Forty years later on she performs v her daughter in a 1999 special referred to as "Rock-n-Roll Graffiti" and...WOW!

This lady is still HOT and also everyone singing is just having actually a an excellent time through her.

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I remember the song when it came out together I to be a teenager in ~ the time.

I initially thought the tune was type of goofy till you listened actual close come those oldies music lyrics.

Which Dooley execute You Remember?

Toward the finish of 1958, a couple of months before Dodie"s song became popular, The Kingston Trio had actually taken a story around the hanging the a condemned guy named "Tom Dooley" come the top of the charts.

Suddenly, this various other cool cat named "Dooley,"  a dude through tan shoes and also pink shoelaces, and a girlfriend called Dodie, appeared on the music scene.I preferred Dodie"s man better. That wasn"t median like Tom, he simply dressed loud.You may remember Carl Perkins had developed a fashion trend with "Blue Suede Shoes," yet Dodie"s male went way beyond together she described his cool wardrobe through this verse...

"a polka dot vest and man oh man, he wears tan shoes through pink shoes laces and a huge panama with a purple hat band!"Some might say anybody the dressed that method had come be called after a guy that was lynched:-)

Not me...I remember exactly how loud i dressed once Elvis showed up on the step so I"m sticking through Dodie"s guy, Dooley. It yes, really was a Cool song but all this years I"ve wondered around that 12-foot yacht, and also a male that would take a girl deep sea fishing in a submarine....

Before you watch Dodie and her daughter carry out the tune on this 1999 "Rock-n-Roll Graffiti" special, let"s take a look in ~ Dodie when she sang this cute song back in 1959. 

You"re gonna love this original black and also white video showing just how teens connected in the 50s. 

This to be an exciting time as soon as you actually talked to her girlfriend/boyfriend about dating and the people of texting was years away.  

Pink shoes Laces - Dodie Stevens remains an exceptional talent.

Dodie Stevens voice to be mature beyond her thirteen years. She recorded Yes, I"m Lonesome Tonight, in answer to Elvis" number one song.

The track charted #60 ~ above the Billboard warm 100 in December 1960. She also recorded a Christmas tune that is still play every year during the holidays.

"Merry funny Christmas Baby" (set come the tune of The song Weavers" "Happy, Happy date of birth Baby") was her donation to the 1960 holiday season.

She really did have actually a quite voice however will always be remembered because that Tan Shoes and also Pink shoe Laces.

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Enjoy this well done 2nd video the this all time classic. Dodie perform on this special once she was fifty three and also just look in ~ her. She"s still having fun.

Pink shoe Laces lyricsWritten by Mickie GrantRecorded by 13 year old Dodie StevensCharted #3 in 1959

Now I"ve gained a guy and his name is DooleyHe"s my guy and also I love that trulyHe"s not an excellent lookin"...heaven knowsBut I"m wild about his stunner clothes

He wears tan shoes through pink shoelacesA polka dot vest and man, oh, manTan shoes v pink shoelacesAnd a big Panama with a violet hat band

Ooh-ooh, ooh, oohOoh-ooh, ooh, ooh

He takes me deep-sea fishing in a submarineWe go to drive-in movies in a limousineHe"s got a whirly-birdy and also a 12-foot yachtAh...but thats-a no all he"s got

He"s gained tan shoes v pink shoelacesA polka dot vest and also man, oh, manTan shoes through pink shoelacesAnd a big Panama v a purple hat band

Now Dooley had a feelin" we were goin" come warSo that went out and enlisted in a fightin" corpsBut he landed in the brig for raisin" together a stormWhen lock tried to placed "em in a uniform

He wanted tan shoes with pink shoelacesA polka dot vest and man, oh, manHe wanted tan shoes through pink shoelacesAnd a huge Panama v a purple hat band

Ooh-ooh, ooh, oohOoh-ooh, ooh, ooh

Now sooner or later Dooley started feelin" sickAnd he decided that he much better make his will certainly out quick

He said...

"Just before the angels come to carry meI desire it down in writin" exactly how to bury me."

A wearin" tan shoes v pink shoelacesA polka period vest and also man, oh, manGive me tan shoes with pink shoelacesAnd a huge Panama through a purple hat band