Ear cropping is a type of cosmetic surgical treatment performed on Pitbull puppies whereby a component of the ears are cut and also shaped therefore they was standing erect.

This is a famous procedure, performed not just on a Pitbull but additionally on other dog breeds. However despite gift a common practice, ear cropping generates a lot of controversies.

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Some Pitbull owners think cropped ear are necessary for the animal’s health while other owners think the a cruel exercise that do not do it be excellent at all. 

If you’re contemplating ear trimming for your Pitbull, make sure to examine this article. Ns talk around the procedure in-depth, just how much that costs, and the pros and also cons the this common however unique practice.

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1. What Is Pitbull Ear Cropping?
2. Why Do civilization Crop Pitbull Ears?
3. Is Pitbull Ear Cropping Legal?
4. Are There wellness Benefits come Pitbull Clipped Ears?
5. Why Is Pitbull Ear Cropping Controversial?
6. The process – exactly how Are Pitbull ears Cropped?
7. Picking an Ear crop Style (With Photos)
7.1. The fight Crop
7.2. The quick Crop
7.3. The Show chop
7.4. The Long chop
8. Pros and Cons that Pitbull Ear Cropping
8.1. Advantages
8.2. Defect
9. Frequently Asked inquiries
9.1. What period Should Pitbull ears Be Cropped?
9.2. How Much walk it cost to chop Pitbull Ears?
9.3. Have the right to I crop My Pitbull’s ear Myself?
9.4. How Long does Ear Cropping take to Heal?
9.5. Is Pitbull Ear Cropping required to compete in Shows?
9.6. Space Pitbulls through Cropped ear Considered much more Aggressive?
10. Have to You crop Your Pitbull’s Ears?
11. Last Thoughts

What Is Pitbull Ear Cropping?

Pitbull ear cropping involves cutting the floppy part of the ears, called the pinna, v the score of having the ears stand erect once it heals. This operation procedure is frequently done through a vet on Pitbull puppies in between 8 and also 12 weeks old.

The practice of ear cropping has been approximately since roman times. Ago then, the Romans would cut off a section of the dog’s ears to prevent it from gift ripped apart during hunting, fighting, or battle.

Why Do world Crop Pitbull Ears?

There are a lot of reasons why owner or even breeders would choose to chop their Pitbulls ears. Some will say it’s a personal preference, others might mention health reasons or some people would say because it’s thought about a each other standard.

But, the majority of those who go for ear cropping perform so since it is aesthetically pleasing. Because that many, a Pitbull v erect ears boosts the dog’s angular, boxy face.

There are likewise owners who prefer the form of the ears when it’s level with the optimal of the head rather of flopping top top the sides due to the fact that it provides the dog look an ext aggressive and also ferocious.

Healthwise, there are insurance claims that trimming Pitbull ear will stop ear infections and also even permit the animal to hear better.

Is Pitbull Ear Cropping Legal?

In the united States, yes, Pitbull ear cropping is legal. However, there are a grasp of says that have strict guidelines versus the procedure.

Connecticut, Maine, Illinois, Maryland, and new Hampshire all have strict regulations or totally ban the practice. Both Pennsylvania and Massachusetts require just licensed vets to do the procedure.

Plus, the dog must be under basic anesthesia. In Washington state, ear cropping is legal noted it is done v “accepted husbandry practices.” 

Across the world, several nations have an outright ban versus ear cropping. These encompass Australia, many Scandinavian countries, the UK, too as brand-new Zealand. Some parts of Canada, choose British Columbia, additionally deem the exercise as illegal.

Are There health Benefits come Pitbull Clipped Ears?


The answer to this is tricky because some think ear cropping has actually health benefits, while rather say it’s completely a cosmetic procedure through no wellness benefits come the animal at all.

According come those that think in the practice, having Pitbull ear cropped will prevent ear infections.

Normally, Pitbull’s ears are loosened and floppy i m sorry prevents appropriate air ventilation. This lack of ventilation trap a most moisture, resulting in ear infections. Thus, the discussion is the by having actually the ears clipped, proper ventilation to the ears is provided which climate keeps bacteria away.

It’s a sound argument, however this thinking doesn’t sit well through some people, including the American Veterinary medical Association.

According come them, a predisposition to ear infection is identified by breed, no by erect ears. As proof, they cite that the German Shepherd is among those breeds vulnerable to ear infections, and also they naturally have erect ears. 

Aside native possibly preventing ear infections, another health advantage cited through those who think in ear cropping is that it helps boost hearing.

Because yes no flap of skin spanning the ears, sound travels straight to the eardrums, enabling the animal to hear better. However, as of now, yes no scientific proof this is true.

Those against the ear cropping practice respond to that some of the best guard dogs, prefer the Rottweiler, have actually floppy ears and also can hear just fine without an ear crop. 

