The 2 cats and a monkey story is quite hilarious if you look in ~ it. However when you look deeper, the is not just a story, but it teaches friend a lot about sharing, arguing, make peace and also wisdom.

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In oriental storytelling, this is one of the most renowned bedtime stories that teach children particular moral concepts. If you have actually never heard that it, well, right here is just how the story goes.

The 2 cats & a Monkey Story (Summary)

In the pet kingdom, they had actually just finished a festival, and two cats were prowling around the ar when they i found it a cake simply lying ~ above the ground. As both do the efforts to get the cake, one got to out and missed it while the various other picked it up.

The one who missed said to the various other “give me the cake. The mine, I experienced it first.”

The second cat replied, batting away various other cat’s paws. “Take her hands away. I picked it increase first; therefore, the is mine.”

They maintained arguing, going back and soon without reaching an amicable decision amongst themselves.

Meanwhile, a monkey that was passing by had been listening come them. It believed to itself, “These two cats have to be foolish due to the fact that while they argue about this cake, ns starve. Probably I should take advantage of this moment.


The monkey involved them and said: “There is no have to fight and also argue, how around I resolve this by helping you re-superstructure the cake equally.” The 2 cats looked at every other and agreed to hand over the cake to the monkey.

The monkey then broke the cake into two pieces, but they seemed unequal. It climate said, “Oh my, I reduced the cake equally; however, this piece seems bigger than the other. Why don’t i take a bite out of the bigger piece to do it same to the other?” The cat agreed, and also he take it a bite.

The monkey then stated again, “Oh no, currently the other piece is bigger than the various other piece I little bit from, I should take a bite indigenous this one to do them equal.” On and also on the monkey went till it perfect the cake.

The 2 cats were angry and also disappointed.

The Themes in this two Cats & A Monkey Story

This story of two cats and also a monkey explores number of themes. Back you may be wondering, this is a brief story, how deserve to you even draw out but much more than one subject. As you read this, you will certainly see past the story

The innate Selfishness in the person heart

Comparing the monkey and also cats come humans, we deserve to see the intrinsic selfishness fuel the sense of individualism in humankind. Everyone is always looking the end for your advantage over that of the community. Yet we would certainly all be much better if we overcame the primal desire to cover our hides first.

The futility that arguments

Arguing and also quarreling never lug productive results. Consequently, we view that the monkey had the ability to take advantage of their lack of unity, in order to tricking them. Native the 2 cates and a monkey story, we can see that when people argue and also fight, some other an individual gains.

Third-party wisdom and problem-solving

When problem arises, occasionally the best method to resolve once both parties can fix it themselves is come invite a 3rd party. The invited party need to be given the full fact of the case and be unbiased. However, we need to be suspiciously of external 3rd parties who try to interfere in human being unsolicited.

Sharing together a tool for peace-making

Sometimes, friend would acquire a far better advantage and also avoid conflict by sharing. A small kindness walk a long way to developing culture and the spirit of togetherness. When the monkey illustrated to shot to resolve the difficulty by sharing, there was peace. Although it to be short-lived because they discovered out the monkey was only tricking them.

The innate entitlement mentality that humanity

Humans have the desire constantly to lay case to points we never operated for just because we think we have actually a right to it. One cat arguable uncovered the cake first, yet the fact that they discovered it after a festival supposed for the animal kingdom mirrors it was more than likely originally for the entirety nation.

The ethical of the story

The monkey and cat story teach children about the futility the arguing. No that you do not do it fight because that what is genuinely yours yet that no one have to lay insurance claim to points they didn’t create themselves. Saying can be valuable in some instances too. The two cats stumbled ~ above the cake. None had anything to execute with make the cake. Yet they both feel they had actually a ideal to the whole cake.

All things would have actually gone much better if the 2 cats had agreed to share the cake, yet each want to insurance claim an exclusive best to the cake. The monkey taking benefit of their weakness tricked them right into eating the totality cake.

The story teaches that you can’t wholly trust strangers who case to help. World are naturally selfish and constantly looking for a way to exploit unsuspecting and also gullible people. When conflict arises, always shot to find a compromise v the various other party without having actually to game a third party.

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After reading, if girlfriend are trying to find the perfect bedtime story to help teach your children around sharing? over there you have it. Tuck lock in bed, dim the lights, review them this story and make certain to emphasize the lessons to learn. Don’t forget to kiss them dignity and also hope they become much better people.