The Test and Evaluation Master arrangement (TEMP) explains an salvation program’s to plan Test and also Evaluation (T&E) tasks over a program’s life-cycle and identifies testimonial criteria because that the testers. The serves together an executive an overview and provides a framework within which come generate in-depth T&E plans and paper schedule and resource implications linked with the T&E program. The TEMP identifies and also integrates every one of the T&E demands with the program’s salvation Strategy and requirements. A draft is due because that the advancement RFP relax Decision and is authorized at Milestone B.

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The Test and also Evaluation Master arrangement (TEMP) must:

Integrate T&E v the as whole Acquisition StrategyReflect the user’s requirements and describe just how these capacity needs will certainly be tested in DT&E and also OT&EDocument the T&E routine for the entire life cycleSpecify personnel, funding, and test range support requirementsBe arisen prior come Milestone B Review and updated prior to each subsequent program Decision Review

Guide: DOT&E and also TEMP Guidebook

Guide: DoD Test and Evaluation management Guide

Guide: check & testimonial Management guide – Chapter 12

 The TEMP must provide the technical Performance dimensions (TPM) compelled for review, audits, and risk management. Other documents incorporated with the TEMP encompass the:
Configuration administration PlanRequirements allocation Sheets (RASs) and Design constraint Sheets (DCSs)Test needs SheetsSpecifications

Purpose of the test & evaluation Master plan (TEMP)

The TEMP is supplied by the Program management Office (PMO) and is the focal allude of the development, review, and also approval procedure for thorough T&E plans and also activities. The Acquisition process requires a TEMP as among the major management strategy files supporting the decision to begin or terminate development efforts. The TEMP is supposed to:Provide an in its entirety test management plan within the salvation strategy bounds,Identify overall T&E activities by the government and system contractor,Guide the advance of specific test events and also integration of comprehensive test plans because that those activitiesDevelopmental Test and also Evaluation (DT&E),Operational Test and also Evaluation (OT&E), andLive-Fire Test and also Evaluation (LFT&E) activitiesDocument T&E schedule and resource requirements

Test & review Master setup (TEMP) Approval Process

The TEMP because that an OSD Test and Evaluation (T&E) Oversight regime is it is registered by the DoD component to the TEMP approval authorities. The Director, operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E), and also the Director, Developmental Test and Evaluation (DDT&E) approve the TEMP for every programs ~ above the OSD T&E monitor List.

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For other programs, the ingredient Acquisition executive, management (CAE), or designated representative, authorize the TEMP. <1>