that ’70s Show: 25 Behind-The-Scenes image That adjust Everything over there are exactly 200 episodes of that ‘70s Show, which means there space plenty of wild behind-the-scenes photos for fans come enjoy.

The ‘70s are regularly the setting for movies and also TV shows, yet That ‘70s present often stands out amongst others. The present ran ~ above Fox from 1998 come 2006. The premise of the show was pretty simple, focusing on a group of teenagers that thrived up in the fictional city of point Place, Wisconsin. The present was successful throughout its initial run, however continues to get attention even after being off the air because that over 10 years. The series has grown a substantial fan base end the years, if the young gibbs on the present have get an impression up and become successful actors in enlarge movies and TV shows.

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Like countless popular shows, there is a plethora the behind-the-scenes information around That "70s Show and frequently a most videos and pictures the the display being made. Frequently times these images can offer fans inside knowledge around the making behind the show, while likewise giving a glimpse the what the was prefer on set. Today, the entire series of that ‘70s show can it is in streamed on many platforms, but sometimes it can be entertaining to acquire an within look in ~ the present through behind-the-scenes photos.

Here space the 25 Behind-The-Scenes picture Of That "70s Show That readjust Everything.

Topher Grace and Laura Prepon in the '70s show Star battles Episode
plenty of popular movies and TV mirrors originated in the ‘70s. Amongst the most well-known movies that is still gaining sequels to this day is Star Wars. Star Wars initially came out in 1977 and was a social phenomenon.

It wouldn’t have actually been ideal for the ‘70s present to disregard the movie, so it had Eric Forman it is in a large fan of the movie. Not only does this right in through Eric’s geeky personality, however it also listed a funny dream sequence throughout season 1 in the episode adequately titled A brand-new Hope. 

The actors of that '70s display Celebrating 100 Episodes
In total, that ‘70s show ran for specifically 200 episodes. Like any kind of other TV show, the collection had its an excellent and negative seasons, but many people will agree the season 8 was amongst the worst simply because it no necessary.

Earlier seasons were much much better and this image shows the actors gathering about a cake celebrate the 100th illustration of the ‘70s Show. In ~ this point, the actors likely had actually no idea when the collection would end, but looking back, this is precisely the halfway point for the series. 

Filming a Van step For that '70s Show
Sitcoms are regularly filmed in front of a live studio audience, and that was the situation for the ‘70s Show. Countless sitcoms today likewise film in prior of an audience that gives a laugh track because that the scene containing jokes.

While most of the present was filmed in former of an audience, part scenes were supposedly filmed in a studio there is no hundreds of people watching. It isn’t known what episode or season the image over is from, however the image shows the set for a scene revolving approximately Kelso’s van. 

22 Hugging the Out

Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Wilmer Valderrama BTS of that 70s Show
when a cast is together as long as the cast of that ‘70s present were, it’s likely that the actors and actresses will become extremely close. Simply that appeared to take place on the collection of that ‘70s Show and also this picture is a good example of the actors goofing off together.

Wilmer Valderrama, Mila Kunis, and Ashton Kutcher have the right to be checked out in the image above making silly deals with while hugging each various other in prior of what appears to be a Volkswagen Beetle. The cast members look at to be in more modern-day clothes therefore it no look to be an on-set photo, however is funny none the less. 

actor Kurtwood smith had currently made a surname for himself in Hollywood long prior to he was cast in that ‘70s Show. Smith appeared in movies choose RoboCop and also Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, yet the actor is mostly recognized today for play Eric’s dad, Red Forman on the ‘70s Show.

Red appeared in every 200 episodes of the show, but this behind-the-scenes photo shows blacksmith on set in front of the live studio audience. It’s virtually impossible to know what illustration this was from, however Smith appears to be enjoying his time ~ above set. 

20 Kelso playing The Guitar

while it"s difficult to discover out which exact episode some of these collection photos room taken from, this image came indigenous the 21st episode of season 2 called “Kelso’s Serenade”. Exit in the year 2000, the episode reflects Kelso writing and also playing a song for Jackie, just to have Fez swoop in to serenade Jackie.

This collection photo native the scene shows Ashton Kutcher playing the guitar through Wilmer Valderrama standing beside him. Fun fact: Ashton Kutcher can actually play the guitar in real life and even has actually a tune up top top YouTube. 

The core actors of the ‘70s show was putting in a lot of of hrs every work to movie the show at a young age. While lock likely had busy lives as result of their early on acting careers, castle still appeared to uncover time to have actually fun top top the set.

From left to right, this image shows Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and also Wilmer Valderrama to dance on the set of the ‘70s Show. When they most likely hung the end around set in their contemporary clothes once not filming, this behind-the-scenes photograph shows them in fully ‘70s inspired clothing. 

