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The U.S. Geological inspection (gaianation.net) sell a variety of maps that the joined States. Who needsthese maps? Students, floor planners, politicians, teachers, marketing specialists, deliverycompanies, authors and illustrators, attorneys, railroad enthusiasts, travelers, Governmentagencies, armed forces recruiters, newspapers, map collectors, truckers, boaters, hikers, salesrepresentatives, communication specialists. Everybody.

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Users of these maps variety from a corporation to plan a local expansion or a nationalmarketing campaign, come a person who wants a decorate to hang on the wall. If you are not surewhich map best meets her needs, contact the planet Science Information facility for assistance.

Following room descriptions and also illustrations of part gaianation.net maps of the United states withexamples of feasible uses.

Following the descriptions are details of each map: overall size, colors, scale, year the mapwas produced, projection, file number, and map number for ordering.

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North America


US-05419—Map 10–B

This map mirrors the United says with Alaska in correct geographic position, fairly than asan inset. Features include international and State boundaries and also names; State capitals and also majorcities; and rivers and lakes. Valuable to present the United states in relationship to Canada and also Mexico. Italso shows Canadian provinces and the mexico States.

37"x36"blue and also black1:10,000,0000 (1" = about 158 miles)1982Transverse Mercator projection

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United States—Alaska and also Hawaii in correct geographic position


US-05361—Map 6–A

A helpful educational tool to display the geographical location of all 50 States.Features incorporate international and also State boundaries and also names. State resources and significant cities, roads and railroads,rivers and lakes, and national parks and monuments.

58"x39"yellow, red, black, gray, and blue1:6,000,000 (1"= around 95 miles)1975Lambert Conformal Conic projection


US-05351—Map 10–A

A smaller version that Map 6–A. Content, colors, and projection are the exact same as Map 6–A, butat a smaller sized scale and also size.

36" x 24"yellow, red, black, gray, and also blue1:10,,000,000 (1"= around 158 miles)1975Lambert Conformal Conic projection

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United States—Insets of Alaska, Hawaii, and also other outlyingareas of assorted scales


US–55568E—Map 2–A and also US–5569W—Map 2–A

When a bigger map is needed, this one is because that you. That is a wall map that showsinternational and State/county boundaries and names. State capitals, county seats, and significant cities, rivers, andlakes. It additionally features a one-of-a-kind land color shading. It contains simple map details to i m sorry othertypes the information have the right to be added.

80" x 54" assembled (two sheets, 41"x54")pink, yellow, green, blue, and black1:2,500,000 (1"= around 40 miles)1972Albers Equal-Area projection

The same map together 2–A is obtainable without the land tint shading. Pink, green, blue, andblack. US–5570E—Map 2–B and also US-5571W—Map 2–B


US-05356—Map 3–A

A large, uncluttered basic map the shows many features, yet still allows space for the user toadd information. Features encompass international and also State boundaries and names; State capitals,major cities, rivers, and also lakes; and national parks, monuments, forests, reservations, and wildliferefuges.

65" x 42"blue, gray, black, and yellow1:3,168,000 (1"= around 50 miles)1965Albers Equal-Area projection


US-05360—Map 5-D

An synopsis map the the United claims that shows only State boundaries and also names.

41" x 27"black1:5,000,000 (1"= about 79 miles)1988Albers Equal-Area projection

US–05418—Map 5–E. Another outline map of the joined States, yet without names. It shows only boundaries.

41" x 27"black1:5,000,000 (1"= around 79 miles)1984Albers Equal-Area projection

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Conterminous 48 says only


US-05362—Map 7-A

A medium-sized basic map that shows international and State boundaries and also names; Statecapitals and major cities; rivers and lakes. Valuable to display drainage patterns.

30" x 20"blue and also black1:7,000,000 (1"= about 110 miles)1962Polyconic projection


US-05363—Map 7–B

Same all at once size, scale, estimate as Map 7–A, but also shows border infeet at varied intervals. Beneficial to builders, engineers, and also surveyors for mirroring the shape and elevation the theterrain.

30" x 20"blue, brown, and black1:7,000,000 (1"= about 110 miles)1975Albers Equal-Area projection

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Landforms of the conterminous joined States


Map I–2206

This large, computer-generated map shows the geomorphic and also tectonicfeatures that the United says in lively detail. It screens landforms that s right in the your true intricacy andallows functions to be regarded on a broad local basis. This map have the right to be offered in computers withgeographic information systems to help solve troubles involving floor use and also the environment.It portrays plainly not just large, apparent features, such as the Appalachian Mountains, yet alsosmaller or much more subtle features, such together the fine-grained hummocky structure of the Nebraska SandHills.

