Coheed and also Cambria room an alternative rock band started in Nyack new York in 1995. Coheed and also Cambria"s music has actually seen a tremendous transition in style, native the grungy, guitar hefty tones of The 2nd Stage generator Blade, their debut, and the much more electric and also experimental sound of The Afterman double-album.Coheed and Cambria"s albums are all concept albums, with the lyrics following the events, thoughts and deeds of the personalities within a fictional world in a collection of (so far) two comic publication series, a graphics novel, one short novel and a coffee-table publication following a quick narrative. This world is often jointly referred to as The Amory wars (The name of the comic publication series) or The Story, and also has proven renowned with pan of Coheed and also Cambria, and also critics.

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Coheed and Cambria are well-known for their distinctive sound, the lead-singer"s unorthodox vocals and also being very generous with their time to their fans. Pan of Coheed and Cambria proudly contact themselves kids of the Fence. This is in reference to the cosmos within The Amory Wars referred to as Heaven"s Fence, and also was very first coined through the band after they released a one-of-a-kind edition DVD of your Neverender tour, which was called the youngsters of the Fence Edition.






The 2nd Stage wind turbine Blade, In maintaining Secrets of quiet Earth:3, good Apollo I"m burning Star IV Volume 1: From are afraid Through the eyes of Madness, an excellent Apollo I"m burn Star IV Volume 2: No human being for Tomorrow, Year that the black color Rainbow, The Afterman: Ascension, The Afterman: Descension. These albums note several shifts in ~ Coheed and Cambria"s music, from the much more post-hardcore sound of SSTB, come the an ext electrically-influenced Afterman double-albums. The story progresses however in this order:

The Amory wars Sketchbook, The Afterman: Ascension, The Afterman: Descension, Year that the black Rainbow, The Amory Wars: The 2nd Stage turbine Blade, good Apollo I"m burning Star IV Volume 1: From fear Through the eye of Madness, The Amory Wars: In keeping Secrets of quiet Earth:3, good Apollo I"m burn Star IV Volume 2: No civilization For Tomorrow. The first book, The Amory wars Sketchbook is a blend of prose and also sketch, and opens up the world of The Amory Wars. Together the sketchbook is much more a referential text, it doesn"t really have a chronological bearing on the story. The Afterman consists the story of Sirius Amory, who found the strength of the Keywork (the light the holds the cosmos of Heaven"s Fence together), and set the phase for the events of YotBR, i beg your pardon covers the Mage Wars and also introduces the characters of Coheed and Cambria. The Amory Wars: The second Stage wind turbine Blade, takes location after the events of YotBR and also tracks the "second stage" of Wilhelm Ryan"s evil plans because that Heaven"s Fence. In a different timeline the events of GAV1 influence the story, and the writer of the story, being propelled insane by his partner"s infidelity, find it difficult to end up the story. The Amory Wars: In maintaining Secrets of quiet Earth: 3 takes place some time after this events, v subtle references to the GAV1 story as Claudio Kilgannon recounts an epic tale of war to Apollo. GAV2 will supposedly finish the story, yet no information or story material has actually been released yet about it"s story. Because of this, Detective the the Fence will certainly not resolve the GAV2 album"s analysis until the moment of the GAV2 graphic novel"s release.

I am a film and also television college student in my last year the studies and also amateur writer. I am a child of the Fence and also have a lot of to be thankful for as much as Coheed and also Cambria is concerned. That is because of Claudio"s terriffic work-related that ns gained an ext self-confidence in regards to pursuing my own creative ventures. I produced this website as a little "thank you" gesture, and also a ar where fans can go if they wanted to get a various perspective on the meaning of the song in relation to The Story.I should stress below that I carry out not own any type of of the functions on this website conserve for my very own analytic articles. I do not great to make money or obtain fame turn off this website, this is just something I"m doing because that fun and also as a tribute come my favorite band/comic books.

This website will be utilizing one post-per-song come analyse and explain just how the song relate come the stories. Coheed and also Cambria"s lyrics are really poetic and also even after reading the whole story, fans frequently still uncover themselves stumped as to how the song mirrors the story. I will certainly be analysing the story in chronological order of events as declared above.

In bespeak to current how a song"s lyric relates to a particular component of the story, I will be utilising a colour code. In the analytical essays themselves, the coded lyrics will certainly be expanded on in the analysis, which will, wherein appropriate, contain pictures and screenshots to carry out further proof of the essay"s contention. The color code will be thus:

A recommendation to a character.

A reference to a place.

A referral to an event.

Character"s thoughts

Writer"s thoughts

A direct quote

A reference to a various event, in ~ a different time/placeA reference to a real-life event.A reference to one more song.

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Once again, I stress that i am no scholar, i am just a fan v a an excellent literary knowledge and a enthusiasm for the band. I in no method claim property to any kind of of the functions of Coheed and Cambria, or Claudio Sanchez.

To obtain updates, sign up with the facebook "Detective of the Fence" page (link below), where I have the right to keep you updated with any issues the website might be experiencing, as well as just typically tell you when a brand-new post is up. To go to the essays, click the button below. Ns hope you reap the website.We are one among the Fence!