Throughout Taylor Swift"s career she has frequently harkened back to nostalgic imagery in she music. In 2019, following an unsuccessful battle for she masters, Swift announced that she would be re-recording "albums 1 v 5 all over again" (via Good Morning America). Front of the release of the first re-recorded album, Fearless (Taylor"s Version), Swift tweeted out: "I"m counting under the minute til we have the right to all jump right into this brave civilization together, filled through equal parts nostalgia and also brand newness."

"Today to be a Fairytale" was among the update tracks the was featured ~ above the album. Swifties remember the cut from very first appearing on the Valentine"s Day soundtrack. The tune climbed the charts and also was a Billboard No.1 in February 2010. In the movie Valentine"s Day, Swift played Felicia Miller, a love-sick high school student. Before singing, acting was originally the performer"s an initial passion. 

"After a couple of years the auditioning in brand-new York and not gaining anything, I began writing songs," she admitted to in April 2012. Swift had actually recorded "Today was a Fairytale" prior to she was even attached to the movie, however she had trouble recognize the right project to encompass it on. "I reached ago into my pocket and thought, "I think this is perfect for the soundtrack,"" she called The Tennessean in January 2010.

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Emma Roberts recalled to MTV exactly how she witnessed Swift repetitively locking lips through Taylor Lautner on-camera for the film. Kissing likewise happened come be among the integral themes of the song.

Upon the relax of "Today to be A Fairytale," Billboard wrote, "The lyrics space driven an ext by sweeping emotion than by the kind of specific, youth-focused imagery found in Swift"s ... Singles "Fifteen" and "You Belong v Me." The song centers around Taylor Swift falling for a male who has everyday-Prince Charming qualities.

"Today was a fairy tales / You to be the prince / I offered to be a damsel in distress," the artist sings at the start of the track. "I am completely fascinated by the differences and comparisons between real life and also fairy tales," Swift stated in a 2008 interview with CMT. The popular music star revealed that many young girls think castle will find a prince. "But there"s still that main point of us that believes that it"s true and that if you discover the best person, you can have the love story and it can work out," she added.

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"Today to be A Fairytale" is all around getting brushed up up in the fantasy-like emotion of brand-new love. "But have the right to you feel this magic in the air? / that must have actually been the method you kissed me," Swift repeats throughout the hit song. In enhancement to being intrigued through fairy tales, the singer called CMT she is "fascinated by the theme of love and also kissing." Swift elaborated top top how amazing she uncovered it the singing around kissing can have different implications. 

"It"s funny how you can cite one thing, choose kissing, and have the be fully different in every song," she told the outlet. This tune is around the "magic" of a kiss.