If you are among the 400 million world who have actually a box of 1987 Topps baseball cards in your basement, you’re more than likely wondering what they space worth. I have actually some an excellent news and also some poor news because that you.

The good news is, there space a few cards that can be lurking in your ’87 Topps that might carry some joy and also could be worth a few bucks. The bad news is a crate of ’87 Topps “commons” will bring you pain, agony, and also sadness as you establish there’s much more value in the box than the cards themselves.

I create this from personal experience, together I have recently flipped v an old crate of 1987 Topps baseball cards the haven’t to be touched in 30 years. Afterward, together I put the box earlier in the closet, ns thought, “well, there’s ten minutes of mine life I’ll never obtain back.”

1980s Topps Baseball Cards

There were part really good 1980s Topps baseball cards, and also I mean great. Few of my favorites were the beforehand 80s, the course. The ’84 Don Mattingly rookie, the ’80 Rickey Henderson rookie, and the ’82 Cal Ripken future stars card. Beforehand 1980s Topps baseball cards were not over-produced and also included the rookie year of countless Hall-of-Famers.

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Then there to be the so late 1980’s Topps cards. My estimate is over one trillion of these cards to be produced. A boy in 1989 might hardly turn about without knocking over a stack of late 80’s Topps baseball cards. They were everywhere.

1987 Topps

Baseball map collectors love come speculate ~ above the production numbers the 1987 Topps cards. I’ve heard approximates of everywhere from one million prints that each map all the way up to over seven million copies of each card printed.

From what I’ve read, the map producers of the 1980s did no release production numbers. This leads me to mine next noticeable question. Why didn’t they ever release production amounts? It’s since nobody to be counting. The printers were running at complete speed. Maybe they to be printing too quick to count.

Kids wanted to purchase them and Topps was certain to print sufficient for anyone and everyone to have plenty of late 80s cards. No tracking of manufacturing necessary.

If nobody counting the actual production of the 1980s and also 1990s baseball cards, it might be due to the fact that they didn’t think anyone would ever before ask how numerous were in reality made. Maybe, the baseball map producers never ever thought the production quantities would ever before interest anyone. This could give a small insight right into the attitude at the time. Develop as countless baseball cards together possible; nobody would ever stop to ask how many were in reality created.

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Topps Baseball Cards Value

If every man, woman, and also child in America own at least one crate of 1987 Topps baseball cards, what’s the value of each box? of course, it depends. From an individual experience, I deserve to say it’s possible to upper and lower reversal through whole box the ’87 Topps cards and also not recognize one solitary name.

If it’s feasible for something come have negative value, these unrecognizable faces on the 1987 Topps cards qualify. A an adverse value would be something that prices you much more to very own than it’s in reality worth. The space the thing occupies in the universe costs much more than the worth the object delivers. That’s the 1987 Topps baseball “common” card.

It can sound harsh, but start flipping through a crate of choose over, cleaned-out, usual cards indigenous the 1987 Topps set, and also you will most likely agree. To do my suggest crystal clear, ns tried to give away a crate of ’87 Topps baseball cards to mine nephew, and also he wanted ten bucks to go v them, simply to take them off my hands.

But there space 1987 Topps baseball cards v some value. Especially if you have Topps Traded or Tiffany cards, these minimal edition cards were developed in much lower production numbers, making them tough to find and valuable.

Topps 1987 Complete collection Values

Complete sets of the 1987 Topps Baseball Tiffany cards are currently selling for over $1,000 top top eBay. These space factory-sealed sets through the original sticker and also in an excellent condition.

The complete set in the photo listed below features the ‘collectors edition’ tiffany cards together with the minimal edition Topps ‘traded’ cards, 1-T v 132-T. This was freshly sold top top eBay because that $1,500. Native the photos, the boxes look to it is in in excellent condition.

1978 Topps Baseball Tiffany complete collection with Topps Traded cards. If you’re into 1987 Topps, this would certainly be among the ideal examples that the complete set you’ll find. Recently sold for $1,500.

Topps ‘Tiffany’ and ‘Traded’ Cards

Topps readily available different version of their cards native 1984 to 1991. If you flip the card over, you can conveniently tell the distinction by the white backs top top the Tiffany cards. They will also appear glossy on the front.

There are additionally Topps Traded cards, which look very comparable to the Tiffany cards native 1987. Values for the Tiffany cards space much greater than the continual Topps cards since only 30,000 cards to be produced.

The 1987 Topps “Tiffany” cards are right now reselling top top eBay with outstanding price gains over the last few months. You have the right to search eBay and view every the current sales in stimulate of disagreement value, date of sale, or also closest revenue to her location. It’s a an excellent way to check out month-over-month price transforms for particular cards.