Bernardo relieves Francisco of safety duty.Marcellus speak Bernardo the Horatio go not believe their story about the apparitions.The Ghost that Hamlet’s dad appears, however stalks away once Horatio regulates it to speak.Marcellus asks Horatio why such a strictly nightly watch has been set at Elsinore.Horatio defines that Fortinbras has actually raised an unlawful military to avenge his father’s death.

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What have you learned about young Fortinbras’s personality, also though you have actually not yet met him?

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The Ghost silently signals Hamlet to follow it.The Ghost reveals to Hamlet that it is the soul of Hamlet’s father.The Ghost reveals the he is doomed, because that a details time, to rapid in fires till he is purged of sin.The Ghost reveals the Claudius killed King Hamlet.Hamlet gives a strange solution to Horatio and also Marcellus’s questions.Horatio says, “These are but wild and whirling words, my lord.”The Ghost, native under the stage, urges Horatio and Marcellus to swear secrecy.

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Hamlet speak Horatio and also Marcellus that he may later think it important to act together though he to be insane.Horatio and also Marcellus oath to store Hamlet’s 2 secrets: the meeting with the Ghost and Hamlet’s “madness.”
Hamlet learns the Claudius take it his father’s life, wife, and also throne. According to the last three lines that the scene, Hamlet is happy for the opportunity to avenge his father’s death.
Polonius believes Hamlet has actually gone mad because Ophelia no longer returns his love. Relying top top what girlfriend learned in action I, choose other feasible reasons for Hamlet’s weird appearance and also behavior in step 2 of act II.
Hamlet has actually said the he might at time pretend to it is in mad.His uncertainties about his mother’s loyalties makes him test Ophelia’s as well.
What is the specific news the Voltemand and Cornelius carry to Claudius?
The King that Norway has ordered Fortinbras to straight his attention towards the Poles
Choose every the problems that are current in the beat by the finish of act II.
between Hamlet and Claudiusbetween Hamlet and also himselfbetween Hamlet and Gertrudebetween Denmark and Norwaybetween Hamlet and Ophelia
Arrange the events below in chronological order.
Rosencrantz and also Guildenstern phone call Claudius that they still execute not recognize the cause of Hamlet’s behavior.Claudius and Polonius hide themselves and listen in ~ above Hamlet’s conversation through Ophelia.Claudius decides the Hamlet’s wildly is not brought about by neglected love and also that he is dangerous.Polonius suggests that he will certainly hide and also listen as the Queen talks with Hamlet.
Arrange the events below in chronological order.
Hamlet tells Horatio to clock Claudius during the play.The players current a “dumb play” in which a king is poisoned and also his wife is won by the murderer.The players carry out the play up to the poisoning scene.Claudius cries the end “Give me light” and leaves.Polonius comes to tell Hamlet that his mommy wants to view him.
Arrange the events below in chronological order.
Claudius speak Rosencrantz and also Guildenstern to take it Hamlet come England.Polonius reports the Hamlet has actually gone to watch Gertrude.Polonius will certainly eavesdrop ~ above the conversation in between Hamlet and Gertrude.Alone, Claudius tries come pray.Hamlet passes up his possibility to death Claudius.
Arrange the events below in chronological order.
Claudius learn of Polonius’s death.Claudius sends Rosencrantz and also Guildenstern to discover Hamlet and also calls a council meeting.Hamlet will not call Rosencrantz and Guildenstern where he has actually put Polonius’s body.Claudius’s soliloquy reveals that orders have actually been called for Hamlet come be eliminated as soon as he come in England.Fortinbras and also his army pass v Denmark on their method to Poland.
Arrange the events listed below in chronological order.
Gertrude watch Ophelia in she madness for the an initial time.Claudius look at Ophelia in she madness because that the first time.Laertes look at Ophelia in her madness because that the very first time.Claudius bring away Laertes aside come explain around Polonius’s death and burial.
Arrange the events listed below in chronological order.
Horatio obtain a letter from Hamlet.Claudius receive a message from Hamlet saying the Hamlet will view him tomorrow.Laertes and Claudius do plans because that Hamlet’s death.Gertrude speak Claudius and Laertes the Ophelia has drowned herself.

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