18 A Groovy Bus

Everybody knows that heralding is the main way that filmmakers let the general public know around their movie or TV show. The ‘70s show had proclaiming just like any kind of other show, yet it shows up that castle had large advertisements ~ above the next of buses as well.

This photo shows Mila Kunis, Wilmer Valderrama, Laura Prepon, and also Ashton Kutcher stand on peak of a double-decker bus, if Topher elegant hangs turn off of the side, hanging top top a bar. The looks choose the corridor was simply as goofy in actual life as it was ~ above the show. 

anyone who has done their research study on the ‘70s present knows the the core cast members were extremely young when they began acting top top the show. By the moment the present came ~ above the air, Danny Masterson to be the oldest of the team at the period of 22. Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher were both 20, Laura Prepon and Wilmer Valderrama were 18, and Mila Kunis was merely 15 years old.

16 group Shot

This set photo is one more still the the cast that shows how young the actors were when they started on the ‘70s Show. All 6 of these actors continued their acting careers after the ‘70s Show, but for numerous of them, this was their an initial time in prior of a camera.

That ‘70s display was the an initial acting gig because that Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, Wilmer Valderrama, and Ashton Kutcher. Mila Kunis and Danny Masterson had actually acted in a couple of projects prior to the show, however they were reasonably small roles compared to their work-related on the ‘70s Show. 

it’s widely recognized that the cast of the ‘70s show got along good behind-the-scenes that the show. It is likewise widely thought that once the actors would cave out, Topher Grace regularly wouldn’t partake and also rather kept to himself. That, however, no the situation in this photo, which reflects a young Topher Grace and also Ashton Kutcher.

This likely wasn’t on the set of the ‘70s Show due to the fact that they space both put on Abercrombie and also Fitch shirts, which wasn’t founded until 1982. While there’s no means to tell, that fuzzy blob on the bottom left additionally looks choose Danny Masterson’s hair. 

14 Han, Leia, and also Luke on Set

over there were countless references to ‘70s pop culture throughout the entire collection of that ‘70s Show, but among the most prevalent was Star Wars. The original trilogy was released indigenous 1977 come 1983, and also an episode from the ‘70s show season 1 concentrated on A new Hope.

During a dream sequence, Eric imagine he was Luke Skywalker talk to Obi-Wan Kenobi, that was actually his dad Red. Every one of the other characters showed up in the scene, including Donna together Leia and also Hyde as Han. Kitty also showed up as an X-Wing pilot vacuuming with R2D2. 

every one of the cast members on the ‘70s display have talked about how close they all came to be while on set. The image over shows Ashton Kutcher and also Wilmer Valderrama giving each other a big hug. It’s tough to tell specifically where castle are due to the fact that the lift is rather dark, however they appear to be in more modern-day clothing therefore it’s feasible they no on the set.

Wilmer Valderrama at this time has a recurring function on NCIS together the character Nick Torres, but Kutcher seems to have actually taken a rest from exhilaration to focus more on being a undertaking capitalist. 

12 one Old Kelso, Jackie, Donna, and also Eric

Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Laura Prepon, and Topher Grace have all aged due to the fact that their time on the ‘70s Show. Thankfully, none of the actors have also started to resemble the larger versions the themselves the were existing on the ‘70s Show. This quiet is a behind-the-scenes look indigenous the episode “Kelso’s Serenade” indigenous season 2.

Jackie and Donna space talking around what it would certainly be choose if Donna married Eric. In Donna’s imagination, Eric is a crude husband who simply wants to clock a boxing match and drink beer, and also they have two children who look as with Kelso and Jackie. 

when That ‘70s show hit its 100th episode, the actors celebrated by having actually a large cake designed like a Wisconsin license plate. This image comes from that celebration, due to the fact that Topher Grace and also Laura Prepon’s clothing are the exact same as the ones indigenous the large cake photograph.

It’s tough to call what exactly Topher grace is eating, but it is a safe bet that Grace swiped his finger across component of the cake and also is enjoying a huge glob the icing. With that in mind, this isn’t precisely a flattering photo of Topher Grace. 

10 Eric’s Drunken Tattoo

The 22nd illustration of season 3 of that ‘70s display centers about Eric getting a tattoo to admire Donna. After he reads a web page from she journal, that learns that she wants him come be much more wild and also dangerous, therefore he decides to gain a tattoo top top his behind while he is drinking through Fez, Hyde, and Leo.

Eric then dreams around how Donna will see him ~ she finds out he got a tattoo and imagines himself as Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. This behind-the-scenes picture shows Topher elegant looking straight right into the camera together Laura Prepon holds the tight. 

throughout the eight periods That ‘70s present was top top the air, the present had a most celebrity cameos. Celebrities favor Amy Adams and also Joseph Gordon-Levitt still no that well-known by the moment they came on that ‘70s Show, however actors choose Billy Dee Williams, Betty White, and Dwayne Johnson were certainly known in ~ the time.

