The article covers how to find the Tanner’s residence from the display Full House, set in mountain Francisco.

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If you were an American boy in the late 80s and also early 90s, you likely remember TGIF television, a block of Friday night shows run top top the ABC tv channel.

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Part the this lineup of shows included Full House, a sitcom defined online as a “G-rated dysfunctional family”.

The family, The Tanners, resided in San Francisco. That was below that the widower father, his finest friend, and his brother-in-law joined forces to raise three precocious little girls.

This show, v its straightforward one-liners and audience laugh track, to win a chord v American kids, enabling the machines to churn out thousands of episodes before it was canceled in the mid-90s.

In recent years, brand-new episodes have actually been recorded for Netflix under the name Fuller House.

These have actually drawn huge ratings because of now-adults nostalgic longing for these basic childhood characters and also storylines.


One the the most memorable images from the show originates from the opened credits.

Here you check out the members the the family driving across the golden Gate Bridge, then posing at miscellaneous San Francisco landmarks, before ending top top a shoot of castle picnicking in a park throughout from some pastel-colored hillside homes.

It is these homes, in actual life well-known as the Painted Ladies, the folks most remember native the credits.


These 7 homes are set on what is described as Postcard Row.

While well known in the past, these homes have likely become the most renowned in mountain Francisco due to their illustration on the show.

Many folks believe the personalities of complete House stayed in one that the Painted Ladies, but they were just the backdrop for the credits.

For direction on just how to visit Postcard Row and also the Painted Ladies, read our article here.


In part versions the the credits, a camera shoot pulls the end from a red door and also a big home. This is wherein the Tanner’s in reality live, in ~ the made-up attend to of 1822 Gerard.

The real-life place of the house pictured in the credits is 1709 Broadrick Street. This home is in the lower Pacific Heights neighborhood, around a mile native the Painted Ladies.

One the the creators of complete House newly purchased and renovated the home, listing it because that sale with one of the most prestigious genuine estate that company in California.

Sadly because that fans, the internal of the residence does no look favor that that the one on full House, pre or post-renovation.

Lest girlfriend think this populated is a step down from one of the Painted Ladies, the many recent listing because that the “Tanner Home” had actually a price sign of $5.99 million (€4,640,000).

San Francisco is maybe the many expensive real estate markets in the joined States.

It’s unlikely the the adult characters in the show, (a regional morning talk show host, a some-time musician, and a stand-up comedian) might afford the in the real world today.

How to obtain Here

If you’d prefer to visit 1709 Broadrick Street and snap a photo of she no-longer red former door (from a respectful distance, of course), there space a variety of options.

The closestly stations room Geary Boulevard and Masonic Avenue, a 12-minute walk indigenous the home.

By Bus, over there are five lines that pass nearby: 1, 24, 28, 28R, and 42By Bart, you would certainly take lines RD and also YLStreet parking is available although it have the right to be hard to uncover a spot. You may need to park a few blocks away and walk.


You will likely not it is in alone together the neighborhood can regularly be full of tourist trying come snap a picture. There can be in between 1000-1500 visitors stopping by every day!

Neighbors carry out tend to obtain upset v those that don’t remember the private people live in the bordering homes.

They have convinced the city to half tourist busses completely in an effort to cut down on traffic.

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Because parking enforcement or police patrols can often be found standing by, it’s finest to get in and out v as small fuss together possible.

Some advice of points to prevent are:

Blocking the sidewalksDouble parkingParking in neighbors drivewaysAttempting come gain accessibility to any kind of of the homes/ringing the bellMaking a many noise

If you deserve to avoid those, girlfriend should be able to snap a golden picture, one that takes you ago to her childhood every time you look at it!


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