King Gurumes was when peaceful and also wise, until he began to search for the mysterious Blood Rubies. Their curse transformed him in a ferocious monster the can’t satisfy his hunger; and thus, in the present, he has actually sent his goons to look because that the legend Dragon Balls. He doesn’t know, however, that somewhere else in the human being a young boy called Goku and also a girl called Bulma likewise have started to search for the mystical balls. Follow me the way the duo meets the young girl Penny, who entire village has been enslaved by Gurumes’ soldiers looking for the Blood Rubies. Goku and also his friends will not let this tragedy continue!

" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/dragon-ball-movie-1-curse-of-the-blood-rubies">Dragon sphere Movie 1: Curse that the Blood Rubies
Dragon sphere Z Movie 1: Dead ZoneMovie (1 ep x 41 min)Toei Animation1989

Peace to be finally restored to earth after son Goku defeated Piccolo, and also Daimao at the 23rd Tenkaichi Tournament... Or so anyone thought. Garlic Junior, the child of an angry demon who when tried to seize the throne that Kami, now vows to choose up wherein his father left off. Garlic longs to be immortal so the his military of demons can rule the civilization for eternity, but in order to carry out that he requirements the Dragon Balls! In his search to discover them all, his henchmen kidnap Goku"s son, Gohan. However, they uncover out the in law so, castle got an ext than lock bargained for...

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" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/dragon-ball-z-movie-1-dead-zone">Dragon sphere Z Movie 1: Dead Zone
Dragon round Z Movie 2: The World"s StrongestMovie (1 ep x 59 min)Toei Animation1990

Many year ago, Dr. Wheelo was said to have died, but prior to his fatality he implanted his mind into a robot body! ever before since, he"s been on a quest to uncover the strongest guy in the civilization to change his robotic body. After year of searching, Wheelo"s assistant find Muten Roshi, former winner that the Tenkaichi Tournament and hailed master of martial arts. Suspecting Roshi to it is in the strongest guy in the world, they capture him; yet when Goku comes to rescue his master, Wheelo sets his evil sights ~ above him as well...

" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/dragon-ball-z-movie-2-the-world-s-strongest">Dragon sphere Z Movie 2: The World"s Strongest
Dragon ball Z Movie 3: The Tree of MightMovie (1 ep x 61 min)Toei Animation1990

A small band that soldiers have concerned Earth in order come plant your Tree the Godly might, which is rumored to suck up the power of a world in bespeak to grow fruit because that the gods. Goku and also his girlfriend are sent to ruin the tree before it can damage the Earth, however the soldiers from room prove come be much more than a match for them. Will certainly they be able to stop Tullece"s evil plan and also destroy the tree prior to it"s too late?

" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/dragon-ball-z-movie-3-the-tree-of-might">Dragon sphere Z Movie 3: The Tree of Might
Dragon ball Z Movie 4: mr SlugMovie (1 ep x 52 min)Toei Animation1991

A spaceship crashes into the Earth, regardless of the efforts of Goku and also Kuririn to protect against it. The evil Namekian, Emperor Slug, emerges from the ship and also soon to learn of the Dragonballs. ~ his minions conference the Dragonballs because that him, slug wishes for his youth earlier and becomes an unstoppable force. Soon, Piccolo and also Goku show up come rescue Gohan and defeat Slug, but Slug transforms out to have actually a couple of tricks up his sleeve. However, Goku has actually a few surprises the his own...

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" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/dragon-ball-z-movie-4-lord-slug">Dragon round Z Movie 4: lord Slug
Dragon sphere Z Movie 5: Cooler"s RevengeMovie (1 ep x 47 min)Toei Animation1991

After the defeat of Freeza, the looks choose Goku and also his friend will ultimately get to enjoy some top quality rest and also relaxation... Or will certainly they? Freeza"s older brothers Coola has actually learned that his death, and vows to take it revenge against the super Saiyan. When Coola and also his minions disrupt our heroes" camping trip, son ogong looks like he"s viewed a ghost! This time, the fight is personal, and Goku have to once again increase to the chance to protect the Earth and also his friends.

" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/dragon-ball-z-movie-5-cooler-s-revenge">Dragon sphere Z Movie 5: Cooler"s Revenge

When the large Gete Star latches onto new Planet Namek, Goku and his friend are sent out to destroy it. As soon as they arrive they discover the Namekian civilization being torture by thousands of robot soldiers, and also the male behind it is Cooler, who has actually somehow to be resurrected v the help of the huge Gete Star! What"s worse is the he"s got the powers of regeneration! the looks favor the finish of the line because that Goku, but Vegeta come in the nick the time, sporting his brand-new Super Saiyan power. Will the 2 Super Saiyans have the ability to defeat Cooler once and also for all?

" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/dragon-ball-z-movie-6-return-of-cooler">Dragon sphere Z Movie 6: Return the Cooler

Our heroes are enjoying a nice job in the city once suddenly, two of Dr. Gero"s evil fabricated Humans appear! Goku and also Trunks take it them on, but are soon joined by a third Artificial human being who reveals the they were developed by the so late Dr. Gero"s computer. The 3 Super Saiyans (with aid from Vegeta) make rapid work the the synthetic Humans, but prior to Goku can kill Number 13, that absorbs the circuitry that the beat No. 14 and also No. 15 -- transforming into the can be fried (and seemingly unstoppable) man-made Human. Is every hope lost, or will Goku when again save the world?

