Which of the following will exert a pressure on a stationary charge?
A continuous electric field
The metric unit for present isAmpere
In a resistor, current isInversely proportional to resistance
Transformers have the right to be supplied to change the currents and voltages inAlternating current circuits.

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In a battery circuit with various resistors in parallel, theVoltage is the same throughout each resistor.
Two charges are separated by one meter and exert a force of 1N on every other. If the charges are driven to a separation of 0.25m, the pressure on each charge will be16N
If a complete charge that 10 C passes through a cable in 5 s, what is the existing in the wire?2 A.
Ohm’s law provides a relationship betweenCurrent and also voltage
The electric agency charges a residence on the basis of consumption ofEnergy
An AC voltage can be enhanced or reduced with aTransformer
Voltage is a measure ofElectric potential ar strength
Stationary fees can produce magnetic fields.False
Every proton in the cosmos is surrounding by that is ownall the the above
A ferromagnetic product becomes demagnetized over the _______ temperature.Curie
A generator is a maker that convertsMechanical energy into electric energy
Magnetism results fromthe activity of electric charge.
The metal detectors that world walk through at airports operate viaFaraday’s law
If the distance between two charges is diminished by a factor of three, what result will this have actually on the electrostatic force between the charges?It will increase by a factor of 9.
The unit the resistance is dubbed a(n)Ohm
One ampere times one second is a unit ofCharge
Electric fee is measured in systems ofCoulombs
In a metal conductor, what moves?Electrons
Household circuits space wired in (Choose the correct answer below) in stimulate to protect against drops in voltage as other devices are rotate on.Parallel
The voltage throughout the input terminals the a transformer is 110V. The primary has 50 loops and also the second has 25 loops. The calculation voltage the the transformer is55V
A device of an electron, a proton and also a neutron has a net fee of (Remember the “^” means the following number is an exponent.)Zero
An electrical motor convertsElectrical energy into mechanical energy
An iron pond is much more strongly attractive tonorth or south, no matter
If the voltage throughout a resistor is doubled, the current willBe doubled
Compared come a neutral particle, a an adverse ion hasA excess of electrons
The earth magnetic phibìc pole lies nearThe Earth’s geographic south pole
The earth magnetic fieldIs believed to arise native currents in the earth’s core
Stretch a copper wire so the it is thinner and also the resistance in between its endsIncreases
The electrical power dissipated in an appliance relies onall of the above
In the context of navigation, the hatchet “declination” refers to the reality thatThe magnetic poles that the planet are offset from the geographic North and also South poles The southern pole the the Earth's magnetic fields is situated at the Earth's geographic north pole
In a battery circuit with different resistors in parallel, theVoltage is the same across each resistor
The energy of an electron in the floor state that hydrogen is -13.6eV. The energy of the next greater state is-3.4eV
Which chemist very first used the theory of atom to describe how atoms integrate to type molecules?Dalton
In Robert Mulliken’s oil fall experiment, that measured the fee of the electron through balancing i beg your pardon two pressures acting on the oil drops?Electrostatic forces and gravity
J.J. Thomson uncovered that cathode light ray were really a stream ofElectrons
If you want to discover the number of neutrons in a given element, girlfriend wouldSubtract the atom number from the fixed number
Electrons are around 2000 times more massive than protons.False
Elements in tower IIA the the periodic table are referred to as theAlkaline earth metals
Protons are around 2000 times an ext massive 보다 neutrons.False
The maximum variety of electrons that can have the principle quantum number n=2 in a provided atom is8
Isotopes the an facet are atoms the haveThe same number of protons yet a different number of neutrons
How many quantum number are needed to clues the state of one atom in the Schroedinger theory?4
Atoms in an incandescence gasEmit properties frequencies that light
Protons and neutrons are believed to be composes of smaller sized particles called quarks.True
The atomic weight of potassium is 39.1. From this, one might correctly conclude thatthere is a little percentage of potassium atom with more than 20 neutrons.
Robert Mullikan measuredThe electron charge
Fill in the empty in this collection of letter signifying the angular inert quantum number of one atom: “s, p, ?_?, f, g, …”d
In which pillar of the regular table are the halogens located?VIIA
Why did timeless physics predict that atoms can not exist?Orbiting electrons emit radiation and spiral into the nucleus
Valence electron areThe outermost electrons, those that get involved in chemical reactions
When one electron moves from one quantum state to an additional it deserve to absorb or emit any amount the energy.False
Identify the variety of protons, neutrons and also electrons in one atom that 19/9 F9 protons, 10 neutrons and also 9 electrons
Rutherford concluded from his alpha bit on gold foil experiments that the volume of an atomIs mostly empty space
Photon emission from an atom occurs once an electron go fromA greater energy quantum state to a lower energy quantum state
How numerous electrons are in the valence covering of chlorine?7
The theory that matter, favor light, deserve to exhibit wave-like behavior wasVerified with Young’s two-slit experiment
Elements in the same tower of the regular table exhibit comparable chemical reactions.True
Elements in the same row of the regular table exhibit similar chemical reactions.

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Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle says that you cannot simultaneously recognize the momentum and position of an electron exactly.True
Atoms of an element with the same chemical properties yet different masses are calledIsotopes
The atomic variety of an facet is the complete number ofProtons
According come the quantum mechanical version of the atom, electron exist inOrbitals
In the Bohr design of the hydrogen atom, how plenty of quantum number are provided to point out the quantum state? 1