By subway

take one straight subway native Penn station to Radio City Music hall in Manhattan: take the E subway native 34 St-Penn station station to 5 Av/53 St station. The full trip duration for this path is about 14 min. The drive fare is $2.75.

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Alternative route by subway via 1

take one direct subway native Penn terminal to Radio City Music room in Manhattan: take it the 1 subway from 34 St-Penn station station to 50 St station. The total trip duration because that this route is about 16 min. The journey fare is $2.75.

The distance in between Penn Station, Manhattan and Radio City Music Hall, Manhattan is approximately 1.73 mi, which can commonly be took trip in 14 min. Moovit will present you the direction from Penn terminal to Radio City Music room by subway, for this reason no matter exactly how you choose to take trip in Manhattan – friend will constantly have plenty of simple options.

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Penn station is situated at West 34th Street, Manhattan and the nearest publicly transit terminal is W 34 St/8 Av.

Subway stations nearby to pen Station:

34 St - Penn terminal <1,2,3> 28 St <1,2>

Train stations near to penn Station:

NY Penn terminal 33rd Street

Bus stations close to penn Station:

W 34 St/8 Av W 34 St/9 Av 8 Av/W 37 St

Radio City Music room is situated at West 50th Street, Manhattan and also the nearest windy transit station is 6 Av/W 51 St.

Subway station close to Radio City Music Hall:

47-50 Sts-Rockefeller Ctr 7 Av 5 Av/53 St

Bus stations close come Radio City Music Hall: