Overall, an average mountain bicycle weighs about 28 pounds i beg your pardon is 12.7kg. This takes right into account the different varieties such as cross country, all mountain, hardtail, complete suspension, 29er, and also downhill.

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The parts of a bike which comprise the most weight are the rear wheel, the prior wheel, the fork and the frame. These 4 contents make up around 60% of the weight. Transforming any one or a combination of them will certainly make her bike more heavier or lighter.

Here room some instances of mountain bike models and how lot they weigh.

10 pounds brand-new 2018 Diamondback Cobra 20 finish Bike16 pounds Santa Cruz Stigmata Hardtail 700c19 pounds Santa Cruz Highball Hardtail 29er22 pounds Santa Cruz Blur 100mm 29er26 pounds Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Carbon Comp 29 Hardtail28 pounds Salsa Timberjack SLX 27.5+29 pounds Co-op Cycles DRT 1.330 pounds Cannondale Cujo 2 27.5+ 201834.7 pounds Mongoose Men’s TYAX Comp hill Bicycle37 pounds Dynacraft Gauntlet Boys’ dual Suspension 21-Speed, Gray (24-Inch)38.7 pounds Huffy 26″ Men’s Alpine, marine Blue40 pounds Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension, 26-Inch43 pounds Mongoose Impasse HD 29″ Wheel, 18″ framework Size44 pounds Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 rate with bowl Brakes49 pounds Schwinn Traxion, 29″ Wheels, 18″ Frame, Grey50.7 pounds Kingttu G6 26 Inches twin Suspension Folding bicycle 21 rate MTB52 pounds Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat tires Bicycle53 pounds Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 speed Mg Alloy Wheel59 pounds Mongoose Dolomite 26” Men’s Fat tire Bike


What is the mean Weight of XC Cross country Bikes

The avg. Load of xc bikes is roughly 24 pounds i beg your pardon is 10.8kg. Load is really important for a cross country rider since you are constantly trying to walk faster. XC riders room racers therefore they have the require for speed. If you space a light driver then a lighter bike is good.

But if you room a heavier rider, then a more heavier bike is better, since a lighter bike will not have the ability to support your weight properly. As soon as this happens her stability and also handling of the bike will be reduced. All at once performance will not be good.

21.16 lbs Scott Spark RC 900 SL22.7 lbs Canyon Exceed CF SL 6.0 agree Race24.47 lbs Scott Spark RC 900 Team Bike25.40 lbs Trek height Fuel 9.729 lbs Trek X-Caliber 9

How plenty of Pounds on mean Are Hardtail Bikes

Hardtail bikes on mean are 30 pounds or 13.6kg. They execute not have actually rear shocks, no extra tubes or pivots. This provides them lighter so you deserve to ride up hill faster. Smooth turn off road and also regular roadway are much less complicated to drive on through a lighter bike.

28 pounds Salsa Timberjack SLX 27.5+30 pounds Ghost Kato 1.6 AL 2630 pounds Diamondback heat 27.531 pounds Cannondale Catalyst 4 27.532 pounds Co-op Cycles DRT 1.1

What is the Most common Weight the All-Mountain Bikes

The most well-known average load for all hill bikes is 30 pounds i beg your pardon is 13.6kg. They have actually full-suspension which means they have added components when compared to a hardtail. For this reason they will certainly weigh a small more. This is for this reason they have the right to handle all types of terrain.

28 lbs Ghost SL AMR X 7.9 29″ – 201830 lbs Cannondale cause Carbon AL 3 27.5 – 201830.6 lbs Mondraker Vantage 201831 lbs Diamondback release 4C Carbon 27.5 – 201832 lbs Salsa Redpoint NX1 27.5

How countless Pounds are full Suspension hill Bikes ~ above Average

Full suspension mtbs. Room usually 31 pounds or 14.0kg. However this weight will vary depending on the kind of bike girlfriend have. The added weight comes from the shocks and the linkage. This permits you to role over obstacles more smoothly.

28 pounds Ghost SL AMR X 7.9 29″29 pounds Ghost Dreamr X7 27.5 Women’s30 pounds Salsa Pony Rustler Carbon SLX 27.5+31 pounds Diamondback Mission 2 27.532 pounds Ghost Kato FS 2.7 27.534 pounds Salsa Pony Rustler NX1 27.5+

How hefty Are Downhill Mtb Bikes Normally

Downhill bikes are on typical 35 pounds which is 15.8kg. You certainly want and need the extra weight you obtain with prior suspension. Walking downhill you need stability and also durability. The included pounds will aid to absorb the impact of walk downhill.

