In the Christian world the Theological Virtues represent the collection of values and also behaviors the permits the human being being to get closer come God. Castle are based on Christianity and also characterize the principles of Christians.In contrast to the Four Cardinal Virtues, Faith, Hope and Love refer straight to God and also symbolize the divine Trinity. They all stand for the foundation of the Christian action: thanks to them, ours capacities are proper to take part in the Divine Nature

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The divine Trinity Mosaic, Savelli Religious

The Theological Virtues

From the Christian theology’s suggest of view, the Theological Virtues are influenced by the Holy Spirit, the permits the faithful come behave as Sons the God.All the person virtues room rooted in the Theological Virtues, which have actually as origin, reason and object the One and also Triune God. They give life to all the ethical virtues and also are sent by God in the souls the the faithful, in order to let them act as His sons and also deserve Eternal Life. Belief produces Hope and moves come Love; hope stirs up Love and it is intensified by Charity in the desire of a union not yet realized; in stimulate to it is in authentic, it needs to join charity works.But what is the definition of Faith, Hope and Love?


The word Faith, native latin fides, describes who trusts, that confides and relies ~ above something. Faith is the Theological Virtue for which men think in God and also in His indigenous that, according to the Christian Catholic doctrine, represents the pure Truth. It permits the males to completely rely ~ above God and carry out His will. This an essential Christian virtue presupposes spirituality opening, in bespeak to recognize the Manifestation of God in day-to-day life. If it is not accompanied by Hope and Love, it does not totally unite the faithful to Jesus Christ. 


Hope, indigenous latin spes, is the Theological Virtue which responds to the attainment of Eternal happiness of human being beings. Hope is the confident waiting of a certain event that, in the situation of Christian Theology, refers to the fulfillment the Jesus Christ’s promises: the Kingdom that Heaven and the Eternal Life. Hope, it is provided by Faith, permits men to commit us in building the Kingdom of God and find a feeling to work, uncover strength to face the difficulties and patience while waiting.


Love, provided as a synonym the Charity, is the Theological Virtues the permits male to love God over all else and his neighbor together himself, because that God’s sake. Just as God loves any creature, in the Catholic theory Christians space invited come love their next-door neighbors unconditionally, especially children, bad people and also enemies. According come Saint Paul Apostle, Love is patient and kind, it does not envy or boast, it is no proud, the does no dishonor others, the is no self-seeking, it is not conveniently angered, that keeps no record of wrongs, the does not happiness in evil however rejoices with the truth, it constantly protects, always trusts, constantly hopes, constantly perseveres and also it will never end because Love never fails. There is no Love, human being existence does not make any sense.

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Love is exceptional to all the virtues and also it is the an initial of the Theological Virtues.

And currently these 3 remain:Faith, Hope and also Love;but the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13,13

Symbology of Faith, Hope and also Love: the Carmague Cross

The symbols of the 3 Theological Virtues space represented as well by the Cross the Carmague, likewise known together croix gardien or overcome of the Guardians. Faith is connected with the cross, price of Christianity; to Hope v the anchor, to whom male clings to in his daily life; Charity is represented by the heart, price of love the elapses amongst Father, Son and Holy heart that permits men to realize the Kingdom the God in this world. Faithful that many recognize themselves through the Theological Virtues and also the Christian doctrine, not only take as model the life that the Messiah, but are also used come wear the representative icons of Faith, Hope and also Love, through a pendant or a bracelet that depict them.