(a) The temperature of a substance remains unaffected throughout its adjust of state.

(b) ice cream melts in ~ 100°C.

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(c) Water at 100°c has more heat than the steam by 100°C

(d) Evaporation the a liquid reasons cooling.

(e) Water evaporates only at 100°C.

(f) boil takes location at all temperature.

(g) Evaporation takes place over the entire mass that the liquid.

(h) The process of a gas converting directly into heavy is called vaporization.

(i) at high altitude water boils above 100°C.

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(j) The melting point of ice is 0°C.


"hello college student welcome come lido question and also answer videos for this reason let's look have a look at this concern so the question says create true and also or false for each of these statements for this reason let's go through the first statement what does the first statement say the an initial statement says the temperature the a substance continues to be unaffected during its readjust of state now how do we recognize whether this is true or false so ns have few pictures over here if you deserve to see let's go and also look at the an initial picture as you can see right here what is happening eyes is changing into what correctly water currently which state of technique is ice cream it is yes you're best it is the heavy state of matter and water is liquid state of matter so as we have the right to see the hard is getting readjusted or converted right into liquid now this happens at a temperature called the melting point so in instance of water this is the melting suggest of ice cream which is zero level celsius wherein the solid ice cream gets converted into water so at zero level celsius ice is getting converted into water for this reason the temperature is actually remains unaffected as soon as ice gets convert converted right into water therefore this declare is true now let's look at the next statement therefore the next statement claims ice melts at 100 level celsius again just just how we spoke around ice the melting allude of ice cream the melting point of ice is the temperature in ~ which ice is melting and an altering into water so us all understand that the melting points of suggest of ice cream is 0 degrees celsius then what is this 100 levels celsius what happens in 100 degree celsius yes you are ideal the boiling of water happens or 100 level celsius is in reality the boiling suggest as you deserve to see here if this is water look at this picture everyone so this is water water boils at 100 levels celsius therefore let's come ago to the question we have actually ice melts in ~ 100 level celsius this is loss now let's look at the third question the is water in ~ 100 level celsius has much more heat than the vapor at 100 level celsius currently this statement is false due to the fact that the vice versa is true what does that typical now look in ~ the picture here now if this is water water is boiling at 100 degree celsius and it is obtaining converted into steel this heavy steam is additionally at 100 degrees celsius now this heavy steam has much more heat so let me write that down for you every so this heavy steam at 100 levels celsius has much more heat an ext heat than the water than the water in ~ the same temperature that is 100 level celsius go anyone know what this heat is dubbed yes that is referred to as latent heat so this heat which the heavy steam is having is referred to as latent heat okay let's walk ahead come the next question the following question claims evaporation that a liquid causes cooling now what do we mean by this and also how carry out we prove whether it is true or false therefore i have actually a photo over right here if you have the right to see for this reason what happens is this is the photo of evaporation so let's speak this water acquiring evaporated now when the water is getting evaporated look in ~ the molecule let's say these yellow colored balls these room the molecule the molecules they absorb the heat and also they gain converted they have a lot of of power after that and also they acquire converted right into gas therefore the water gets converted into water vapor in this case because we room talking around water therefore water gets converted into water vapor and this happens due to the fact that they have soaked up the heat and also they go away together water vapor so once this happens currently the continuing to be water becomes cooler since it has lost the warm right since the molecules which absorb the heat and also they have actually now converted right into water vapor for this reason let's look back at this in ~ the statement below that is evaporation the a liquid reasons cooling correctly it is true let's look in ~ the next one water evaporates only at 100 levels celsius so what perform we know about 100 level celsius us have disputed right that the this 100 degree celsius is the boiling point we room talking about the boiling allude of water yet at the boiling suggest or in ~ this temperature yes water it s okay converted into vapor but is this explain true that water evaporates only at 100 degree celsius for this reason if this to be true climate all your lakes and also all her rivers will always be boiling because then only the water will certainly get readjusted or con right into water vapor right but that doesn't