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Hobbits, the narrator explains, are tiny people, roughlyhalf the size of humans, with thick hair on their feet, round bellies,and a love of good food, comfort, and security. Though part hobbitslive in houses, castle traditionally live in feet in the ground.The holes space not dank and smelly however comfortable, cozy undergrounddwellings through all the amenities of your aboveground counterparts.The hole inhabited by the hobbit recognized as Bilbo Baggins is calledBag End. It is rather a satisfied dwelling, with comfortable furnitureand a well-stocked kitchen, nestled in a snug little village undera hill.

Bilbo’s family tree is somewhat noble through hobbitstandards: his father to be from the well-to-do, conventional Bagginsfamily, however his mom was indigenous the Tooks, a wealthy, eccentricfamily notorious for their unhobbitlike tendency to walk on adventures.Despite his took blood, however, Bilbo prefers to stay at home andlive a quiet life.

On the job the story begins, Bilbo is enjoying a pipeoutside his former door when an old male with a lengthy cloak and also a staffarrives. After the old man introduces himself, Bilbo recognizeshim as the wizard Gandalf, that has created spectacular fireworksdisplays on holidays in Hobbiton, but Bilbo still looks top top the oldwizard v a suspicious eye. When Gandalf asks if Bilbo would certainly beinterested in walking on one adventure, Bilbo declines and also quicklyexcuses himself. That invites the wizard to come over for tea sometimebut only so as no to seem rude—in reality, he wants nothing todo through Gandalf and also his adventures.

When the doorbell ring the next afternoon, Bilbo assumesit is Gandalf. To his surprise, a dwarf named Dwalin pushes pasthim and also promptly sits under to eat. Soon, other dwarves start toarrive, and as Bilbo’s neat small home i do not care crowded v dwarves, Bilbobecomes progressively confused and annoyed. At last, Gandalf arriveswith the head dwarf, Thorin. The thirteen dwarves and the wizardnearly clean the end Bilbo’s pantry prior to finally settling under todiscuss your business.

It shortly becomes clear that Gandalf has volunteered Bilboto it is in a “burglar” because that the dwarves on their adventure. The hobbitprotests, and also the dwarves grumble the the soft small hobbit doesnot seem suited to their adventure. Gandalf, however, is certainthat Bilbo is useful, and also insists that there is more to the hobbitthan meets the eye.

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The wizard then brings out an old map of a great mountainand points to a mysterious secret entrance, a door come which Thorinholds the key. Bilbo requirements some clarification about the pointof the totality expedition. Thorin explains that his grandfather, Thror, minedthe mountain displayed on the map and also discovered a wide range of gold andjewels. Thror then ended up being King under the Mountain, but his fantastictreasure attracted unwanted attention. Before long, the dragon Smaugcame and killed or scattered every one of Thror’s people. Thedragon has actually been guarding the treasure ever before since. Thorin and also the dwarvesare the end to reclaim your rightful inheritance, even though they areunsure the what to perform with Smaug as soon as they discover him.