As you deserve to see, the health and wellness benefits the ear snipping is a touchy topic where there’s constantly two political parties to the story. I would imply doing your very own research about the wellness benefits to recognize whether the procedure will be worth it, healthwise, for your animal.

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Why Is Pitbull Ear Cropping Controversial? 

Pitbull ear cropping is controversial because many see it as nothing yet a cosmetic procedure with no valid benefits to the pet at all. For many pet rights activists and particular dog owners, gaining clipped ears for her Pitbull is same to animal cruelty. 

Pitbull ear trimming is a pains surgery. Even if the puppy is placed under anesthesia, the healing process will place a the majority of stress ~ above the animal as well as put them at hazard for infections.

Instead of helping, plenty of of those against the practice see the procedure as a peril to the animal’s health and wellness instead.

Another layer the adds come the dispute is that significant kennel clubs favor the American Kennel society (AKC) was standing by the exercise saying that is a component of the tradition. Follow to them, the is “integral come defining and also preserving breed character and/or enhancing good health” that the animal. 

The process – exactly how Are Pitbull ears Cropped?

Ear cropping is usually done ~ above puppies between 8 and also 12 mainly old. The surgical procedure starts v the puppy being put under anesthesia. Then the ears room cleaned to make certain it’s sterile. Afterward, measurements are taken based on the chosen chop style and the parts to be reduced off are marked.

There room four varieties of Pitbull ear crop styles that owner can select from. These space the show crop, lengthy crop, fight crop, or brief crop. Owners generally pick a style they choose ahead that time.

The veterinarian will make the cuts needed, double-check that is exact, and once done, the wounds room stitched up to heal. The area is disinfected climate wrapped up in bandages. 

The ears need to be wrapped effectively to assist the ear stand erect together it heals. Some vets may recommend the bandages be put only after ~ the wounds have actually healed. Transparent the healing process, antibiotics and pain medication is offered to the puppy to keep away infection. 

Owners have the right to opt to have their puppy remain in the hospital because that the duration of the heal or bring them house right ~ the procedure. The surgery takes only 30 to 45 minutes yet the healing procedure will take about 10 to 14 days if there room no complications.

If the owners select to lug the puppy home after surgery, the veterinary will generally give in-depth instructions top top what they need to do to treatment for the surgical procedure site.

They would also carry out any medication the animal might need. Reserved follow-ups are also arranged come make sure the ear is healing according to the preferred shape or crop style favored by the owner.

Choosing an Ear chop Style (With Photos) 

Image Source: battle Crop, short Crop, display Crop, lengthy Crop

There are 4 general ear chop styles: the lengthy crop, the fight crop, the present crop, and also the brief crop. Here’s a video explaining every the various ear cropping layouts for Pitbulls.

Watch this video on YouTube

The battle Crop

The shortest out of every the styles, this kind of chop lets the ear sit at sight close come the head. The a favourite for American Bully and Pitbull fans due to the fact that it create an wild look come the already tough breed.

The trouble with opting for this ear cut style though is it makes the dog more prone to infections. Those more, yes sir a chance the ear will lay level instead of standing erect on height of the head. 

Below are two examples of battle crops. This first one is excellent on one adult Pitbull. Native the front, you can barely watch the ears.

Photo indigenous
Photo from

The quick Crop

This type of cut is the middle-version of the battle crop and also show crop. It enables a tiny amount the ear come poke out on the dog’s head.

The quick crop is the chosen reduced for many American Bully owners due to the fact that the ear cut style goes well through the large head that the breed.

The display Crop

This kind of Pitbull ear crop is thought about a favorite amongst Pitbull owners since this ear cut style has one the the best chances of creating erect ears. If the ear are cut too short or also long, there’s a solid possibility it won’t stay upright after it heals.

This gorgeous Pittie sporting activities the show chop style. This form of cut leaves the ears still pointed however it’s not as long as the lengthy crop.

Here’s an additional Pitbull showcasing the show crop. The cut enhances the blocky head form of the each other while providing them a more ferocious look.

The long Crop

The long chop is a type of ear reduced that pipeline a huge part of the ears intact. However, it is shame to create an elongated design. As soon as done right, the long crop provides a good balance between the dog’s face and also the ears. 

Here’s an example of a brown Pitbull with long cropped ears. Indigenous the front, you deserve to see the the ears develop a sharp triangle shape. 

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Pros and Cons the Pitbull Ear Cropping 

Like anything, there are pros and also cons to every decision. The no various when you’re deciding to gain your Pitbull ear cropped.

If you’re trying to make a decision, I’ve created quick pros and cons comparison to aid you evaluate whether ear cropping is appropriate for you and your animal.


