta.Mose: Ashley"s black servant before and also during the war.Archie: an ex-convict who murdered his wife but was released to fight because that the Confederacy at the siege the Atlanta. That is taken in through Melanie, and guards Scarlett when she rides she coach to her mills. Ultimately his hate of Scarlett causes Melanie to toss him out.

The Tarletons

Jim Tarleton: dad of the Tarleton clan.Beatrice Tarleton: The mom of the Tarleton clan, her boys fear her because she to win them also when they are adults. She breeds and also adores horses prior to the war and also is cheerful and forthright, but the spirit goes the end of her after the fatality of her sons and also the ns of her horses in the war.Boyd: The oldest and smallest Tarleton boy, he would intercede because that the other boys through their mother. That was eliminated in the war.Tom: The 2nd Tarleton boy, he was also killed in the war.Stuart: Beatrice"s son and Brent"s twin, he dies at the fight of Gettysburg, too. He courts India Wilkes before the war, but then his head is turned by Scarlett. Hetty, Camilla, "Randa, Betsy: The four red-haired Tarleton girls, daughters of Beatrice.Jeems: The Tarleton twins" slave.

The Calverts

Hugh Calvert: The O"Hara"s neighbor, owner of "Pine Bloom" plantation.The 2nd Mrs. Calvert: A Yankee governess, Hugh Calvert married her after his very first wife died.Cathleen Calvert: Scarlett"s friend prior to the war, she marries the Calvert plantation"s Yankee overseer Mr. Hilton because that financial reasons. Mr. Hilton: A Yankee overseer who marries Cathleen Calvert.Raiford and Cade: Cathleen"s brothers. Raiford is killed in war; Cade survives.

The Fontaines

Grandma Fontaine: mommy of Dr. Fontaine, and also a wise, acerbic woman. Scarlett is a bit afraid that her.Doc Fontaine: Husband of Grandma Fontaine."Young Miss" Fontaine: mommy of Joe, Alex, and also Tony Fontaine.Dr. Fontaine: father of Joe, Alex, and Tony Fontaine.Joe Fontaine: brother of Tony and also Alex, very first husband the Sally. He is eliminated in the war.Tony Fontaine: brothers of Joe and also Alex, Tony murders Jonas Wilkerson and also flees to Texas with aid from candid Kennedy. Alex Fontaine: The last fontain boy remaining at home following the war to operation the plantation. He at some point marries Sally Fontaine, his brother Joe"s widow.Sally (Munroe) Fontaine: The widow the Joe Fontaine, eliminated in the war. Eustis, the former slave foreman, viewpoints her, resulting in Tony to kill him and also then leave the state. Sally ultimately remarries Alex Fontaine, her dead husband"s brother.Eustis: A former slave that the Fontaines, Tony fontain kills him for speaking suggestively come his sister-in-law Sally Fontaine.

Others In the neighborhood of Tara

MacIntoshes: Gerald"s early on neighbors who he doesn"t like. Mr. McRae: one old male who fought in several previously wars, and tells everyone at the Wilkes"s barbecue that war is bad.Dimity Munroe: A woman who was an alleged to get married Alex Fontaine, but lost him once he married Sally, his brother"s widow.Able Wynder: A small farmer, much liked, that is elected second lieutenant of the Georgia troop preparing because that the civil War.

The Elsings

Mrs. Elsing: one of the dowager leaders of Atlanta society.Fanny Elsing: Mrs. Elsing"s daughter, she marries Tommy Welburn.Hugh Elsing: The boy of Mrs. Elsing and also Fanny"s brother, he at some point becomes manager in ~ Scarlett"s mill.Tommy Welburn: A soldier hurt in the hip that marries Fanny Elsing.

The Meades

Dr. Meade: The head the Atlanta society, the ministers come soldiers during the siege. Mrs. Meade: wife of Dr. Meade, she go a an excellent deal of work-related in the hospital during the war.Darcy Meade: The kid of Dr. And also Mrs. Meade, that is killed at Gettysburg.Phil Meade: The second son the Dr. And Mrs. Meade, he is very young, yet enters the military to safeguard Atlanta throughout the siege and also is killed.

The Merriwethers

Mrs. Dolly Merriwether: A widow and a leader the Atlanta culture before the war. After the war she opens up a bakery.Grandpa Merriwether: Dolly Meriwether"s father, he fights in the residence Guard at the siege the Atlanta and survives.Maybelle Merriwether: Dolly Meriwether"s daughter who marries Rene Picard.Rene Picard: The husband that Maybelle Merriwether, he is originally from Louisiana.

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Others in Atlanta

Carey Ashburn: A injured soldier who tries come court Scarlett in Atlanta.Mamie Bart: among Scarlett"s acquaintances in Atlanta, that tells her around how to induce one abortion.Johnny Gallagher: Scarlett"s many successful mill foreman, the is unscrupulous and treats the judge laborers horribly. However he provides money.Willie Guinan: A male in the militia; Rhett insults him, sealing Rhett"s ostracism indigenous Atlanta"s social circle.Captain Jaffrey: The Yankee that investigates the KKK in Atlanta.Mr. Johnson: among Scarlett"s mill managers, who cheats her.