A main angle is an angle v its vertex in ~ the facility of a circle, through its political parties containing two radii the the circle.


In the number above, ∠ p Z Q , ∠ Q Z R , and ∠ R Z ns are main angles.

amount of main Angles: The amount of the steps of the central angles of a circle v no points in typical is 360 ° .

for example, in the figure above,

m ∠ ns Z R + m ∠ R Z Q + m ∠ Q Z p = 360 ° .


discover the value of x .


The sum of the steps of the central angles the a circle through no inner points in typical is 360 ° .So,

m ∠ M O N + m ∠ N O ns + m ∠ ns O M = 360 ° 50 ° + 90 ° + x = 360 °


140 ° + x = 360 °

Subtract 140 ° from each side.

x = 220 °

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