Jesus was related to St. Man the Baptist through Mary's connection to Elizabeth, though it's uncertain exactly what that meant.

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It’s frequently said the Jesus to be St. John the Baptist’s cousin. Is the true?

According to scripture scholar Dr. Edward Sri in his Commentary ~ above the Gospel the Matthew, “The Hebrew language had actually no word for cousin.”

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This is supported by man Alexander Clapperton in his 19th-century book Pitfalls in holy bible English, examining the Greek word offered in the brand-new Testament.

The indigenous “cousin” is supplied in various places in Shakespeare, periodically for nephew, occasionally for niece; double for uncle, as soon as for brother-in law, and three times because that grandchildren. In the scriptures it is used in only one i (Luke i. 36 and also 58) where Elizabeth is called the cousin of ours Lord’s mother. It represents a Greek word (suggenes) that had actually the very same vague definition as ours old English native “cousin,” among the exact same race, a near relative. The repercussion is that we cannot be certain of the relationship in between John the Baptist and also our Lord.

An write-up on Catholic Answers similarly concludes that “All we deserve to tell from words suggenes is that Elizabeth to be some kind of female relative of Mary’s. But whether she was an aunt, a cousin, or a an ext distant relation cannot be determined from the word.”

This is why many holy bible translations refrain from using words “cousin,” and use a an ext vague term.

ehold, Elizabeth, your relative, has additionally conceived a boy in she old age. (Luke 1:36) – NABREehold, your kinswoman Elizabeth in she old age has additionally conceived a son. (Luke 1:36) – RSVCEehold, your relative Elizabeth in her old period has additionally conceived a son.(Luke 1:36) – ESV

Jesus and also John the Baptist were absolutely related, possibly also cousins, however the scriptures does not offer us sufficient evidence to identify how very closely they were related.

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