The absent made a cameo illustration in the an initial season for the illustration “That wrestling Show”. Dwayne Johnson is one of the most lucrative actors today, but in the ‘90s he was enjoying his career as a wrestler. 

8 Eric and also Kelso go Thrift Shopping

Throughout the ‘70s Show, the crew had actually to wear clothes that was completely from the 1970s in stimulate to save the present looking authentic. If some clothing was more than likely made especially for the show, other pieces were most likely picked increase from a neighborhood thrift store.

While us can’t say for sure, this picture looks like Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher are going thrift to buy for garments from the ‘70s. Grace’s outfit no look as well bad, however most world would agree the a cowboy hat and also sandals don’t go with a suit. 

over there were number of bands that were significant in the 1970s. Absent bands prefer Led Zeppelin, The roll Stones, Pink Floyd, and Queen were very popular in the ‘70s, yet some rock stars even made appearances on that ‘70s Show.

Gene Simmons indigenous Kiss showed up on the present in season 3, however, this behind-the-scenes picture was indigenous a VH-1 unique that linked the cast from that ‘70s present with Kiss. If the occasion aired top top VH-1, a one-of-a-kind music video mashing up the cast from the ‘70s present with the members of Kiss was likewise created. 

6 that 2000s Show?

It’s difficult to pinpoint precisely when this photograph was taken, but the cast"s clothing choices certainly scream the early on 2000s. Featured in the photo are Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, Danny Masterson, and Wilmer Valderrama. The actors is awkwardly was standing in front of a eco-friendly wall, likely for a picture shoot, yet they no in their ‘70s wardrobe.

Very little context comes through this image, however this can possibly be from the so late ‘90s / beforehand 2000s during the early on years of the ‘70s Show. Thankfully, the cast dresses a small nicer today. 

In season 1 episode 2 “Eric’s Birthday”, Kitty and Red go throughout the street come the Pinciotti’s to leaving Eric to hang out v his friends. As soon as imagining all of the negative that could go dorn in their house, Kitty imagines the gang doing terrible things favor not utilizing coasters and also making lengthy distance calls.

During the scene, Eric is bound up and also the rest of the gang wear some quite extravagant outfits. This behind-the-scenes photograph shows the corridor posing for a photo in some of the most amazing costumes they would certainly wear all season. 

4 Lindsay Lohan and Fez

that ‘70s show had a many celebrity cameos, including one native Lindsay Lohan. Lohan is most recognized for gift a Disney Channel star or for her movie Mean Girls, however she additionally made a guest illustration in season 7 of the ‘70s Show. She played a character called Danielle, that Kelso and also Fez both hit over.

She didn’t appear in any type of episodes ~ that, however this behind-the-scenes image shows her posing v actor Wilmer Valderrama. Lohan doesn’t do a lot of exhilaration anymore, but she was one of the an ext recognizable cameos in that ‘70s display in 2004. 

with the vast success that That ‘70s show saw an extremely quickly, the actors of the show got to walk to a many of occasions they otherwise would have actually never been able to attend. One of these events was going come the 1998 Billboard Music Awards.

The young actors can be seen in the picture above being photographed at the MGM cool in ras Vegas, where the awards were organized that year. The gang never went to las vegas in the ‘70s Show, except for Hyde when he married Samantha, but it definitely would have actually been an exciting episode come see. 

2 A actors Reunion

there are many behind-the-scenes images of the cast from that ‘70s Show, yet there are additionally a grasp of images showing the cast reuniting. Each member native the show has gone on come star in bigger projects and also have moved on from the days of that ‘70s Show. V that in mind, the actors still gets together from time to time to hang out v each other.

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This reunion photo actually comes from the set of the Netflix original The Ranch, which at the time starred Danny Masterson and also Ashton Kutcher. Wilmer Valderrama starred top top the display for 4 episodes, yet Mila Kunis and Laura Prepon never appeared on the show. 

In season 5 episode 5, Donna gives Eric a guy ring that the guys all make fun of. When imagining what sort of lame superhero would need to wear a male ring, Kelso drifts off into an imagination sequence that mirrors the gang together superheroes.

All the the superheroes make fun of Eric for wearing such an ugly ring, and Red also shows up as the villain Dr. Bald to make funny of Eric’s ring. The succession is a pair minutes long, yet this behind-the-scenes photo shows the actors posing for a photo with their fists together. 


Which of these behind-the-scenes photos indigenous That ‘70s Show is your favorite? Sound off in the comments!