The City that Frisco has actually a youth Curfew Ordinance which was embraced in 2007. This applies to any kind of person at the very least 10 years of age and also under 17 year of age. The curfew hrs are from midnight until 6:00 a.m. Daily. For an ext details, please recommendation the adhering to information.

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A juvenile commits an violation if the juvenile stays in any public ar or ~ above the basic of any kind of establishment within the city duringcurfewhours.

A parental or guardian that a youth commits an violation if such human knowingly permits, or by insufficient manage allows, the youth to purposefully remain, walk, run, stand, drive, or journey about, in or upon any type of public ar or ~ above the basic of any establishment in ~ the city duringcurfewhours.

The owner, operator, or any employee of any type of establishment with the city commits an offense if such person knowingly allows a youth to stay upon the basic of the establishment duringcurfewhours.


Curfew hours. 12:01 a.m. Until 6:00 a.m. Daily.

Emergency. one unforeseen mix of situations or the resulting state the calls for instant action. The ax shall include however not minimal to fire, natural disaster, and any car accident, or any situation request immediate activity to protect against serious bodily injury or ns of life.

Establishment. any privately-owned place of business operated because that a profit to which the public is invited, including but not limited to any place that amusement or entertainment.

Guardian. any type of person to who custody that a juvenile has been provided by a court order.

Juvenile. any person under seventeen (17) year of age and at the very least ten (10) year of age.

Operator. Any type of individual, firm, association, partnership, or corporation operating, managing, or conducting any type of establishment. The term includes the members or partner of any kind of association or partnership and also the police officers of the corporation.

Parent. A human being who is the herbal or adoptive parental of a person, to incorporate a court appointed guardian or other person eighteen (18) year or older, authorized by the parent, through a court order, or by the court, or by the court appointed guardian to have actually the care and custody that a person.

Public place. any kind of place to which the general public or a an extensive group of the general public has access and includes, yet is not minimal to, streets, highways, and the common areas of schools, hospitals, apartment houses, office buildings, transfer facilities, and also shops.

Remain. to linger, stay, walk, run, stand, drive or ride; or fail to leave premises when requested to perform so through a police officer or the owner, operator, or other person in control of the premises.

Defenses come prosecution

It is a defense to prosecution undersection 54-133(a) the the juvenile was:

(1) add by the juvenile's parental or guardian;

(2) On one errand in ~ the direction that the juvenile's parental or guardian, without any kind of detour or stop;

(3) In a engine vehicle affiliated in federal government travel;

(4) engaged in an employed activity, or going to or returning house from an employment activity, without any detour or stop;

(5) affiliated in one emergency;

(6) on the sidewalk abutting the juvenile's residence or abutting the residence the a next-door neighborhood if the neighborhood did no complain come the police department about the juvenile's presence;

(7) Attending an official school, religious, or other recreational activity supervised by adults and sponsored through the city, a civic organization, or another similar entity that takes obligation for the juvenile, or going to or returning house from, there is no detour or stop, an main school, religious, or various other recreational activity supervised by adults and sponsored by the city, a civic organization, or another similar entity the takes duty for the juvenile;

(8) Exercising an initial Amendment rights protected by the United says Constitution; or

(9) Married or had been married or had actually disabilities of minority eliminated in accordance with Texas family Code chapter 31, together amended.

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It is a defense to prosecution under section 54-133(c) the the owner, operator, or employee of an establishment promptly educated the police department the a juvenile was existing on the basic of the establishment during curfew hours and also refused to leave.