‘WWE most Wanted Treasures’ complies with wrestling legends Paul Levesque, widely recognized as Triple-H and Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of Vince McMahon, on their search to collection WWE collectibles from almost everywhere the country. Ever since their figure in the much-loved wrestling franchise, Triple-H and Stephanie have had actually a tumultuous connection on screen through its countless storylines.

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Contrary come Triple-H and Stephanie’s on-screen personas, the couple has had actually an adorable and also wonderful connection in real life. Their innumerable fans regularly wonder how the semi-retired professional wrestlers live your lives when not in prior of a camera, and also whether they’re still together. Well, let’s find out, candlestick we?

Triple-H and Stephanie McMahon: WWE journey Together

Triple-H and also Stephanie’s storylines came together in a 1999 episode of WWE whereby Stephanie was obtaining married to she on-screen fiancé, Test. Together the story played out, Triple-H proved the arena a video clip of just how he had currently married a drugged and unconscious Stephanie before in a drive-through awareness in ras Vegas, Nevada. It have to be detailed that this was part of the on-screen storyline, and also in reality, the pair started dating only in 2001.



However, they shortly realized that continuing to be away from each other was impossible. Their connection was so strong that they began dating again yet tried to save it low-key. Lock were unsuccessful in law so, and also Vince acquired wind the the affair. This time that reassured and supported the couple. After getting Vince McMahon’s blessings, Triple-H proposed to Stephanie top top February 14, 2003. ~ above October 25, 2003, just months after getting engaged, the wonderful pair got married in a beautiful marital relationship ceremony in ~ the church that St. Teresa that Avila, i m sorry is located in the village of Sleepy Hollow, in brand-new York State.

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Are Triple-H and Stephanie McMahon tho Together?

Triple-H and also Stephanie McMahon are happily married to every other and also celebrated 17 years of togetherness in October 2020. Within your 17 years of marriage, the pair saw substantial success in their skilled life as Stephanie was supported to the chef Brand Officer the WWE. Triple-H, too, was offered the prestigious place of the executive, management Vice president of worldwide Talent Strategy & advance for WWE. Likewise considered a rings legend, the went ~ above to begin NXT, his very own wrestling TV show. In 2021, the couple started headlining their own display ‘WWE most Wanted Treasures’ on the A&E network.