The lands of Skyrim room filled come the brim with a large array of side searches that part players have actually never seen. Here"s a look at some.

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with over 270 full quests available in Skyrim, there is a great chance that most players haven"t viewed every side quest on offer. In between the many guilds that deserve to be joined, organize quests to come to be Thane, and new quests presented in the Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC, many good quests can fly under the radar if girlfriend aren"t actively looking for them.

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some of these searches are simply fetch searches or need a bandit camp to be cleared out, while rather give a wealthy backstory on certain events or characters in the game and also are well worth completing for this along. Numerous of these side quests likewise grant unique rewards that make the pursuit worth tracking down and completing as well, several of which are particularly powerful items.

10 The Pale Lady

The Pale Lady in Skyrim
once walking previous Frostmyre Crypt for the very first time, girlfriend may finish up in the center of a fight between Elsa Blackthorn and a team of bandits who have turned against her. After finding out that her leader stole a knife from the crypt you can begin the search to inspection the massacre within. After reaching Frostmyre Depths, you will find a room through an altar and also a Wisp Mother called The Pale Lady, that will attack you till you either kill her or ar the Pale Blade ago on the pedestal. The tongue itself deserve to be taken together a search reward and is distinctive for having actually both one Ice and also Fear charm on it.

The wolf Queen Awakened search in Skyrim
To start this quest, simply talk to Falk Firebeard, the Jarl"s steward in Solitude, whereby he will offer the last Dragonborn the job of investigating a collection of disappearances roughly Wolfskull Cave. Top top clearing the dungeon the its necromancer inhabitants and also preventing their ritual from being completed, you can return to Falk for your reward as well as the second part of this questline, The wolf Queen Awakened. This is a much longer quest that sends you come multiple locations, finishing in a confrontation versus Potema, the titular wolf Queen. After perfect the quest, you will certainly be rewarded v the Shield the Solitude, a distinctive leveled shield the blocks extr damage and also granting magic resistance, through the most powerful version derived after level 40.

Aela giving the player the Totems that Hircine quest in Skyrim
before the Dawnguard DLC presented the werewolf ability tree and the Dragonborn DLC brought several ring that boost their combat capabilities, the werewolf type was relatively underwhelming. However, you can likewise do a side pursuit for Aela, either after marrying she or by completing the Companions questline, called Totems of Hircine that more improve the werewolf from.

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each totem grants a blessing to the werewolf kind that provides it different abilities, such as Detect Life, summoning wolf Spirits, or a fear effect, all of which deserve to be more improved through the werewolf ability tree. The ar of each totem is radiant, however, and also may reason the player come be sent out to many different dungeons.

Spectral Mammoth in Skyrim
~ talking through Froki in his shack, southwest of Riften, that will job you with searching down numerous spectral animals, including a gigantic Mudcrab and also a spectral Mammoth, in order to prove the the player is a good hunter. After perfect each hunting trial, the player is rewarded through Kyne"s Token, a distinctive necklace v the same style as the Gauldur Amulet and also increases Bow damage by 5% if decreasing damages taken from pets by 10%. The enchantment might not be all that powerful, yet it is a neat mix of enchantments that isn"t seen on countless items in Skryim.

although this quest in Whiterun is exceptionally short, together the player is only tasked with taking moving Arcadia a pile of Frost salts from Farengar, girlfriend do obtain some neat potions because that the deal. After asking Farengar if over there are any type of other magic practitioners in Whiterun, the will offer you the salt to supply to Arcadia, who cases that she requirements them to make a love potion. In thanks for the player"s tough work, they will be provided a potion of brief Invisibility, medicine of amplified Stamina, and Potion the Illusion.

at the Old Hroldan Inn, ~ above the road between Markarth and Rorikstead, the player can encounter the ghost that Old Hroldan by safety the night at the inn. Once confronted, the ghost asks castle to find Hjalti"s Sword and bring it earlier to them, through the knife itself being found in one of a couple of radiant places that room usually complete of Forsworn and Hagravens. Once the knife is retrieved and returned come Old Hroldan, the player is granted a level in both Block and One-Handed, making the a pursuit worth perfect for any warrior build.

This questline have the right to be began by talking to Wujeeta in Riften, that is struggling through a Skooma addiction and needs the player"s help to kick the habit. After bringing details on Skooma smuggling come the Jarl"s attention, they will send the player to eliminate those responsible, which will certainly then trigger the second quest after defeating the leader of the organization.

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~ finding a note on Sarthis" body and returning it to the Jarl, the player is then sent out to the major production facility of the Skooma smuggling business and tasked v eliminating everyone inside. After perfect this quest, the player is offered a arbitrarily enchanted weapon, making the a an excellent way come reset because that a particular enchantment such together Absorb Health.

also beginning in Riften, the player can receive a quest as soon as they have reached level 14 or greater from a quirky Argonian called From-Deepest-Fathoms, who jobs the player through returning the Lexicon come a adjacent Dwemer ruin. The dungeon is fairly standard amongst other Dwemer ruins, despite the player is likewise given some ago story on the last exploration to Avanchnzel the resulted in From-Deepest-Fathoms walk mad. After returning the Lexicon to its pedestal, the player obtains the ancient Knowledge power, which increases their armor rating when wearing full Dwarven Armor, though also has the tendency to glitch and also increase the armor rating of all armor except Dwarven.

The next quest deserve to be started in Riften, though the quest itself will certainly take the player approximately most the Skyrim in the procedure of perfect it. After talk to one of the Priestesses of Mara, the guest sends out the player roughly the people to settle various troubles of the heart, usually including some type of open up gesture by one of the parties. ~ finishing the quest, players room rewarded v an Amulet of Mara and also the agent of Mara power, i m sorry permanently rises magic resistance by 15% and also is one the no construct can perform without.

acquisition place throughout the Dawnguard questline, lost Relic is a repeatable quest that jobs the player with experimenting Skyrim to discover various relics indigenous the Dawnguard"s previous for Florentius Baenius. The pursuit itself is given three time at random and may require the player to complete other radiant quests in between each outing, however completing each search will prize the player through the Dawnguard Rune Shield, Dawnguard Rune Hammer, and Dawnguard Rune Axe. Each of these items is specifically devastating versus undead enemies and also is really useful in the Dawnguard storyline.

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