It looks great on a Pitbull. If floppy and also natural ears room beautiful on your own, the cropped ear look walk well v the breed’s angular and blocky face. Cropped or reduced ears room often thought about the breed standard, not just in Pitbulls but likewise in various other breeds. If the pet competes in a show, it offers them a great chance of win where traditional looks and type are favored. It’s to be a tradition for plenty of dog owners. Controversial together it could be, ear cropping is for this reason ingrained in the heritage that Pitbulls and also other breeds frequently look unrecognizable there is no clipped ears.While some would inquiry this as an advantage, plenty of would argue that acquiring an ear clip is an excellent for your animal’s health.


It’s incredibly painful and also stressful for the animal. The not simply the really procedure but the healing time that reasons pain and stress. Transparent the heal period, the puppy would certainly be compelled to wear one Elizabethan collar i beg your pardon is uncomfortable. Plus, your ears have to be videotaped a certain way to ensure the surgery outcomes in erect ears.There’s no definitive scientific proof that cropped ears have any kind of health benefits at all.When civilization see a dog through cropped ears, the instant stigma is the they’re fighting dogs.Because cropping is commonly done on puppies, yes sir a opportunity the puppy can have disadvantage reactions to the anesthesia. Part dog owners have actually lost their animals as a an outcome of this complication.A great cropped ear indigenous a great veterinarian can price a lot of money, walk upwards the $800. 

Frequently asked Questions 

What period Should Pitbull ear Be Cropped? 

There’s no period limit to when Pitbull ears need to be cropped. Truth is, the procedure can be excellent on the pet at any age. The just reason why the surgical procedure is recommended to it is in performed on a puppy is to prevent trauma and also excessive pain. 

The enlarge the Pitbull, the thicker their ear cartilage gets, therefore they will experience much more pain native the surgical procedure than a puppy. If you intended to obtain your dog’s ear cropped, it’s finest to acquire it while they are in between 8 and 12 weeks old.

How lot Does it expense to chop Pitbull Ears?

Prices for Pitbull ear cropping runs between $150 to $800. It can go higher depending ~ above the veterinarian. The mean price though is roughly $250. This amount should include anesthesia, the procedure itself, aftercare medication, and any follow-up visit.

It’s crucial to recognize that just due to the fact that you’re payment a greater price for the surgery doesn’t typical it will rotate out better. It’s always important to execute your research and also go v a veterinarian v the many experience.

Can I chop My Pitbull’s ears Myself?

Depending on whereby you live and also what the legislations are in your area against ear cropping, the is possible to crop Pitbull’s ear yourself. However, I would strongly advise against it.

For one, anesthesia is compelled to ensure her dog no endure extreme pain throughout the process. It’s merely safer and an ext humane to take the pet to a registered veterinary if girlfriend are specialized to gaining its ear cropped. 

If you execute it yourself, yes a possibility the procedure could result in unnecessary pains or worse, the wound could construct infections that might put the dog’s life in danger.

How lengthy Does Ear Cropping require to Heal?

It takes in between 10 and also 14 days for the reduced ears to heal. Sometimes, it will certainly take longer. During this time, the Pitbull will should wear one ear rack or ice to aid keep the ears upright and also erect in place.

It’s vital for owner to be vigilant about an altering the tape or bandages and keeping the wounds complimentary from infection. Acquisition the dog ago to check out the veterinarian is constantly recommended as well.

If she curious around how come clean fresh clipped ears, here’s a quick video clip showing you just how to carry out it: 

Is Pitbull Ear Cropping essential to compete in Shows? 

No, it no necessary. Even though the AKC says ear cropping is an “acceptable practice” and also considers the a breed typical in specific breeds, they also say dogs with natural ears have an equal opportunity of winning a show versus dogs through cropped ears.

So, no, you are not forced to have actually cropped ear on your animal when competing. 

Are Pitbulls v Cropped ears Considered more Aggressive? 

Unfortunately, yes. It’s a mental reaction for many of us. A dog through pointed reduced ears and also angular present conjure a tougher, an ext ferocious appearance contrasted to a dog through floppy ears, which are regularly seen together friendlier, also cute.

For Pitbulls, this aggressive look is just one of the factors why a lot of owners select to have their ears clipped.

Should You chop Your Pitbull’s Ears?

The only human that can answer this is you, the dog owner. It’s approximately you to decide whether friend should crop your dog’s ear or not.

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I would certainly recommend the you take your time researching the procedure and also decide even if it is the pain of the surgery and also meticulous healing process is miscellaneous you would certainly be ready to placed your puppy through. 

If you perform decide to push through v the ear cropping, the your obligation to look for a reliable and qualified veterinary surgeon that deserve to perform the procedure safely as well as offer an excellent support transparent the healing process.

Final Thoughts 

In the end, the round is in her court. It’s her decision whether cropping your Pitbull’s ears are worth it. It might aid if friend talk about the pros and cons through a trusted breeder or v a trusted veterinarian therefore you know what is involved. 

Like anything, I always advise that you execute what is best for your dog. If friend are determined to push through through the ear clipping, make sure you are aware of what’s at stake as well as the commitment required from you throughout your animal’s healing process.