It’s difficult to come up v birthday wishes because that someone, allow alone who that’s transforming sixteen years old. So, we’ve come up through a wonderful collection of desire that space sweet, funny, or much more on the sentimental and inspirational side. You space sure to discover the perfect birthday wish because that the one you room wishing a happy sweet 16th date of birth to.

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These date of birth wishes are sure to accumulate you to craft the perfect greeting because that the 16 year old in her life. Sixteen-year-olds room unlike any type of other human being on the planet, they have actually been so excited for this day due to the fact that probably the job they to be born. The Sweet 16th birthday has actually been featured on television shows and has definitely built up a most expectations because that the birthday young or girl in her life. Nothing let a boring, generic card start things turn off on a poor foot, shot something a little an ext unique and also suited to your personality.

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Happy birthday to the sweetest 16 year old i know! You have actually grown right into such a beautiful young woman, inside and out!Best Wishes together you celebrate your big day! Sweet 16–I hardly know what to say?! may this year it is in your finest year yet and also may girlfriend receive an abundance of blessings!You have grown right into being rather the fine young man. Ns couldn’t be an ext proud the you. May your 16th birthday be memorable and wonderful.Hip-hip-hooray! the your large day! may your 16th year be your ideal year yet! I know it will be a tremendous success! Happy Sweet 16th Birthday!16 years and also you’ve already accomplished so much! ns can’t wait to check out what 16+ much more will bring! You space continually impressing me through your maturity and intelligence—you are much too way for her years! Happiest date of birth to you!Happy date of birth from me to you! might your year be complete of surprises and also wonderful things roughly every corner! enjoy your 16th birthday to the fullest!Happy date of birth to my sweet 16 year old! i can’t believe the year has lastly arrived—I didn’t think we would endure those angsty pre-teen years! lot love come you top top your large day!May you live long and also prosperous! In the words of the great Yoda “Do or perform not, over there is no try!”. 

Sweet 16th birthday Quotes

Sugary sweet and also delightful: it should be your one-of-a-kind day! Congratulations on transforming sixteen!Happy date of birth to someone so delightful and wonderful the I simply couldn’t imagine life there is no them! You are an incredible human being being, inside and also out! numerous blessings being sent out your way!Happy Sweet 16th Birthday! much love and also many great thoughts being sent your way. You have actually a beautiful life front of you and also its only simply beginning! enjoy this very special day!

Happy date of birth to you! Happy date of birth to you! you look choose a monkey and also you smell like one too! Love the only human being who might get away through saying that—your sibling! have a great day…in the zoo!No, i don’t have the secrets to your new car in my pocket. No, ns don’t have your new car parked out in the driveway. Yes, i do have a big ole’ whopper of a birthday wish because that you! Happy date of birth to one amazing 16 year old!If I can give friend anything it would certainly be to save you the confident, radiant, beautiful human being being friend are best at this moment for every the years to come. You’ll never be 16 again, reap this wonderful, mysterious, challenging, fun age to the fullest! 

Sentimental 16th date of birth Greetings

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday. May you it is in surrounded and all-encompassed in a enormous sea that joy, love, family, and also friendship. You space truly one sweet girl!My wish because that you now is simple, have the an extremely best day and also make the absolute most of your distinct day! You just turn 16 as soon as so obtain out there and enjoy the heck out the it!If your Sweet 16th birthday is together special and also amazing as you are—you are going to have one for sure earth-shattering, amazing, wonderful birthday!

Funny 16th date of birth Messages

In the native of Marie Antoinette “Let lock eat cake!”. Finest wishes! currently let’s walk eat some of that delicious looking cake!From me come you. Happy birthday! ns hope your day is together wonderful together you are—which is nice darn wonderful!Wishing you the very best! Please enjoy this big day. You only gain to be an yes, really teenager 3 much more years before you transform till an adult and get to not-enjoy things like water bills, auto insurance, and taxes!Tease them if friend Love lock : Funny Happy date of birth QuotesYou room the bravest, most courageous 16 year old i have ever met! might you squeeze out the heck out the this 16th year of her life!May you carry out things you never thought friend could. May you shot things you never ever thought girlfriend would. This year you will execute things you formerly thought to be unattainable. Girlfriend will conquer them and also zip right previous them.Best desire to a beautiful person being. I hope your 16th birthday is positive magical. Reap everything around your one-of-a-kind day.

