Muscle strain can occur suddenly due to the fact that of an injury or can build over time as result of overuse and also repetitive motions.

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Poor posture, repeated movements, and improper lifting techniques deserve to lead come overstreatching or tears in the lower back muscles. See earlier Muscles and also Low ago Pain

A one-time injury that loss a muscle, tendon, or ligament is considered an acute muscle strain. This injuries usually occur after sudden, jarring impacts or during tasks that incorporate heavy lifting or overfill pressure inserted on the spine.

Chronic strains, top top the other hand, are led to by repetitive movements that gradually overstretch or tear a muscle. Chronic muscle strain is more common in athletes or world with physically demanding jobs.


Causes and Diagnosis of Lower ago Muscle Strain

Many lower ago strains occur during everyday activities, such as while exercising or in ~ work.

Common reasons of—and risk determinants for—low earlier muscle stress, overload include:

Sudden impact.

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The impact from jarring motions can place heavy, immediate stress on the low ago muscles. For example, high-impact sporting activities such as football and also lacrosse place excessive pressure top top joints and muscles. The sudden impact from a automobile accident or a autumn is another common contributor to earlier muscle injury. Deconditioned, stubborn muscles are much more prone come this type of injury. Poor posture, weak abdominal muscle or ago muscles. once low earlier and core abdominal muscle muscles room weak, the lower earlier becomes much more susceptible come injury. Slouching forward puts included strain ~ above the low ago muscles and also on the spine. Similarly, chop hamstring muscles place added strain on the lower back over time.

See an excellent Posture help Reduce earlier Pain

Taking top top a brand-new activity. beginning a new sport or task may cause a muscle stress, overload by putting sudden, unfamiliar stress and anxiety on a muscle or group of muscles.

The above list is no comprehensive—rather, that highlights several of the much more common situations that result in a pulled back muscle.

Several extr factors increase the threat of muscle strain, such as smoking cigarettes (or any type of nicotine intake), stiffness or minimal range of motion in the back, and obesity.

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Causes and Diagnosis that Lower back Strain

Diagnosing Low earlier Muscle Strain

Collecting a medical history and conducting a physics exam are usually enough to diagnose muscle strain in the reduced back.

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A clinical history has information around current symptoms, as well as when and how symptom began, such as whether pain started after an injury, came on suddenly, or has obtained progressively worse. A medical history also includes information about typical exercise levels, sleep habits, and also past medical issues. A physical test tests because that range-of-motion and flexibility in the short back, and also in the hip, pelvic, or hamstring muscles. Feeling follow me the lower back (called palpation) deserve to detect spinal abnormalities that might be the source of pain. Nerve root irritation may additionally be experiment by using a foot raise test, i m sorry can dominance out injuries such as a herniated key or spinal stenosis.

While an imaging test such as an x-ray or MRI scan is rarely required for a muscle injury, one may be used to examine for other feasible pain sources, such as a fracture or herniated disc, if those problems are suspected. In patients with a background of malignancy or trauma, imaging tests room usually necessary prior come conservative exercises. Typically, x-rays are taken an initial and climate an MRI is ordered if anything suspicious is watched on the x-rays.