Here room the codes for the JUMBO global remote. If you cannot discover your exactly TV code, usage the various other pages we have on our website. The 3 digit codes, the 4 digit codes, and also the 5 digit codes.

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Innovage Jumbo remote Control
When utilizing the remote password below, girlfriend will have to program the far to use with your TV. Find details for just how to routine your far to work-related with your TV below…ADMIRAL TV CODES = 001,173AIWA TV CODES = 195,196AKAI TV CODES = 002AOC TV CODES = 009,014,132,156,175APEX TV CODES = 214AUDIOVOX TV CODES = 053CITIZEN TV CODES = 009,042,053,058,105,109,177CRAIG TV CODES = 042,053DAEWOO TV CODES = 018,019,042,058,082,085,097,100,126,127,130,138EMERSON TV CODES = 035,036,037,038,039,040,041,042,043,045,049,051,053FUJITSU TV CODES = 051,197FUNAI TV CODES = 042,051,053,155,189,198GE TV CODES = 015,022,031,044,052,054,055,087,092,103,107,125,164HITACHI TV CODES = 001,004,009,013,059,060,061,088,091,137,139,140,141,142,143,144HAIER TV CODES = 216,217JENSEN TV CODES = 004,009JVC TV CODES = 013,054,055,060,065,067,089LG TV CODES = 044,005,009,056,057,155,156,172MAGNAVOX TV CODES = 004,008,009,062,068,069,074,075,077,089MEMOREX TV CODES = 000,001,004,009,049,051,135MITSUBISHI TV CODES = 004,005,009,022,051,081,089,132,180NEC TV CODES = 003,004,005,009,010,085,089,095PANASONIC TV CODES = 003,051,055,062,070,148,170,171PHILIPS TV CODES = 062,068,069,074,075,077,086,087,089,163,183PIONEER TV CODES = 004,009,090,179,185PROSCAN TV CODES = 000,015,031,107QUASAR TV CODES = 003,054,055,062,070,148,170,171RCA TV CODES = 007,009,011,015,048,082,092,094,096,098,101,102,103,107,113SAMSUNG TV CODES = 004,005,009,015,104,105,106,109,172SANSUI TV CODES = 135,136SANYO TV CODES = 004,013,049,108,110,180,209SHARP TV CODES = 004,009,079,095,111,112,114,122,123,124,173SONY TV CODES = 002,006,071,128SYLVANIA TV CODES = 004,008,009,062,068,069,074,075,077,155,161,163,189,198TOSHIBA TV CODES = 013,049,089,105,109,117,118,120,159,178ZENITH TV CODES = 000,001,004,023,038,058,059,064,073,121,135,136To routine a universal or TV remote control: view the links below and also find the brand and model of her remote control. Friend can additionally check the remote programming instructions included in the packaging of your remote or uncover a YouTube video clip for your particular model number remote.
How to program a particular remote control: including Satellite, Cable, TV, and Universal remotes – COX remote, ONE FOR every remote, DIRECTV remote, CHUNGHOP remote, JUMBO remote, GT procession remote, janice remote, Vizio remote, RCA remote, Comcast remote, food remote, Samsung remote, Mitsubishi remote, SONY remote, Philips remote, On-Q home Systems remote, GE remote, and also the UR5U-8780 remote.Jump to the MOST typical UNIVERSAL far CODES for TV here: The most typical 2, 3, 4, and also 5 digit global TV far codes can be found on the complying with pages: 2 number TV far codes, 3 number TV far codes, 4 number TV remote codes, and 5 digit TV remote codes.

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PLEASE help US and also ALL THE READERS If girlfriend have found a remote code that works with your JUMBO REMOTE, please use the comment type below and tell us and all our reader which far code operated for i beg your pardon device. Your aid will be much appreciated!Jumbo universal Remote code search for deviceAre we absent a password or do you have a question? Please leaving a comment below.