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I have actually been working v T-10 (and T-12) fluorescent lamps and also have noticed countless retailers have a much better supply of T-8 lamps vs. T-10.What room the benefits of T8s? and also is the switch easy? will a T12/T10 ballast work with a T8 lamp?I greatly appreciate help. I have a strange work-related arrangement, my boss isn"t local, I just do the job-related with his clients with his equipment. I want to start my own deal here and also I must be much better prepared because that what is the end there.

A T-10 is a damn special lamp. No good reason to use it, to put it plainly. Manufacturers have cleared up on the T-8 as the defacto retrofit because that T-12"s, and also that"s simply the way it is.
One factor not to give DIY advice:Catch a man a fish and you can sell it come him.Teach a male to fish and you�ve destroyed a good business opportunity.

I have been working with T-10 (and T-12) fluorescent lamps and also have noticed countless retailers have actually a much greater supply the T-8 lamps vs. T-10.What space the benefits of T8s? and is the switch easy? will certainly a T12/T10 ballast work with a T8 lamp?I significantly appreciate help. I have a strange work arrangement, my boss isn"t local, I simply do the work-related with his clients with his equipment. I desire to begin my very own deal here and also I should be better prepared for what is the end there.
I agree through Marc but will include that T5 are also getting much more popular. The T-12"s was used for the magnetic ballasts and the electronic ballast originally would just take T-8"s . I think now they will certainly take both however the industry is relocating (has moved) to the T-8. I think they placed out more lumens then the T12"s.

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Well I understand the smaller the diameter the more efficient the lamp in ~ converting electrical power to light (less heat waste), and also the lumens space pretty much about the exact same (with T8s in ~ a reduced wattage).You guys cleared some points up for me, I appreciate that.Apparently no all ballasts will be able to work with T8s, so i should check the ballasts prior to replacing T12s or T10s v T8s, correct? and also if the ballast is magnetic, climate I should replace v a T12 or T10, additionally correct?

The T-10"s ?? that supplied to it is in semi common around 15 years ago but now it no worth a merde at all.I kinda stay away native the T-12 lot as I deserve to unless over there is very couple of spefic place that do forced the T-12"s frequently HO"s in very cold area but seems the T-8 and also T-5"s manage it pretty well in cold area as lengthy the luminaire is enclosed.oh by the way some T-8"s execute run with magataic ballast too so the is a nice gotcha if not watching it.I recognize I did occupational in one office facility in France simply not also long back and we have actually a bit of lock on magnatic ballast set up T-8"s and also when they go out we change with electronic verison that really cut down the strength useage and also noise to boot.Merci,Marc
Merci!It seems like we are about 15 year behind the remainder of the world here then! my boss has some kind of a affinity for the T10s, and I don"t blame him. We use the Litetronic brand and they look nice and also seem to be really high quality.As much as switching to T8s, that seems to be the means to go. Litetronic additionally makes T8s that course, therefore my question is even if it is or not it is as great of a brand together I think that is, or have to I use another?
The main advantage is much higher efficiency. Because that a t12 lumens every watt is about 55, and also for t8 it"s around 85.That and also you won"t be able to get magnetic t12 ballasts after 2010
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