take place we don't check out boiling rivers right so i have actually a snapshot over right here if you have the right to see this is the snapshot of the water cycle though not completely but let's talk about the evaporation part here as you can see this is your water surface as you can see this is the surface ar from below the water gets evaporated and gets converted right into water vapor for this reason the water is no boiling over right here it gets heated that gains energy and also it gets converted right into water vapor and this is how evaporation so this is the procedure of evaporation for this reason let's look in ~ the explain on the question in our hand the evaporation takes ar over no correct the cook takes location our question was water evaporates just at 100 degrees celsius for this reason this declare is false correctly the water boils in ~ 100 degree celsius however it does not necessarily evaporate every time at 100 level celsius it s okay let's look in ~ the following question that is cook takes ar at every temperatures currently we just now talked around water right let's just stick to our example of water so what was the boiling suggest or the temperature in ~ which water boils correct we have actually talked around it that is constantly 100 degree celsius so 100 degree celsius is the instance of water the is the boiling point or the temperature at which water boils or any type of liquid which boils in ~ temperature or which alters to gas state this boiling happens at the temperature dubbed boiling allude so it's a resolved temperature for this reason this statement over right here that boiling takes location at every temperature is false okay let's relocate ahead to the following one evaporation takes place over the whole mass that the liquid currently to know this let's again look in ~ our evaporation snapshot as you deserve to see below according come the statement the entire mass way every water all the water easily accessible here will undergo evaporation however that is no true evaporation first happens to the surface water easily accessible that is the water which is accessible at the surface it gets evaporated an initial so evaporation takes location over the entire mass the the liquid is false now simply to know this in a bit much more detail every one of you must have seen a mob right or someone mopping the floor have actually you observed as soon as you mop the floor how easily the water it s okay evaporated from the floor so this is an example of evaporation because the surface of the floor of your floor is very much right it's spread out that is the reason why the evaporation also happens easily so let's relocate ahead come the following question now that is the procedure of gas converting directly into hard is dubbed vaporization no this is false currently what do we know out that this now we understand that solid gets converted straight into gas deserve to anybody assumption: v what is the process called yes it is dubbed sublimation for this reason this is the process by i m sorry solid gets directly converted into gas and the finest example we have actually is camphor wall surfaces so your mothers must have kept part camper balls in your almera so that to safeguard the garments from insect however after few days what execute you observe that the camper ball has actually disappeared where did it go it actually got converted into gas or the underwent sublimation climate what is this procedure of gas converting ago into solid coal so the process by which a gas gets converted right into solid is called deposition for this reason this also you must have actually observed again in situation of camphor wall so as soon as the camper has disappeared occasionally after a couple of days you may see some white deposits on clothing what space those white deposits for this reason the white store on your apparel is nothing yet the camphor gas again acquiring deposited to kind solid camphor right it does no get earlier its initial shape of course however yes that converts native gas come salt therefore this this statement the is the process of gas converting straight into heavy is dubbed vaporization definitely that is false it s okay let's relocate ahead to the next question the is in ~ high altitude water boils above 100 degree celsius again this is autumn now to recognize this we need to think about the high altitude what happens there so a liquid as soon as does a fluid boil when its interior pressure becomes equal to the eco-friendly pressure appropriate so mean the water is boil its inner pressure allow me compose it down for friend so the interior pressure of water or any type of liquid will obtain equal to the external or environmental pressure psychological pressure right currently what happens in high altitudes we know that the waiting pressure over is really less so since the air push is less therefore the water will likewise boil in ~ a reduced temperature for this reason this declare is loss let's look in ~ the critical statement that is melting point of ice is 0 degree celsius currently this we have already seen in our first example as you have the right to see the ice has actually melted to form water and also the temperature is 0 level celsius so correctly this explain is true and also that's every for now if girlfriend have any kind of further questions please put your comments below thank you"