Legendary actor Tom Selleck is no stranger to certification in crime dramas. After all, the army Veteran acquired his big break in Hollywood certification as thomas Magnum in the beloved series Magnum P.I.

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i beg your pardon ran from 1980 come 1988. However, younger fans will probably know him indigenous his duty as the dapper Richard Burke, Monica’s older beau ~ above Friends — and certainly together NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan top top the acclaimed CBS crime drama, Blue Bloods.

For nearly a te we’ve watched Selleck’s character attend to family drama, public scrutiny, and also the misdeeds of the new York City Police department. While many police dramas room straightforward and also only attend to the trails and also tribulations the the job, Frank’s high rank and also the fact that he comes from a multigenerational family members of cops method that the Reagans’ personal and skilled lives are regularly intertwined.


Tom Selleck At movie Premiere the Monte Walsh | Vince Bucci/Getty Images

A lover role

Beloved duties are once in a lifetime, and also Selleck has been able come snag two. While he was sexy and also quirky as exclusive investigator, thomas Magnum on Magnum P.I., his duty as candid Reagen is something rather entirely. ~ above Blue Bloods, Selleck embodies the no-nonsense patriarch who served in the united States maritime Corps during the Vietnam War and also has tiny patience for the drama the politics.

Though he regularly seems stern, no wanting come play favorite or react emotionally come horrific events, it’s been clear since Season 1 the Blue Bloods how much candid loves and respects both his family and his job. End the past nine seasons, we’ve gained the chance to clock Frank in action, recalling the atrocities the Sept. 11 and also the current instances that the must challenge head-on. However, we’ve additionally seen his softer next at the beloved Reagen household dinners.

The duty has to be thrilling because that the actor, who has actually been able come represent law enforcement police officers in a three-dimensional and nuanced way. The legend actor said TV Insider, “The actors, writers, and producers don’t want to make NYPD officers perfect, but I know that a lot of cops think we room presenting a three-dimensional snapshot of that they space in life. Every cops need to salute the police commissioner, and also sometimes I obtain a salute! that’s a large deal.”


Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan and Whoopi Goldberg as Regina cutting board on Blue Bloods | CBS

Tom Selleck’s Blue Bloods salary and net worth

According to Celebrity network Worth, Tom Selleck is worth $45 million. Since he’s functioned tirelessly in the entertainment market for practically four decades, us aren’t surprised in the least. In fact, for starring in the role of frank Reagen, Selleck brings house a paycheck that $200,000 every episode, which is up from his initial salary of $150,000 every episode.

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Though that’s a pretty superior payout, Selleck to be paid much more during his Mangum P.I. Days. Earlier in the ’80s, the Detroit aboriginal was racking in $500,000 per episode. If friend look at inflation rates, that paycheck would have been precious $1.2 million every episode today. Still, though he isn’t garnering fairly the amount of money that he was back in the day, Selleck’s current paycheck with Blue Bloods is nothing come sneeze at.