TagsActionShounenAndroidsHand come Hand CombatMartial ArtsNon-Human ProtagonistsRobotsSuperpowersBased on a Manga
" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/dragon-ball-z-movie-7-super-android-13">Dragon ball Z Movie 7: at sight Android 13

One day, a Saiyan named Paragas came down on Earth and also asked Vegeta to aid him loss the legend Super Saiyan who is ruining the galaxy. After ~ agreeing, Vegeta and also the gang arrive at new Planet Vegeta; however after work of searching, they space unable to discover the legendary menace. Yet when Paragas"s son Broly loses control of his power, they discover that he to be the legendary Super Saiyan all along! Goku and his friends assault Broly head-on, but the powerful Saiyan provides them a beating lock won"t shortly forget. Points don"t look an excellent for Goku and his friend this time!

TagsActionShounenAliensHand come Hand CombatMartial ArtsNon-Human ProtagonistsSuperpowersBased top top a Manga
" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/dragon-ball-z-movie-8-broly-the-legendary-super-saiyan">Dragon round Z Movie 8: Broly - The legendary Super Saiyan

Mr. Money has actually a distinct surprise in save for his son"s birthday: he"s invite aliens come take part in a unique martial arts tournament! Gohan, Trunks, Kuririn and also another happy fighter make it to the semi finals, just to find out that the extra-terrestrial guests have been killed by the recently-unsealed intergalactic criminal Bojack and his gang. Acquisition the ar of the alien warriors, Bojack"s gang starts their plan to take end the Earth. V Goku dead, it"s up to Gohan and also the others to conserve the world this time!

" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/dragon-ball-z-movie-9-bojack-unbound">Dragon sphere Z Movie 9: Bojack Unbound

While the end collecting dragon balls, Goten, Videl and Trunks stumble top top a tiny village that has actually been under frequent strike by a monster. Ours friends are much more than happy to aid the villagers out, however what lock don’t understand is that deep within the icy hills lies an also greater risk – a warrior that has actually been asleep for 7 years. Brolly, the legendary Super Saiyan, is back. Still thinking only about Goku that ravages the land, fighting the present Z-Warriors till they have the right to fight no more. Will the gang be able to once much more withstand Brolly’s powerful attacks?

" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/dragon-ball-z-movie-10-broly-second-coming">Dragon round Z Movie 10: Broly - second Coming

The human being Tournament has actually ended; Hercule (Mr. Satan) is the champion once again however he needs to pay his opponent, Android 18, a humungous sum of money for having let that win. When Android 18 is waiting to claim her price Hercule is saw by the cousin the the rich Mr. Jaguar. This ancient rival the Hercule’s difficulties him to fight his biogenetically engineered warriors on his private island. Goten, Trunks and also Android 18 embark ~ above this seemingly fun adventure just to find an ancient enemy the theirs in ~ the bio-warriors. A brand-new Broly has appeared, a failed biogenetic experiment an ext dangerous 보다 ever!

" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/dragon-ball-z-movie-11-bio-broly">Dragon round Z Movie 11: Bio-Broly

A giant mistake caused the soul-filtering an equipment in the Netherworld to rest down, which brought about the release of the huge demon known as Janemba. His powers unify the size together, bring about dead people to go back to life. Meanwhile, ~ above Earth, the Z-Fighters are facing all kinds of foes. Goku and Pikuhan are sent out to take care of Janemba, but their powers room no complement for the monster. When all hope appears to it is in lost, however, Vegeta suddenly shows up to assist Goku in the struggle, giving Goku the systems to taking under this mighty opponent!

" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/dragon-ball-z-movie-12-fusion-reborn">Dragon ball Z Movie 12: combination Reborn

Long ago magicians used their magical powers to bring a statue come life, thus creating the monster Hirudegarn. Having actually been sliced in fifty percent the creature was sealed in the body of 2 brothers. Now, in the present day, an elderly guy warns Gohan of the return that Hirudegarn and begs that to usage his powers to release one of the two heroes, Tapion, indigenous a music box. Many thanks to the Dragon Balls Tapion is finally released, yet to him, that is just a issue of time before he ill the same fate as his tiny brother and the monster is totality again. The Z-Fighters have to do every little thing in their strength to avoid this indigenous happening!

" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/dragon-ball-z-movie-13-wrath-of-the-dragon">Dragon ball Z Movie 13: Wrath that the Dragon

After the defeat of Majin Buu, a brand-new power awakens and threatens humanity. Beerus, an old and an effective God the Destruction, searches for goku after hearing rumors the the Saiyan warrior who beat Frieza. Establish the danger Beerus poses come their home planet, the Z-fighters must uncover a way to avoid him. Just Goku, humanity’s critical hope, deserve to ascend come the level of a legendary Super Saiyan God and also stop bius from destroying Earth, and also possibly the entire universe!

TagsActionComedyShounenAliensGodsHand to Hand CombatMartial ArtsNon-Human ProtagonistsSuperpowersBased ~ above a Manga
" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/dragon-ball-z-battle-of-gods">Dragon ball Z Movie 14: fight of Gods
" data-class="tooltip-full" class="tooltip" href="/anime/dragon-ball-z-atsumare-goku-world">Dragon ball Z: Atsumare! goku World