Honda's VSA light have the right to warn friend of a few things. Here's what to carry out if you check out a yellow exclamation allude inside a yellow triangle on your dash warning light display.

Every contemporary Honda has vehicle stability assist, likewise known as VSA. If her VSA warning light has just come on there are two main reasons why, and a third that is less likely, however that you should understand about.

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Vehicle stability aid is simply what it sounds like. A system that Honda, and also every automaker, provides to aid you save the automobile under your control. It can do plenty of things in certain risky situations that no driver deserve to do. Choose brake separation, personal, instance wheels, retard the engine power, and similar functions. These actions by the system deserve to keep your auto from skidding, indigenous flipping over, and ultimately indigenous crashing. The VSA device is also component of the traction manage system and helps you acquire moving in slippery situations. Anti-lock braking and other connected systems connect with VSA.


Your VSA irradiate Is on - Most likely CauseIf you have just noticed the your yellow triangle bordering an exclamation allude VSA warning light has come on, the most likely cause is you shut the system off accidentally. In vehicles a couple of years old, the system has actually a manual switch that you have the right to press come shut the device off in particular situations. The switch on the 2006 Honda Accord, for example, is down to the left that the steering wheel on the facility dash about knee level. We have actually posted a photo at the height of the story. The is directly next to her sunroof controls if you have actually an Accord v a sunroof.

If you bang or brush or bump the switch it may come on and also the irradiate is there to warning you that you have actually shut the off. Try pushing the button. If this is the factor it turn on, it will certainly shut ago off.

Your VSA light Is top top - because Something rather Went WrongIn many Hondas, when something in the basic engine system goes awry, the vehicle additionally shuts turn off VSA. That then mirrors the warning light. If you have multiple lights lit up, the is not likely a VSA issue, but rather, the auto just letting you know it shut off VSA temporarily till you deal with the engine and also clear the codes.

VSA irradiate On - You obtained The wrong TiresYour Honda is watching your wheels go round and also round and it is also recording the moment each takes come rotate. If one or an ext of the tires is no going roughly at the appropriate speed the VSA system is going come know about it. On come the light. Honda speak you around a dozen times in its hands-on not to put various sized tires and wheels ~ above your car than the which it came with. If friend did, the VSA irradiate is on come tell friend you walk so. Why in the civilization would you readjust the dimension of the wheels and tires on your Honda? A team of highly educated, really well trained designers picked the perfect size for your vehicle. Put back the appropriate wheels and tires!

VSA irradiate On - VSA is in reality BrokenWe speak to mark McMullen a mechanic in Millis Mass. At G&M solutions who has decades of experience maintaining and also fixing hondas. Note tells us that he nearly never watch a Honda with a VSA issue. He does have customers who have the light on, yet usually for one of the over 3 reasons. Therefore if your is on, start over and job-related your way down. If you have no luck, it may be a problem with this system. Girlfriend should have it serviced as quickly as practical. The VSA mechanism in her Honda is a possibly life-saving mechanism you don"t desire to be without.

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