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not a door. Paramount pictures

The guy wants to shot anyway, and also Jack speak him he"ll die even quicker if the comes any kind of closer.

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Irish news outlet the everyday Edge dug even deeper and also found even far better evidence that it isn"t a door. It turns out the if you walk to the naval Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, Nova Scotia, you can view the biggest fragment that debris recovered indigenous the real Titanic.

The item is a really familiar-looking little bit of intricately sculpted wood bring away from simply over the door come the first-class lounge top top the ship. In other words, that wasn"t a door at all — that was timber paneling above the door.

BuzzFeed described it as "a doorframe," but it"s an ext specifically the top of the doorframe.


lock both would have actually sank anyway. 20th Century Fox

Teak would have been far too heavy, follow to Physics Central, and would practically have sunk under its very own weight — let alone including Rose or both Rose and also Jack on peak of it.

Pine can have allowed the two to both survive long enough for rescue. However, due to the method the panel flipped as soon as Jack tried to grab the after increased was clinging on, the wood was most likely oak.

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Unfortunately, the dimension of the oak debris coupled v the load of a sodden and also hypothermic rose on top might work, but not if you included Jack"s added weight come it. Since the maritime Museum confirmed that the original wood paneling was without doubt oak, this solution provides the many sense.

Sorry, Jack and Rose shippers, yet your ship is officially sunk.


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