While many mint state or evidence Morgan silver dollars offer at auctions for hundreds of dollars, the value usually drops to a number much closer to simply the melt worth of the silver for circulated coins. That is even true that AU (Almost Uncirculated) examples that retain every one of their details. Typically, coins gain value because of your rarity or condition, yet some coins might benefit an ext from one 보다 the other.

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In the instance of one MS-68 Morgan CC, the auction price benefited indigenous both scarcity and condition. It could be rather surprising to learn from Coin Update that one MS-68 1889 CC Morgan silver- dollar sold at auction in 2013 for virtually $900,000, yet it was the best example that its type that had ever before been found, and also this date and also mint mark are extremely rare in every conditions.

It is exciting to keep in mind that a previous revenue of that exact same coin, in 2009, gathered $531,875, yet that was right in the middle of the good Recession when plenty of collectable coin worths were depressed. Still, the auction value of this coin increased significantly in less than 5 years.

How beneficial are Circulated 1889 CC Morgan silver- Dollars?

However, collectors might find it even more surprising that even some circulated Morgan silver- dollars, engraved with that rarely date and also mint mark, market for hundreds of dollars. This high valuation might additionally be rather disappointing because that collectors who want to finish a collection but absence the budget for very expensive coins.


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Consider current price guides because that these Morgan dollars:

The Morgan’s silver melt value is around $16 best now.In practically uncirculated (AU) condition, the price guide suggests selling this coins for between $6,850 and $18,500.

Compare this prices come the 1889 O and also S Morgan dollar in similar condition. NCG claims that an 1889 S in G problem might offer for $29, and an AU-58 might sell because that $43. Similarly, one O mint mark could be worth $29 in G condition and also an AU worth around $40.

It’s not simply the Carson City mint mark raising the worth either. The course, the CC has tendency to inflate the value of a Morgan silver- dollar from any year that mint created silver coins. If you shot to buy an 1890 CC Morgan, for example, you could pay about $75 because that a coin in G condition and $360 for an AU-58.

What’s Special around the 1889 Morgan CC silver- Dollar?

The Carson City Mint had been close up door for 4 years prior to 1889, and it did not open up until the 3rd quarter of that year. Due to the fact that the mint had actually been closed, crews had to clean the offices and also machinery before production could begin. That year, the mint only produced 350,000 coins, and all of these coins come out in the last three months that 1889.

Additionally, according to estimates, only 100,000 come 25,000 of this dollar coins avoiding getting melted down for silver. Many of the few remaining coins obtained heavily circulated, and many of the existing instances have damage. Any type of examples of 1889 CC Morgan silver- dollars room scarce, yet typical instances have grades of VF or worse. Countless have damage.

Even though this coins space silver, if you discover one in kind condition, it’s likely that you just struck gold.

Why think about Owning a silver- Coin favor This?

The present economy inspires countless investors to look for different investments. Nationwide, an ext people than ever before seem come invest big dollars in collector’s items such as rare coins, rarely cars, rare artifacts and rare artwork. The top finish of this markets has been flourishing since of large money investor scrabbling because that tangible assets.

The reason these investors space so attractive to these kinds of purchases is that their worth is known in any type of economic climate. Even during the German invasion of Europe in WWII, the wide range that to be the most sought ~ by the Germans were not only Europe’s gold, but also Europe’s rarely art and also artifacts.

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