You’ve marveled at the epically historical photos that Neil Armstrong’s 1969 trek on the moon. Have you ever wondered around the camera that captured them?

Apollo 11 camera found in Armstrong’s closet. (Photo: Smithsonian national Air and room Museum)

Until recently, this camera wasn’t at the Smithsonian’s national Air and an are Museum. Actually, it wasn’t on display screen anywhere. The camera satellite in a bag with various other space-traveling treasures in the late Armstrong’s closet.

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Armstrong got hold of the bag (or, as he report to mission control, “just a bunch of trash”) together he invited the Apollo 11 command capsule top top his return journey with Buzz Aldrin. That’s appropriate – the differentiated Eagle Scout even practiced Scouting’s leaving No map principles on the Moon. What’s more, his humility in saving these mementos in his home reminds united state Armstrong was not only an extraordinary explorer but also an ordinary guy.

Armstrong’s wife discovered the bag of moon memorabilia, consisting of tools, netting, brackets, a strength cable, and also the renowned camera. The bag additionally contained a tether Armstrong used to demonstrate a reconnaissance is constantly prepared together he fashioned a makeshift footrest if his capsule rest on the moon.

The Eagle Scout has Landed

The world Scout badge traveled come the moon v Armstrong. (Photo: NASA – civilization Organization that the reconnaissance Movement)

Distinguished Eagle reconnaissance Neil Armstrong and also Tenderfoot scout Buzz Aldrin to be the first men ~ above the moon and fortify comprehensive list of Scouts who have explored space. NASA notes two-thirds the current and past astronauts have actually been involved in Scouting.

Armstrong took the human being Scout Badge with him on the moon, igniting the soul of expedition in Scouts because that generations to come. And the photos take away by the camera lengthy stashed in his closet can be credited for instilling wonderment in the totality world.

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National air and an are Museum curator Allen Needell called CBS, “This camera took some of the most significant images of the 20th century I would certainly think.”

Learn much more about the item in Armstrong’s trove ~ above the nationwide Air and an are Museum blog and then examine your closet for significant historical artifacts.