33.55 lbs Trek conference 9.9 DH 27.5 race Shop Limited34.3 lbs Mondraker Summum Carbon pro Team 201837.26 lbs Scott Gambler 71038.58 lbs Scott Gambler 73039.4 lbs Propain rage Carbon Comp 2018

What is the weight on average of 29er Bikes

29er bikes are typically 39 pounds or 17.6kg. The extra weight of course originates from the bigger tires. 29 inches wheels weigh about 2 pounds an ext than 27.5 inch wheels. The extra size and also weight gives you much better traction and attack angle.

26 pounds Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Carbon Comp 29 Hardtail28 pounds GHOST SL AMR X 7.9 29″29 pounds GHOST Kato 6 27.5/2930 pounds Cannondale trace 5 27.5/2931 pounds Cannondale follow 7 27.5/2937.1 pounds Kent Hawkeye 29er39 pounds Schwinn Bonafied 29″ Wheel, 17″ frame Size, Matte Black41 pounds Schwinn High wood Men’s 29″ Wheel, 18″ Medium framework Size Blue44 pounds Mongoose R2780 Impasse double Full Suspension bicycle (29-Inch)48 pounds Overdrive 1 29er Hardtail, Silver52.3 pounds Mongoose 29″ 21-Speed Mens Torment HD


How To make Your hill Bike Lighter Fast

If you want to make her bike lighter climate the most basic thing to execute would it is in to just buy a lighter bike. However you probably love your bike and also you don’t want a new one. Therefore we will certainly just have to make the one you have actually lighter.


The fastest method to perform this is to change the tires. This really depends on what type of bike you are beginning with. If you have actually a 29er girlfriend can automatically take off pounds by an altering to a 27.5 customs wheel. Girlfriend can likewise get thinner tires which weigh much less than more thickness ones.

Additionally for her tires you can readjust the inner tube to latex rather of butyl pipe which space a small heavier. Not only that, girlfriend can also just walk tubeless


Change the rims come carbon which are the lightest. The lightest of the rims room climbing rims. Castle are typically on average in between 280 grams come 450 grams. Lock will aid you to save going increase hill also when you room tired.

Other fast Changes

As long as that is still comfortable girlfriend can obtain a lighter seat to sit on. Obtain lighter handlebars and also stem by making use of carbon fiber. Adjust the drivetrain come a 1x.

Change the material of the frame. Carbon fiber is the lightest, then titanium, aluminum, climate steel. Aluminum is the most commonly used and will save you a lot of weight if you offered steel.

Do you really need all those gears. If girlfriend have plenty of gears girlfriend probably have actually 3 chain ring which room made of hefty metal. Take into consideration getting a compact crank which will leave you with 2 chain rings and less weight.

Why Are hill Bikes therefore Heavy

First these types of bikes space heavier than other bikes due to the fact that riders ride them off-road. In bespeak to perform this without hurting yourself or your bike larger thicker tires space needed. Riders walk over dirt, rocks, roots, grass, water, sticks, and also even logs.Second these every terrain bikes need extra support and also stability. Therefore they have an ext suspension 보다 a road bike. Going end obstacles in your path provides for a bumpy ride for this reason shocks are needed which adds to the weight.Next in stimulate to handle the bike while riding the fork and the frame need to it is in sturdy. You carry out not want either one come break. Even though they have the right to be make from carbon to steel they can’t be also thin or castle won’t be able to handle the affect of speak off-road.Finally, the metal parts that an all terrain bike space heavier and more durable 보다 a road bike’s. These contents include the front and also rear derailleur, chain rings, the cassette, the bowl brakes, and the crank arm.

Is 30lbs heavy For a mountain Bike

Overall, the answer to this is no. As lengthy as you feeling comfortable ~ above a 30 lb bike friend will be able to ride quick with the on level ground and also up hills.

If you room racing it could be heavy, however you deserve to always adjust which gear you are in. The load of this cycle may assist you because of momentum, and also keep you stable going over tiny obstacles. For racing lighter is usually better depending on her bodyweight.

Thirty pounds could be a factor relying on the kind of riding you space going to do with it. If you space going to be rough through the bike and also go downhill and also go over huge drops this weight deserve to probably handle it. Though you may be much better off v something heavier.

The weight of a bike walk not have actually much result on how quick you can go. On level ground the takes just as much power to preserve a optimal speed ~ above a 30 lb bike as it go a 25 lb bike.

When hill biking that is more important that the bike is sturdy and handles fine in stimulate to gain through the trails and paths. Actual ability is the name of the video game not so lot how hefty or light her bike is.

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Now the you recognize the typical weight of various varieties of hill bicycles you have a good starting point. That is up to you come know how you will use your bike and then to try out some bikes for yourself. This means you will recognize whether you must ride a heavier or lighter bike as contrasted with the average.