It"s to be 28 years due to the fact that the release of the 1993 baseball movie "The Sandlot," an indelible classic around a group of young boys through a one-of-a-kind friendship. And just a little more than a year after ~ "The Sandlot" debuted, there came another release which celebrated the all-important friendship of a ragtag team of boys: that film is The little Rascals, a 1994 comedy about friends who struggle to resolve one that them having their first crush.

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The film to be beloved because that its charming and also eclectic actors of characters, boys (and one girl) approximately the ages of four through nine, who all had their own distinct personalities and also memorable parts. Even Butch (Sam Saletta), one of the local bullies that spends the whole time bring about trouble because that the titular group of friends, to be loveable in his own right.

Sporting the trademark bad boy look at of a leather jacket, backwards cap, and oversized pants and shirt — and, that course, attach by a partner-in-crime — Butch preserved trying come beat up command protagonist Alfalfa (Bug Hall). Butch and also his accomplice, Woim (Blake Jeremy Collins), steal a go-kart from Alfalfa and his friends, to usage for themselves in a local go-kart derby. The friends develop a brand-new vehicle, though, and also Alfalfa win Butch and Woim in the race. As soon as they try to beat him up in retaliation, he lastly stands up for himself, landing a beat on Butch to insurance claim victory end the bullies, once and for all.

So walk the fate of Butch... Yet what happened to the actor that played him, Sam Saletta? Well, with it being practically thirty years because The small Rascals, it"s no surprise that he"s get an impression up rather a bit.

Butch in "The small Rascals" to be Sam Saletta"s 3rd role: previously, he"d showed up in one episode each that "ABC Afterschool Specials" and "Missing Persons." after ~ "The small Rascals," he continued acting because that a while. Amongst his miscellaneous roles to be a two-episode arc in "Beverly Hills, 90210" in 1997. Then, native 1997 through 2001, he appeared in six episodes that "7th Heaven," play George Camden, one orphan who"s bring away in through the Camden family patriarch, Colonel man Camden. While playing this role, Saletta continued wearing the long, curly-haired mullet that he had actually in "The Little Rascals."

That"s effectively the last time Saletta appeared onscreen — v or without his long locks — as with the exemption of a bit component in an episode of "ER" in 2003, the remainder of his exhilaration career has connected voice work. However, Saletta tho flexes his creative muscles — just in a different kind now.

YouTube/Sam Saletta
Sam Saletta is all around music this days. Instead of lengthy curly locks, his older self appears to favor quick hair and also a five o"clock shadow. As he to write in his Twitter bio, the is now an "LA Based Singer/Songwriter and also music professional." He also has a website to encourage his music, which includes an EP, simply referred to as "The Sam Saletta EP."

According come blog write-ups on Saletta"s website, Saletta released an Indiegogo project in October of 2014 to assist fund his first album. Less than 3 months later, that announced his fundraising goal had been reached, and said that would begin recording. He posted an upgrade in September the 2016 — a video of him record a song. In the video, he reflects off not only that he have the right to sing, but likewise that he deserve to play keyboard. In beforehand 2017, the announced his album would be finished and released that spring. A link to acquisition the album turn off Amazon appears broken, but Saletta"s EP became accessible on Soundcloud in April 2018.

YouTube/Sam Saletta
When he"s not making music, Sam Saletta has likewise lent his voice to various other projects. End the years, that has had actually recurring voice duties in the Canadian animated children show "The children from Room 402" and the Nickelodeon animated present "Rocket Power," amongst other projects. He has also detailed voicework because that two video games, 2003"s "Fatal structure II: Crimson Butterfly," and also 2010"s "Call that Duty: black Ops." follow to Saletta"s website, he likewise lent his voice come a California-wide commercial cultivating the affordable California ar College initiative, v the financial help website "I have the right to Afford"

That said, Saletta"s society media and also music website have been fairly inactive in recent years, therefore while his enthusiasm for music is clear, it"s unknown if he"s been functioning on a brand-new release. He certainly has built a pretty superior music portfolio: as detailed on his site, he learned jazz vocals in ~ the USC Thornton college of Music, whereby he learned come play keyboard, and in his late teens, that made it come the top 40 the "American Idol." as of a couple of years ago, he was making a living by playing music for films and also live shows.

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Saletta"s site additionally suggests the he"d quite make part distance from his Butch days, as the end of his bio states: "Sam has been told the he to be a kid actor once, though he doesn"t psychic much about it..."

Well, he might not remember acting, and also he might be concentrated on music now, however to most people, his boy star days will constantly be fondly remembered.