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Which of the adhering to is correct and also why:

1 - There to be 2,223 people aboard RMS Titanic

2 - There was 2,223 human being aboard RMS Titanic


1- "There were plural people," since you speak "plural people WERE there."

Otherwise, "There to be one person," because you say "one human being WAS there."


There has constantly been this misunderstanding in the minds of world when lock are building a sentence even if it is to usage was or to be in a certain sentence.Now, the answer to it is pretty basic and you need to keep this little thing in your mind that-

"In a certain sentence, what space you referring to?"

If you space referring to a singular entity then you need to use was in it, however if you room referring come multiple/ plural entities then you have to use were in it.

Let"s take an example which will help you come understand more clearly:

Q.) exactly how many people attended the meeting?

Ans 1: the was simply Sam who was existing at the meeting.(In this sentence, sam is a single entity for this reason we usage was.)

Ans 2: there were all the team members that attended the meeting.(In this sentence, every team members are plural entity so we usage was.)

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