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You are on the cusp of coming to be an adult but you’re simply not fairly there—thank God—enjoy this last few years the non-adulthood while girlfriend can. You deserve to do everything you set your psychic on! Happy Birthday.From one old person to one yes, really young person, drink ginger ale when you have actually tummy trouble and also get out and also travel while girlfriend still can.It’s pretty significant to be enjoy it life as lot as you do. Your passion for life is contagious and also inspiring. Happy birthday, you remarkable person!What carry out you desire for your birthday? You want the moon? I’ll throw a lasso approximately it and also bring it under for you. Whatever your heart desires will certainly be her today. Just say the word! Happy date of birth to someone really unique to me! may you always think of life prefer “It’s a wonderful Life”.Every time a bell rings, a 15-year-old gets supported to 16! can you think that? Well ns guess you deserve to as you space the one that’s being promoted! Happy Sweet 16th birthday! *Ring-a-ding-ding*It’s time come party! that is up for in da club due to the fact that it’s your birthday? Yup! You obtained that right. It’s your big, unique day. It’s ultimately arrived—you space sweet 16! Happy birthday to my best girl friend!Sweet and also sassy 16! I never thought this day would arrive and also now below it is—my precious tiny girl is just 16 years old, yet nearly a grown young mrs! Happy birthday, my child. No matter exactly how old you gain or how big you are–you will always be my little girl!

Birthday Wishes for a Nephew/Niece that is transforming 16

Today is your unique day, nephew. May this day bring you closer to achieving all the objectives that girlfriend have set for yourself in this life. Storage this day, knowing that girlfriend can constantly count ~ above me come be over there to assistance you.Wishing mine sweet nephew a happy birthday. This is your unique day, and I hope the you reap every solitary moment that it.This is her 16th birthday! and also it is for sure going come be among the most exciting stages of her life. Ns hope you have actually an awesome date of birth party. Ns wish you nothing but good things in life. Have a wonderful sweet 16th birthday, my dear.On this milestone of her life, ns wish girlfriend happiness and also all the sweet things of life. Happy sweet sixteen!No matter exactly how much you grow, always remember the you’ll forever it is in my cute lover nephew/niece whom i will always love. Happy 16 birthday.Happy date of birth to the sweetest nephew/niece in the entire world. This milestone of her life calls because that a huge celebration. Today, you’re the star, and also by Jove, we space surely going come celebrate you!It has been so beautiful watching you flourish into such a wonderful young man, nephew. Have actually an astonishingly sweet 16th birthday. God bless you.

Birthday Wishes for a Friend turning 16

Hurray! girlfriend are lastly 16 years old. Might all your dreams take trip on this unique day. Shortly you’ll be permitted to legally engage in all points that do life extremely fun. Happy 16th!Happy Birthday, Friend! You room an remarkable friend and also I to be so honored to have actually you in mine life. Give thanks to you because that being together a an excellent friend. Ns hope you have many much more fun adventures this year—and have me to tag along with! Sweet 16 will be positively sweet!My wish because that you on now is that exciting and also happy things constantly come her way. Live life come the fullest and have a happy birthday, pal.You only turn 16 as soon as in her lifetime, so make certain you get the most of this very exciting stage of her life. Happy 16th, bestie!Happy 16th date of birth to my distinct friend who knows me inside out. May your day be filled with oceans of happiness and love. Have a an excellent one.I feel so lucky to have you in my life, too ~ friend. My advice come you on this distinct day is the you never ever stop being you simply since you’re amazing. Have a supervisor duper 16th birthday. We room surely walking to have actually a blast today!Sending a bouquet of happiness and also love to mine awesome friend on she 16th birthday. I wish friend a magical day filled with happiness and also crazy fun. I can’t wait to collection your sweet sixteen party ~ above fire!Happy 16th to my bff. Thanks for making my life fun. Ns honestly believe my life would have been incomplete without you. I hope her 16th date of birth is as fun and also as wonderful together you. Love you.As you celebrate your sweet sixteen, remember that you only get to spend one year as a sweet sixteen, so ns hope you enjoy every solitary moment of it.Turning 16 is together a huge deal, i beg your pardon is why today you and I space going come party and have fun like tomorrow no exist. 16th birthday Captions > Click here for our amazing birthday captions. 
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