VELVET REVOLVER - inside The 'Fall come Pieces' Video

September 14, 2004, 17 year ago

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VELVET REVOLVER have available the following inside look in ~ the video clip for "Fall to Pieces", the 2nd single from your platinum marketing debut album Contraband, i m sorry draws native the previous drug experiences that singer Scott Weiland.

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Weiland: "New blood. New start. The song symbolizes both. It really is the cornerstone of this document for me; if the wouldn¹t have happened, the document wouldn"t have actually happened. The only way to be real about the subject matter of the song was to tell the reality on film. The night before (the tune was written), I had actually just acquired arrested. The wasn"t the very first time obviously, but to the point of i beg your pardon I had actually sunk in mine soul had actually seemed as if there to be a bottomless oblivion that I would never have the ability to crawl out of. I had lost my wife and children recently, mine old tape STP had actually fallen apart, and also now the spectre of shedding my liberty loomed over me like dark hefty wet blankets. The only thing optimistic in mine life to be the new band Velvet Revolver.

It wasn"t tough to offer this come the band, they live it v me. Ns felt Kevin Kerslake would certainly be the only director that can possibly get me to the allude of reliving several of those drug nightmares and re-drudging several of the pain out of the old wounds that have healed indigenous Mary"s and my 12-year relationship. In short, it was the most challenging video I"ve ever before done native a fear perspective, however at times through beautiful, sweet storage that are chronicled on paper and in the heart and also mind. All in every it was somethin" else! She"s tho my little Rock-n-Roll."

Kerslake, who likewise directed the band"s very first video, "Slither", comments: "The difficulty was to develop a video clip that to be honest and also ultimately redeeming, at the same time satisfying every the other necessities of a music video clip in regards to band performance. That was important to give justice come the dark side and also, an ext importantly, the redemptive next of Scott"s journey."

The dramatic concept scenes are merged with performance footage that reflects the dynamism that Velvet Revolver. They are filmed in a so late "70s setting that recreates the legendary Los Angeles society the Starwood, which the band members frequented in the glam and also punk era. Weiland"s wife mary plays his girlfriend in the video, and also their relationship is poignantly depicted in flashback scene of happy and also sad times, and in the club once things unravel because that Weiland. Additionally appearing in the video as band girlfriends room bassist Duff McKagan"s wife Susan Holmes and also guitarist Dave Kushner"s wife Christine. The video climaxes v a performance by Velvet Revolver that mirrors the redemptive, healing strength of music.

Go to this ar to inspect out the "Fall come Pieces" video. Click the third bullet from the ideal (bottom of the screen), hit the TV set.

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In various other news, Velvet Revolver have wrapped up their an initial European tour. Days for comprehensive fall tour through the U.S. Room expected to be announced soon.