Representation the a fraction is debated here. In a straightforward fraction, over there is a horizontal line. Above this line we compose a number which is called the numerator.

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Below this line us write another number i beg your pardon is called the denominator.As, (frac57)     →    (frac extrmNumerator extrmDenominator)

In a fraction, there room two numbers. One number is written above a horizontal line (i.e., 5) and also the various other is written listed below it (i.e., 7). The top component is dubbed the numerator and the bottom component is called the denominator. The horizontal line in between both the number is referred to as the portion bar.

Actually, a portion can be expressed only as soon as we recognize two facts.

(i) Total number of equal parts, a entirety is separated into. This is the denominator.

(ii) Total number of equal components of the whole being considered. This is the numerator.

For example, 4/7 way that the totality is divided into 7equal parts. 4 components of the very same is considered. Here, 4 is the numerator and also 7is the denominator.


2/5 is a fraction. 2 is the numerator and also 5 is thedenominator. The numbers choose ½, 1/3, 2/3, ¼, ¾ are called the fractionalnumbers.

Again, 5/6 is a fraction, us say the as 5 upon six.Similarly, 7/8, 4/12. 15/10, 326/429, etc., are fractions. A portion means a part of a number.


A spring number is created with a whole and also its component orparts.

Questions and also Answers on Representation that a Fraction:

1. Write the provided fractions in words. One is done because that you.

(i) (frac25)          : two-fifth

(ii) (frac13)         : __________

(iii) (frac34)        : __________

(iv) (frac512)      : __________

(v) (frac38)         : __________


(ii) One-third

(iii) Three-fourth

(iv) Five-twelveth

(v) Three-eightth

2. Provide the portion number because that the given fractional names. One is done because that you.

(i) Four-ninths                 : (frac49)

(ii) One-eighths               : __________

(iii) One-fourths              : __________

(iv) Six-thirteenths          : __________

(v) Five-elevenths           : __________


(ii) (frac18)

(iii) (frac14)

(iv) (frac613)

(v) (frac512)

3. Create the portion for the given. One has actually been done for you.

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(i) numerator = 7; Denominator = 9 → Fraction      = (frac79)

(ii) Denominator = 8; molecule = 3 → Fraction     = __________

(iii) numerator = 10; Denominator = 11 → Fraction = __________

(iv) molecule = 8; Denominator = 15 → Fraction   = __________

(v) Denominator = 15; numerator = 11 → Fraction  = __________


(ii) (frac38)

(iii) (frac1011)

(iv) (frac8158)

(v) (frac1115)

4. Identity the Numerator and denominator in the offered fractions.

(i) (frac16)      → Numerator = ______; Denominator = ______

(ii) (frac37)     → Numerator = ______; Denominator = ______

(iii) (frac1217) → Numerator = ______; Denominator = ______

(iv) (frac913)   → Numerator = ______; Denominator = ______