According to the 1763 treaty of Paris, the French were expelled from north America. By this time, the world of the British colonies in north America had occurred a relationship with the British parliament which appeared satisfactory to both. That connection included:

1. An understanding of imperial control relative to colonial self-government.

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2. A working relationship which faced the rule of houses of parliament authority and colonial liberties.

3. A recognition by the colonists that King and also Parliament had exclusive government over foreign affairs, battle & peace and also overseas trade.

In effect, the colonists within every of the thirteen north American British nests had obtained Home ascendancy which consisted of the exclusive appropriate of their freely chosen representative Assemblies to:

1. Tax themselves.

2. Appoint many of their very own officials, settle their salaries, maintain early american militias and also commission early american militia officers.

3. Choose & salary judges.

The homesteaders residing in all thirteen of these British colonies enjoyed:

1. Freedom of the press, speech & assembly.

2. Liberty of worship.

3. Attempt by a jury of your peers.

4. Exemption from impressiment into military service.

5. Protection from search/seizure of your property except by legally acquired search warrant/court order.

6. Experienced trades/professions the were open to all.

7. The right to vote.

8. Accessibility to the cheap soil of the West.

9. The appropriate to keep and bear arms.

With the elimination of the French, the colonists of the thirteen British swarms expected to proceed the nature and also elements of the relationship they had took pleasure in with the King and the Parliament before 1763.

That expectation would easily be dashed.

In the next newsletter, i will explain the nature that the post-French 1763 early american program devised through British element Minister Grenville’s government.


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