Beowulf has fought and also defeated Grendel and his mom. He has additionally had the crown of Geatland because that fifty years. At this time, a thef stirs a resting dragon by taking his treasure. The theif escaped, and the dragon vowed revenge on Geatland. The now much older beo wolf prepares to walk to battle against the dragon. During the battle, the dragon melts Beowulf"s shield and also breaks his sword.

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Before reading the final passages, go to 1.07 Beowulf and the Dragon discussion to guess what girlfriend think will take place next in the epic.

We have seen beowulf overcome countless obstacles in our reading. That has plainly defeated his two various other antagonists: Grendeland Grendel"s Mother. We understand he is older now. Does period have an adverse impact on also the toughest of characters? Fighting takes a toll fee on the body, and Beowulf is searching the dragon, his 3rd antagonist. The takes through him eleven other warriors. A overview shows the guys where the dragon lives,under the earth in a cavern by the ocean.

Read part of "Beowulf seeks the Dragon."

"Beowulf looks for the Dragon"

The guys are wake up in detect the dragon. Beowulf wants to aid his community, therefore he will certainly not avoid until the destroys the dragon. However, we watch a various side of Beowulf. "Woe to be his spirit," argues that that is in grief or misery. He knows what is near, "Death-boding, wav"ring; Weird very near him." the word weird in this context method fate or destiny, one"s assigned many or fortune. Beowulf"s fate was an extremely near him. This is foreshadowing the last battle, the final conflict in our epic poem.

Let"s check out the part where beo wolf is reminiscing, or thinking around the job of his youth.

"Beowulf"s Reminiscences"

Beowulf is boasting about his fearless ways of his youth. Remember, brave warriors and also kings space expected to boast, therefore he was no being conceited. Ago then, Beowulf had youth top top his side. He won countless battles and was bonus well. Still, in his enlarge age, beowulf is seeking the end the enemy. That expects to die a hero for what the has accomplished in his life. That isn"t sure if he will certainly win this fight or not, yet he will die trying for his people.

Read the next part of the fight where Wiglaf fights with Beowulf for the an initial time.

"Wiglaf the Trusty"

This battle is Wiglaf"s an initial battle under Beowulf. Wiglaf is pleading to the other warriors to stay and also fight since their lord, Beowulf, needs them. He tells the others that he would rather die 보다 go house without his leader. As he is talking, "The dragon came raging." beowulf strikes the dragon through his sword but, ""Twas refuse him that edges the irons to be able/To help in the battle." His sword failed him. The dragon then strikes Beowulf, "seized top top his neck/With teeth that to be bitter." He was dealt a fatal punch at this point.

Now read about Beowulf"s final moments.

"The deadly Struggle"

Wiglaf is the only one of Beowulf"s men to stick by his side. In and out that consciousness, beowulf helps Wiglaf hit this fire-breathing dragon with courage and bravery. Beo wolf gets the end his knife and also cuts the dragon. Just how do you think you would have reacted in this form of situation? have actually you ever heard of fight or flight? This is in reality a physiological reaction the happens as soon as we space in a attention situation.

In the end when beo wolf was suffering, his soldiers were not by his side. Wiglaf was the just one to continue to be by his side.

Look in ~ what Beowulf claims in the complying with lines:

I braved in mine youth-days battles unnumbered; quiet am i willing the battle to watch for, Fame-deeds perform, folk-warden prudent, If the hateful despoiler soon from his cavern Seeketh me out!

Even despite he is older, he still desires to be the hero. Beowulf has so many human being who look up to him due to the fact that of his bravery. But is the bravery?

Beowulf asks Wiglaf come go gain the dragon"s endowment so the he can see it. He wished he had actually a child to provide it to. Carry out you think the should provide it to Wiglaf because he was the only warrior to help him?

"The bold-mooded troop-lord took from his neck then The ring the was golden, offered to his liegeman, The youthful war-hero, his gold-flashing helmet, His collar and also war-mail, bade him well to gain them: "Thou art recent left the the line of ours kindred, of Waegmunding people: monster hath offcarried all of my kinsmen to the Creator"s glory, Earls in your vigor: i shall after lock fare.""

Beowulf didn"t provide Wiglaf all the treasure, however he did provide him his golden ring, his helmet, and also his chain mail. These presents are symbolic in gesture. They room saying to Wiglaf the he is following in line to dominance over the people. Psychic that beo wolf doesn"t have a son, so there is no one following in line. Also, a king rewards his liegemen with presents for your bravery. His kingdom would be the can be fried gift.

Beowulf"s last inquiry was to be remembered for his epic bravery, fearlessness, and also gallantry. Wiglaf commands his world to build a funeral pyre in Beowulf"s honor. The jewels from the dragon"s hoard are hidden with him.

The men mourn for your king and sing praises to his name. The final passage of beo wolf shows how much they admired their king.

"So lamented mourning the men of the Geats, Fond-loving vassals, the fall of your lord, gaianation.netd he was kindest of majesties under heaven, Gentlest the men, many winning of manner, Friendliest to folk-troops and fondest of honor."

In respect of the King of the Geats, the men build a pyre because that Beowulf. Walk to exploration Education to watch a video clip about "Beowulf"s Death."

Beowulf"s Death

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What is important to Beowulf as well as his society? What encourages our hero? If you guessed the desire to acquire recognition in this life and the next, you to be right. Fame and fortune drove beo wolf to commit heroic deeds that he probably wasn"t able come accomplish.

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If you perfect noble and also warrior-like tasks, then you were compensated v rich goods: swords, cups, coins, rings, and chain mail. The king is guardian of the treasure, for this reason he would certainly reward his guys with gifts. Think around the fight with the dragon. Did all of the males deserve gifts?

Revisit her 1.07 Beowulf and also the Dragon Discussion. Comment on your predictions; then discuss two various other peer"s discussions.