57" x 35"black and gray tones1:3,500,000 (1"= about 50 miles)1990Albers Equal-Area Conic projection

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Alaska shaded-relief map


Map I–2585

A composite of halftone images, this map shows landforms in a realistic way,with spicy resolution and dramatic contrast in between flatlands and also mountains. The image clearly portraysAlaska"s lakes, mountains, glaciers, icefields, and other physiographic features, consisting of somethat have actually probably never ever been depicted before. The shaded relief is specifically useful forillustrating topographic functions that, for various reasons, room not as apparent in other species ofimages.

47" x 32"black and also gray tones1:2,500,000 (1"= around 40 miles)1996Albers Equal-Area Conic projection

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All of these maps are valuable graphic tools for historians, researchers, geographers, students,teachers, librarians, and map collectors.


US-05357—Map 3–B

13 nests to 50 States—Shows expansion of the joined Statesfrom the original 13 swarms to the 50 says of today. Likewise shows international and also State boundaries andnames; State fundings and significant cities; rivers and also lakes; and also national parks, monuments, forests,reservations and also wildlife refuges. Insets present Alaska, Hawaii, Canal Zone, Puerto Rico, andVirgin archipelago at miscellaneous smaller scales.

65"x42"blue, gray, black, yellow1:3,168,000 (1"=50 miles)1965Albers Equal-Area projection





US-05579—Map 18

An emerging Nation—Includes a reproduction that a map thatshows the United says as the existed about the time the Constitution was written. The was produced in 1784and was the very first map of the unified States created by anAmerican cartographer. The original photo was engraved on copper plates and was printed infour sections; all colors were applied by hand. The turning back side has actually a collection of 14 mapsportraying the Nation"s territorial growth over the past two centuries, in addition to correspondingnational flags with the appropriate variety of stars because that selected year from 1775 come thepresent.

29" x 22"full color1987

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Physical divisions


US-05364—Map 7–C

Major physical departments are outlined in red to show provinces and sections inthe contiguous joined States. Because that example, the Atlantic plain is subdivided right into the ContinentalShelf and also the seaside Plain. The coastal Plain is subdivided into six sections, consisting of the MississippiAlluvial Plain. The map legend offers an explanation that the unique features of eachdivision. Lift features encompass international and State boundaries and also names, Statecapitals and major cities, and also rivers and also lakes.

32" x 28"red, blue, and also black1:7,000,000 (1"= around 110 miles)1946Polyconic projection

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Federal-aid highways


US-05563—Map 17

Shows the National device of Interstate and Defense Highways and the Federal-Aid PrimaryHighway System. Details was compiled by the federal Highway administration with theassistance that the State highway departments. Terrific tool for transportation planning.Shows international and State boundaries and names, State resources and significant cities, rivers andlakes and national parks. Insets at miscellaneous scales show the road systems of Alaska, Hawaii, andPuerto Rico.

64.5" x 41"yellow, red, green, pink, blue, black, gray, and purple1:3,168,000 (1"= around 50 miles)1984Albers Equal-Area projection

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National Atlas map sheets


National Atlas Presidential Elections

Selected separation, personal, instance maps native the national Atlas the the united States.1970 (out that print), and also some newer maps that conform to atlas standards space available. Among the plenty of thatare available as separation, personal, instance maps space "Soils," "Shaded Relief," "Highways," and "PresidentialElections."

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Scientific maps

Among the clinical maps released by the geological Survey are the following:

North America

Basement RockCoalGeotherman GradientMetallogenicSubsurface Temperature

United States

Basement RockBouguer heaviness AnomalyFold and Thrust BeltsGeologicHydrologic UnitsMagnetic DeclinationsSeismicitySurface Water and also Related Land resources Development

Where to find other maps of the joined States

Historical maps that the unified States deserve to be discovered in collections of the Library the Congress and of the nationwide Archives. You can likewise contact the planet Science Information center forinformation ~ above obtaining old topographic maps.

Maps, charts, and also atlases that the United says are also easily accessible from other Governmentagencies, advertising firms, and also geographic societies.

For more information around United claims maps and mapping, contact any type of ESIC office or call1-888-ASK-gaianation.net.

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Maps the the joined States released or spread by the gaianation.net deserve to be purchased from:gaianation.net info ServicesBox 25286Denver, CO 80225303-202-4700 or1-800-HELPMAP

This was initially published and printed in September 1998. The digital editioncontains complete text indigenous the initial publication. This paper has under gone main reviewand approval because that publications developed by the nationwide Mapping Division, U.S. GeologicalSurvey. Some figures have to be modified to boost the scientific visualization of information.