VERY few local rice brand today can say v pure honesty the they sell a wide range of fresh milled home-grown and also imported rice arrays that space GMO free, that high quality and also consistently available at affordable prices.

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In Photo: (L-R Upper: Sinandomeng, Sinandomeng one-of-a-kind rice, Sinandomeng entirety Grain rice, Dinorado unique rice, Thai Jasmine Rice, Japanese Rice, Intan Rice. L-R Bottom: Dinorado Regular, long Grain, Dinorado special rice, essential Brown rice, necessary Red rice, Laon (Old Crop) rice, and Thai entirety Grain Premium rice.

Gone are the days as soon as customers simply buy rice from the wet market. V the transforming times, consumers currently buy rice from supermarkets as they administer accurate weight, far better storage translating to fresher rice and flexible marketing schedule.

For client who desire to inspect what rice kind matches their families’ preferences, Mrs. Lam defines each one in the simplest method possible.

Mrs. Lam’s topseller “Dinorado Special” rice is 100 percent Philippine rice variety that is characterized by its natural fragrant aroma, white, long grain, smooth, shiny and also silky appearance. Once cooked, it is sweet and has a fragrant aroma. Cooked Dinorado rice is likewise soft, slightly sticky v a chewy texture. Granny Lam’s Dinorado rice has two variants that Dinorado rice; Dinorado distinct which is 100 percent whole grain and Dinorado, which has damaged grains. Dinorado rice can be offered as level rice, fried rice, paella or any rice dish.

Another well-known Mrs. Lam Rice different is the “Sinandomeng,” a traditional favorite , i beg your pardon is white and long grain. Cooking Sinandomeng is soft, contempt chewy and fragrant particularly when newly harvested. The Mrs. Lam Sinandomeng variants space Sinandomeng entirety Grain, lengthy Grain, Sinandomeng Special, Intan and also Sinandomeng. The difference lies gaianation.netpletely in the portion of whole and also broken grains.

Mrs Lam’s Dinorado, Sinandomeng, lengthy Grain and Intan arrays are local from ranches in Nueva Ecija and Tarlac.

Laon or “old crop” ad to regional rice milled indigenous paddies that has been aged for at least a year native harvest to lower moisture content, which in turn produces 33 percent an ext yield, in famous parlance “maalsa.” because of this cooking Laon rice demands at least two cups water to chef with one cup rice. Cooking “Laon” rice is generally defined as soft as soon as cooked, rises higher than typical rice, grains areloose and fluffy thus best for fried rice. Because that rice to it is in firm in texture, minimize the lot of water. Add more water if you want softer rice. Grandm Lam’s Laon rice is from Cagayan and Isabela.

Mrs Lam’s essential Red and Brown Rice room organically get an impressive by full of elegant Organic farming Producers, an gaianation.netpany of little farmers, cooperatives and individual organic farmers strictly oversaw under the guidance and leadership that the Diocese of mountain Jose, Nueva Ecija thru Gratia Plena Social action Center who believe in natural and also organic methods of developing healthy, organic, GMO gaianation.netplimentary food. The FOGOAP is looked after according to the Organic agriculture and processing Standards collection worldwide. Each farm yard undergoes strictly inspection and also certification every cropping. Grandm Lam’s organic Red and also Brown Rice space guaranteed 100 percent Organically grown in safe, natural and also organic farms using just organic inputs such together organic fertilizers, factory extracts and nature’s life in the soil, free from chemical fertilizers, insecticides and the like.

For health buffs, civilization trying to lose weight and diabetics, Mrs. Lam Rice organic Brown and Red rice are for you. Organically grew rice is far better because it is totally free from residual water of synthetic chemicals including pesticides, hormones and chemical fertilizers as they space unpolished through its bran and also side hull intact thus providing it’s natural nutty flavor and also texture. Necessary Brown rice is a good source of fiber and also has reduced glycemic index hence helps alleviate insulin spikes. It is likewise rich in protein, thiamine, calcium, magnesium, potassium.

Mrs Lam’s organic Red Rice has actually the highest nutritional value contrasted to essential Brown Rice and white rice. Aside from being well-off in fiber, organic red Rice has actually anti-oxidant pigment, anthocyanin, i m sorry reduces symptoms of inflammation, allergy relief, cancer prevention and also weight loss management. Necessary Red rice is likewise rich in vitamin B, iron, calcium and zinc. Fiber aids in digestion, lowering cholesterol and bowel movement. Vitamin B is existing in every organ role and energy production. Calcium promotes healthy bones, iron for blood supply and zinc for mind function. For health and wellness enthusiast and people who room trying to lose weight, anemic, diabetic and heart patients, grandm Lam’s essential Red rice gives a healthy staple offered its short glycemic index.

Due gaianation.nete its essential nature, it is regaianation.netmended the Mrs Lam’s organic rice it is in stored in an airtight container preferably in the frozen refrigerator or a cool dry ar away from the sun.

All local rice varieties are harvested double a year around April-May and also Septemberfrom ranches in Nueva Ecija and Tarlac, fresh milled using advanced rice sprucing up and advanced laser sorting equipments to ensure finest quality rice at par through Thai standards.

Mrs Lam’s Thai Hom Mali Jasmine rice is guaranteed 100 percent authentic world renowned Thai Hom Mali Rice closely selected from the pollution gaianation.netplimentary northeastern an ar in Thailand. Grandm Lam’s Thai Jasmine rice is identified by its natural fragrant aroma, white, thin, lengthy grains, smooth, shiny and also silky in appearance. As soon as cooked, mrs Lam’s Thai Jasmine produces a an extremely fragrant aroma. The is white, soft, thin, long, fluffy and also slightly chewy in texture. Mrs Lam’s Thai Jasmine rice is imported indigenous the producer of people renowned brands gold Phoenix, imperial Umbrella and also the like. Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice is many fragrant when freshly harvest from November to February.

Mrs Lam’s Japanese variety rice or Japonica is guaranteed premium quality short grain range (Oryza Sativa). When cooked, it is characterized by its organic fragrant aroma, unique stickiness and also chewy texture. That grains are short, white, smooth, shiny and silky in appearance. Usage Mrs Lam’s Japanese variety rice with various Japanese prepare such as gohan(plain steamed rice), chahan(fried rice), mochi(rice cake), rice rolls, sushi, and congee. The can additionally be supplied to cook risotto and also paella dishes.

Mrs Lam’s Thai whole Grain Premium Rice is lengthy grain white rice indigenous Thailand. Thai Premium rice is wanted in households and also restaurants as it is white, fluffy and whole when cooked.

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Mrs Lam’s Malagkit, glutinous or difficult riceis a staple in Southeast asian cuisine. It can be steamed or boiled. Due to it’s lack of amylose, that is an extremely sticky. Malgkit or Glutinous Rice thus deserve to be provided for congee, Kiamping or Chinese Paella, and also desserts choose mango v sticky rice or indigenous delicacies such together suman and biko. That can also be blended with mrs Lam’s Dinorado rice gaianation.nete make sushi varieties.