Spin come win. Or, shop till you drop, since “Wheel of Fortune” star Vanna White has 7,000 dress formats that room timeless and great all year round.

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And, the best component — girlfriend don’t need to be flipping vowels on a big screen for you to absent White’s famous outfits.

White, 64, has actually been the “Wheel the Fortune” hostess for more than four decades — due to the fact that 1980 — and also has graced TVs throughout the country with she confident high-heeled walk. And, by one estimate, she has walked an ext than 2,000 miles from one screen’s finish to the next.

It’s revolutionary that a game show acquired from Hangman ended up being one the America’s most-watched creates of entertainment, securing three Emmy wins, a People’s choice Award and a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame.

Aside from offering away numerous dollars after ~ contestants guess to finish the phrase, “Wheel the Fortune” has become a family recurring tune-in. So much so, there’s a layout inspiration web page to browse some of Vanna White’s dresses on set.

Pictured: Vanna White hosting “Wheel that Fortune.” Photography courtesy of Christopher Willard via Getty Images.ABC via Getty Images

What’s more, ~ above White’s website, viewers deserve to vote for their favorite styles, native Monday v Friday. It’s a form of game-show audience engagement that keeps everyone on their toes.

“For the an initial time ever, ns wore the same dress twice after 7,000 dresses,” White told viewers top top its YouTube channel. She had actually a 40-year streak that finished in September.

Vanna White is featured on Wheel the Fortune’s YouTube channel for she timeless looks transparent the years.

So, who’s responsible because that styling White’s fabulous looks? Costume designer Kathi Nishimoto stop the regal title and dresses White after her fittings every few weeks.

Whether you have fond storage tuning in at 7:30 p.m. To view White sashay across the phase in stunning dresses or watch “Wheel that Fortune” re-runs during your nightly channel flipping, Vanna is the all-American woman parading some serious layout inspo.

Ahead, discover some the Vanan White’s “Wheel of Fortune” dresses, along with similar outfits come shop. Re-create the look for less, especially looks that have recorded the understanding of viewers nationwide.

Look #1: Berry Cocktail Dress

Photography courtesy of Wheel of fortune via Pinterest.

White’s berry cocktail dress is turn off the shoulder with brief ruffled sleeves. Even if it is you’re top top the sector for a brand-new work dress or a new outfit because that a household function, it’s a wardrobe staple, because that sure.

This red La Femme Ruffled Off-Shoulder Cocktail dress ($218) is similar to the show-spotted style, together with Lulus’ Season of funny Magenta Off-the-Shoulder ska Dress ($45, initially $54) for a much more affordable option.

For black pumps, the Jessica Simpson Haneh Pump ($59.99) is a staple, if Vince Camuto’s Hamden Slingback Pumps ($99) are one of the comfiest shoes you’ll find.

buy the la femme dress, $218

Look #2: Glam black Jumpsuit

Photography courtesy that Wheel of fortune via Pinterest.

Jumpsuits room the much more breezy version when going formal, and White’s splendors mesh jumpsuit with flared-out pants is a look to steal.

Windsor’s Effortless Elegance lengthy Sleeve Jumpsuit ($39.90) is a comparable option with long sleeves and flowy pants. Because that a sexier alternative, consider this Petite black Lace High-Neck long Sleeve Jumpsuit ($32, initially $48) indigenous PrettyLittleThing.

buy the Windsor jumpsuit, $39.90

Look #3: Coral Shirt-Style Dress

Photography courtesy that Wheel of happiness via Pinterest.

We’re all about a bright popular music of color and this coral is divine for the warmer months and also even cooler months, paired through a neutral trench coat.

Lulus’ Joyful Red Orange Multi-Stripe Tie-Back Mini dress ($58) is one of my favorite costume in mine closet and also remains continuous with White’s color palette. Because that a much less bold option, this to express Amalfi Blush Belted One Shoulder Ruffle dress ($88) is comparable.

Complete the look through these Workin Pointy toe Pumps ($89) from ripe West and Mabel 18K yellow & Coral Huggie Earrings ($48) indigenous Baublebar — both similar to White’s.

buy the lulus dress, $58

Look #4: black Evening Gown

Photography courtesy of Wheel of luck via Pinterest.

White’s decked out for the vacation season ~ above this episode of “Wheel that Fortune,” however elegant gowns aren’t minimal to the chilly weather. Shop Aqua’s One-Shoulder Gown ($238) from Bloomingdale’s or Missord’s One-Shoulder split Thigh Floor size Dress ($36) from Shein, both timeless fashions because that wedding guest season.

buy the bloomingdale’s dress, $238

Look #5: Cobalt Blue Polka dot Dress

Photography courtesy of Wheel of fortune via Pinterest.

Polka dot is the publish of the century and also we’re so here for it. Comparable to White’s showstopper is Kentiuttd’s Polka dot Dress ($16.99) indigenous Walmart — budget-friendly and also just together fashionable.

For a maxi option, this A-Line brief Sleeve Polka dot Dress ($29.67, originally $74.16) native StyleWe hones the striking blue.

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Complete the look with Azra’s True navy Suede Pumps ($128) from Ann Taylor and Baublebar’s Drusy autumn Earrings ($36).