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Between 1971 and also 1975, Tommy Lee Jones
portrayed Dr. Mark Toland on the alphabet soap opera "One Life come Live." The actor, renowned for his rugged duties in films like "No country For Old Men" and also "The Fugitive," played a clean-cut medic, v a devious, adulterous and murderous dark side.



After 41 year of scandal, drama and love, abc soap opera "All mine Children" said gaianation.netodbye for gaianation.netod on September 23, 2011. The mainly leading approximately the show"s finale have actually seen past stars returning to Pine sink to reprise their roles alongside series fixtures favor Susan Lucci, pictured below in a dream succession from a 1988 episode, for one last hurrah.

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Who"s returning to "All my Children"s" jaw Valley?


Sarah Michelle Gellar obtained her start in showbiz on "AMC" in 1993 as Erica Kane"s daughter, kendall Hart, however returned to the present Sept. 21, 2011 as a delusional patience at Pine sink Hospital that thinks she"s Erica"s daughter. She cameo marked the first time she"s went back to the show because leaving in 1995, the very same year she took house a Daytime Emmy for her function on the show.

Who"s returning to "All mine Children"s" pine tree Valley?


Carol Burnett claimed her farewell come Pine valley in the show"s Sept. 6, 2011, episode as Verla Grubbs, the exact same character the TV legend originated as soon as she join "AMC" in 1983. Burnett went on to TV greatness but came back to reprise her "AMC" role for one-of-a-kind occasions such together the show"s 25th anniversary in 1995 and the 35th anniversary in 2005.

Who"s return to "All my Children"s" jaw Valley?


"Transformers" and also "Las Vegas" star josh Duhamel came earlier to "AMC" in the show"s Aug. 4 and 5, 2011, episodes. His three-year operation on the show ended in 2002 as soon as his character, Leo du Pres, plunged right into a waterfall. His body to be never uncovered so he was able to return this season come wrap up his partnership with his wife, Greenlee, play by Rebecca Budig before the series" end.

Before They to be Stars


Kelly Ripa and also Mark Conseulos discovered love in ~ "AMC" -- both on set and off. Ripa, currently the co-host the "Live with Regis & Kelly," join "AMC" in 1990 together Hayley Vaughan Santos. Mark joined together Mateo in 1995, Hayley and also Mateo dropped in love, and so did Mark and also Kelly, currently married with three kids. The two were last watched in Pine valley in 2002. Ripa has called herself "sick" end the show"s cancellation.
"AMC" will certainly debut together a web collection produced by digital production agency Prospect Park top top Sept. 26, however some stars, including collection fixture Susan Lucci, ~ above the show because 1970, have, therefore far, decreased to star in the online version. Lucci won the Daytime Emmy because that the impressive Lead Actress in a Drama collection in 1999, after shedding 18 times.
Before she to be famous, "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara operated up a sweat in racy 90s commercial for Bally"s complete Fitness. The star, who was simply 26 in ~ the time, can be viewed working out in the gym, cycle on a stationary bike and then taking part in a run class.
Judith Light, now renowned for her roles on "Who"s the Boss" and "Ugly Betty," very first found reputation after being recast in the role of Karen Wolek top top the abc soap opera "One Life come Live." her character became a prostitute, bored with her life together a housewife married come workaholic Dr. Larry Wolek. In her role as Karen, she entertained local businessmen and also became a "freelance" prostitute, and also then a full-time contact girl because that the pimp and also pornographer Marco Dane (played through Gerald Anthony). Light winner Daytime Emmy Awards in 1980 and also 1981.
Before developing a solid reputation playing tough-talking authority figures, Laurence Fishburne starred ~ above ABC"s "One Life to Live" as adoptee Joshua West hall from 1973-1976, scoring the function at simply 12 years old. Here, Fishburne is watched on the set with gibbs Anthony Ponzini. After ~ his exposure on daytime TV, Fishburne landing a film duty in the 1975 flick "Cornbread, Earl and also Me." in ~ 14 he was currently working with renowned director Francis Ford Coppola in the 1979 movie "Apocalypse Now." because then Fishburne"s career has been a string of successes, including a lead function in the 1991 fight "Boyz N the Hood" and numerous Broadway performances.
Many years before the drama that Wisteria Lane, "Desperate Housewives" star Marcia Cross was playing Kate Sanders. Her function on "One Life come Live" lasted from 1986 to 1987. Here, she and her TV husband-to-be, played by man Loprieno, had actually only just tied the knot when his so late wife, a character named Tina, stunned the wedding guest holding a child she declared was his. When the marital relationship was declared invalid, Cross" character left town.
Ricky Martin has been "livin" la vida loca" ever since gaining an international attention together a singer in the Latin young band, Menudo. With his chiseled gaianation.netod looks, the multi-talented young name was conveniently ushered onto soap operas, first in Mexico, climate in the united States. The starred on ABC"s "General Hospital" together Miguel Morez from 1994 come 1995. Martin at some point returned to the music industry and went on to win plenty of awards including Grammy and also Latin Grammy awards, a world Music Award and also an American Music Award.

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Between 1971 and also 1975, Tommy Lee Jones portrayed Dr. Mark Toland ~ above the alphabet soap opera "One Life come Live." The actor, famous for his rugged duties in movies like "No nation For Old Men" and also "The Fugitive," played a clean-cut medic, with a devious, adulterous and murderous dark side.
John Stamos started his exhilaration career with a role on ABC"s "General Hospital" together Blackie Parrish, the teenage heartthrob and singer. Stamos was an immediate hit ~ above the soap. His character may have left the display after being sent to prison for manslaughter, but Stamos" career ongaianation.neting to thrive on "Full House" and, many recently, "E.R."
Many fans identify Sarah Michelle Prinze, previously Sarah Michelle Gellar, as a vampire-fighting, wise-cracking blonde native the cult-hit TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." She an initial made a name for it s her on ABC"s "All my Children." after leaving the show, she appeared in "I understand What girlfriend Did critical Summer" and also "Cruel Intentions."

As the civilization Stops Turning: Soap actors Turned Stars

It"s the end of among television"s most long-running, beloved affairs: today, ~ 54 years on the air, "As the civilization Turns" comes to a screeching halt. Over much more than five decades on the air, "As the civilization Turns" released a hold of careers. Below, take a look in ~ 10 actors who discovered serious stardom after ~ a soap opera stint.

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