The prostate, a.k.a. The "male G-spot," is supposedly the resource of mind-blowing orgasms. Friend just need to be brave enough to go searching for it.

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For many men, the idea of someone emotional their prostate (you know, the walnut-sized gland between the bladder and also the penis) sounds about as appealing as obtaining a source canal. But for other men—straight, gay, bisexual, and bicurious—exploring the prostate can bring brand-new heights of sexual excitement and also pleasure.

It"s therefore pleasurable, in fact, the some sex-related health experts have dubbed the prostate the "male G-spot." (Here are 5 men pointing out the distinctions in sensation in between a prostate orgasm matches a penile orgasm. Spoiler: Prostate orgasms bring about far an ext intense orgasms.)

"The "male G-Spot" is the prostate and also it"s about two inch in the rectum toward the belly," defines Susan Milstein, Ph.D., a sex educator and professor in the department of health Enhancement, exercise Science and also Physical education and learning at the Rockville Campus of Montgomery university in Maryland. That"s since the prostate has a ton that nerve end (in fact, there are practically as countless nerve end in the prostate as there room in the clitoris). "It really can open increase a whole brand-new avenue of pleasure for men if they are willing to try it," to add Milstein.

In fact, while many men room wary that anal stimulation, sales that prostate massagers (like this Aneros Vice, $140) have been ~ above the rise in recent years. According to data from the satisfied product firm HealthyAndActive, prostate massager sales have actually increased by 56% over the past five years, particularly among straight men over the period of 45.

Men can even have prostate orgasms without stimulation come the penis. "The orgasm from your prostate is a complete body orgasm, and you feeling a tingly sensation every over. This is opposed to the much more isolated and also direct pleasure from a consistent orgasm with masturbation or penetration. In general, a prostate orgasm requires more time to heat up and more energy. However it"s completely worth it," says Chris* (last name has actually been withheld for privacy reasons), a sex education at The satisfied Chest in Los Angeles.

In order come ensure a comfortable and also safe prostate massage experience, it"s important to follow this steps.

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1) be prepared.

If you"re do the efforts prostate massage through yourself, make certain your hands room clean and also your nails room clipped short. (If you"re trying it v a partner, inspect their digits for any type of hangnails.) Perhaps many importantly, "always use lube, as the anus does no self lubricate. If placing something in her rectum hurts, slow down and also add more lube," says Chris. He recommends a syringe-like applicator dubbed a lube shooter if you"re uncomfortable using lube v your fingers.

2) Take baby steps.

Before going in, start with a gentle external massage on her perineum (also well-known as your grundle or taint), i m sorry is located in between the testicles and also anus. The perineum is a very sensitive yet regularly overlooked erogenous zone.

"Take part time top top your own to get to recognize your body. Lay on your ago with your target under a pillow, tilting her hips up for basic access. Begin with massaging her perineum v your hand or fingers. Use lube to her finger and also rub your anus externally to wake up the nerve endings," says Chris.

3) check out internal stimulation.

If the external massage feel good, curve her (at this point, lubed-up) finger into your rectum in the direction of your ship button. "Two or therefore inches in, girlfriend should be able to feel your prostate," states Chris.

It"s important to note that you really don"t need to go much additional than that, specifically on your very first try. "People think you should shove a entirety hand increase there, however that"s not just how it works," says Milstein. "Insert one finger a few inches right into your anus and also push up towards the rear. Wiggle it approximately a bit, insanity the within walls, and also apply different quantities of press to see what feels an excellent to you."



If you’re worried about getting “messy,” so to speak, then walk ahead and shot it in the shower. Still, you’ll desire to usage plenty of lube. "Silicone lube is just one of the best lubes because that anal because it includes dimethicone, dimethiconol, and cyclomethicone," Alicia Sinclair, founder of the sex toy brand b-Vibe, previously told Men’s Health. "This creates a consistency the is thicker and much more "buttery" than water-based lubes. Most people find the they favor a more thickness lubricant because that anal play since it provides some extra cushion to protect delicate human body parts."

The added thickness way you won’t have to reapply it constantly, the way you’ll likely have to with a water-based lube.

4) Make certain you"re turn on!

It’s no going to it is in comfortable if you attempt prostate stimulation without being turned on. Once you’re rotate on, your body will job-related with you, as opposed to versus you. You’ll be much more relaxed or “looser” and also less likely to clench. That’s why it’s good to traction up your favorite erotic site, and also maybe also masturbate regularly a little before you go ahead and also stick a finger up your behind.


5) Breathe.

“Breathing is foundational for anal, prostate, and also pelvic floor play,” describes Dr. Uchenna “UC” Ossai, Pelvic PT, certified sexuality counselor and also founder the YouSeeLogic.

If you organize your breath the entire time, a few things deserve to happen, Dr. UC warns. First, your body is tricked right into the "fight or flight" response. “Basically, it think you are being chased by a bear, and also that is not the physiological an answer you desire to have during anal play,” she says. You don’t want to clench her anus when your prostate is gift stimulated; you desire it serene so you can conveniently “take” what’s being put inside that you.

“Second, her muscles hold way more tension once you hold your breath, which isn"t the goal because you desire your pelvic floor to move with ease,” Dr. UC says.

Thus, she recommends trying out with your breath. “Start v slow and also intentional diaphragmatic breath (inhale as you allow your belly and also pelvic floor to increase while keeping your chest still; climate exhale and everything returns earlier to baseline),” she says. Take it three seconds to inhale and also three secs to exhale. Carry out this on her side, back, hands and also knees, and also reclined. “If you salary attention, friend will notice your pelvic floor act in different ways through your breath,” she says.

6) try a prostate massager.

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Before exploring prostate massagers, you might want to start with a butt plug to obtain used to the ideas, such as the Nu Sensuelle Remote manage 15-function Vibrating Mini butt Plug. Suitable prostate massagers space designed in different way in bespeak to reach the male G-spot—the prostate.

"You constantly want to buy one v a tail or a large base the it doesn"t obtain lost up there. You don"t desire to end up in the "Butt Bin" at the ER whereby they keep objects discovered in people"s rectums," hoax Milstein. That said, if you"re interested, below are 5 surprisingly common penis injuries that deserve to land you in the ER. (Note: when you’re utilizing a toy, it’s essential to use water-based lubes, otherwise you can permanently damage or ruin the toy.)